Soton Grad Discovered as Prince Harry Look-a-Like

Matthew Hicks, ex- Hockey heart throb and previous geology undergraduate at Southampton University has become a Prince Harry look-a-like, being paid to make appearances on Come Dine With Me and on a promotional video for a movie. We managed to bag an interview with the dream boat to show how much can come out of good luck and a ginger barnet.

Matt is actually better looking than the real ginger himself!

Matt is actually better looking than the real ginger himself!

So Matt, firstly, how did it all come about?

I got a fair amount of ‘Harry’ attention through uni but neither me or my mates took it very seriously, it was just a bit of a running joke. But then after graduating, I travelled to Asia and Switzerland, and I’ve never had more attention for looking like Harry than when I did then! I had people stopping me in the streets and having photos on nights out, it was hilarious. So when I got back (about April last year) I put some pictures up on a look alike website, more as a joke than anything else. I forgot about them, and then a month later I had a reply saying that they would put my ‘Harry’ profile online.

Did people recognise you here in Southampton?

People double take and comment on nights out, only once or twice have people said in the street.

What appearances have you made?

I got a Jubilee Celebrity Special Come Dine With Me job and obviously in the run up to the Queens Diamond Jubilee Harry was in the press a lot more so I was being recognised more for the similarities. After the Come Dine with me I had a job with 20th Century Fox doing an online promotion video for Ice Age 4. It involved a flash dance next to Tower Bridge in London with other royal look alikes which was extremely entertaining. After that I was asked to attend the Queens Diamond Jubilee Gala Concert in Geneva. I had to make an appearance and brief speech on stage in front of 2 and a half thousand British Expats, terrifying! But a free all inclusive weekend which was great.

Since then I have been hired for 3 club nights where I have been paid to promote the club by socialising with VIPs (getting paid to go out basically, ideal!). So just the 6 jobs so far, but hopefully there is another TV job in the pipeline… I had an interview on Monday and am waiting to hear back!

So that’s pretty much it. The only downside is I’m a natural blonde, so I’m probably the only guy in Britain that chooses to dye his hair ginger.

How did you feel when Harry got caught getting ‘down and dirty’ in a hotel room in LA?

The LA antics were great, if you can’t be naked in your hotel room where can you be?! The more mischief he gets up to the more work I get so I hope he keeps it up. The 3 night club jobs (Vegas themed evenings, with hot tubs, casinos, and show girls) I did were as a result of that. I didn’t check emails for a couple of days and missed out on a Loaded magazine shoot immediately after too, gutted!

Spot the difference

Spot the difference

What do your parents think?

My parents find it pretty amusing, they think I may as well make the most of it! But neither of them look royal at all, although it’s been said my brother does resemble William a bit!!

What do you think about the Middletons?

Both the Middletons are very attractive! Though I do believe Harry is taken currently. Perhaps I will get some look alike work with his girlfriend lookalike.

Do you have another job?

Yeah, I am doing Environmental Consultancy in Exeter now, loving it!

What are your plans for the future?

Plans future wise… just go with the flow, see where it takes me! Wouldn’t mind taking to the USA and seeing how it goes down over there. But currently I am planning heading to Australia in 2014/15 to pursue a geology career out there. I am very flexible currently!

And lastly, and most importantly, for all girls everywhere, but mainly myself, are you single?

Yes, I am.

So ladies, there you have it. Matt may not be the real thing, but he sure is just as nice and dreamy and well on the way to  being just as rich. It just goes to show that a joke can lead to the big time. You can see more from Matt on his Facebook page here.

Do you look like a royal? Or just another famous person? Let us know in the comments!

  • J

    This looks like a guy who plays hockey.

  • Moses

    Oh my dear god; the Tab has stooped low.

  • Paddy

    I’m sure I saw Prince Harry in Jesters on Saturday

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