Southampton's Snow CATASTROPHES

UPDATE: 12:15PM – Huge snowball fight planned on Southampton Common: event details here.  UPDATE: 12:00PM – All buildings on Highfield Campus will close at 1pm today until Monday.  UPDATE: 11:45AM – […]

UPDATE: 12:15PM – Huge snowball fight planned on Southampton Common: event details here.

 UPDATE: 12:00PM – All buildings on Highfield Campus will close at 1pm today until Monday. 

UPDATE: 11:45AM – University have confirmed that afternoon exams today have been cancelled. They are most likely to be re-scheduled for Saturday 26th January. 

UPDATE: 11:30AM – Uni-Link bus services have said the University is SHUTTING at 1PM today. We will update this article once it has been confirmed that exams are cancelled. 

UPDATE 11:00AM – Met office are saying the snow might carry on falling until 10PM tonight!

If you woke up to snow this morning, be warned. The white stuff is causing havoc around Southampton.


This bus is currently blocking the entrance to Thomas Lewis Way.

Students that have exams today are advised to walk in, leaving plenty of time to get there. The University is staying open, so no exams are cancelled unfortunately. The University is expected to make another statement at 12 following the change in situation.

Students are advised, if they can’t get to their exams safely for example if they commute, then stay at home. Contact your faculty office as soon as possible to apply for special consideration.

All First, Bluestar and Uni-Link buses are temporarily suspended due to an almost-crash on Bevois Valley.

Furthermore, over 200 schools across Hampshire are closed and Southampton Airport will not open until 3pm.

We will keep you updated on this afternoon exams. Have you been having fun in the snow? Tweet us your pictures @SotonTab.

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  • i want to go home

    Think about the poor memebers of staff who has made it in…. and hoe much more dangerous its going to be for them and the students to get home. Not only isnt the Uni prepared for snow, but neither is the council.

    • Eskimooooz

      And what do you expect them to do? Buy snowplows for 2cm of snow every 2 years?

      Snow has been forecast almost one week in advance, yet you probably won’t see anybody driving with snow tyres or chains… They probably expect the city council/uni/santa to remove the snow as it falls, and keep doing so 24/7…

      • Not So Fresh

        Southampton has had snow at least once a year for the last 5 years now, to my knowledge.
        We’re not expecting them to buy snow-ploughs, but some grit on the main roads at an appropriate time of the day (pre-rush hour) would’ve been a nice start. The Avenue was a joke today and the same can be said for Bevois Valley.
        Every time something like this happens, people complain and the powers that be admit it’s an oversight and promise to improve stocks as a contingency, and it never happens.
        These conditions can be dangerous and their relative rarity is not an excuse to ignore them.

        • Eskimoooz

          Grit doesn’t help with snow, it will just prevent ice from forming when the temperature is not too low.
          There are two ways to deal with snow: remove it or drive on it. Since I don’t really think it would be a sensible option to buy the equipment to remove it in a city the size of Southampton considering how quick it will melt, drive on it. Just requires some tyre chains. That’s how they do in every fucking snowy country instead of whining because the council doesn’t come to save them from 2cm of snow…

  • Grammar rat

    It’s spelt catastrophes, so can’t even get the title right. Also it isn’t a catastrophe, in the same way a broken window isn’t a ‘Horror’ or a policeman having a word isn’t a ‘raid.’ Bit pathetic really, grow up.

    • Bell

      Shut up you c*** and do some revision.

      NOTE: This comment has been edited in line with our comments policy.

    • More bigger grammar rat

      I bet the person who broke the window was a little bit horrified. But I agree, using eye catching, grabbing headlines is incredibly childish, how dare you try to sensationalise stories like a good tabloid should Soton Tab, shame on you!

    • anon

      go find a broadsheet or something…

  • Snowfight time!

    This was predicted days ago, couldn’t SCC at least get the main roads clear of snow early this morning. Spray some salt last night? Surely this wasn’t that unpredictable.

    • SotonMarxist

      why would you spray salt onto a road before it rains? the snow came later SCC are pretty shite but today my sympathy is with them as so many muppets head out for pointless reasons, my old man included- just heard hes driving 6 miles to the bingo ffs.

  • Burnt-Face Man

    Don’t eat yellow snow.

  • Mr Inappropriate

    I woke up to white stuff all around me today. But it wasn’t snow…

  • A Wankman

    I like snow days, no one sees me coming.

    • Jeremy

      No mate, you’re not A wankman, you’re DA wankman!

      • A Wankman

        It doesn’t matter Jeremy, I’M A WANKMAN!

  • rdg

    UK is a joke

  • Bad home worker

    I understand closing the uni generally (i.e the gym ect.) over the weekend, but surely the library could have survived with very few staff, this being the weekend before exams?

  • anon

    I come from the essex region, and if we don’t get one snow fall like this, its a naff winter, so i’m pretty used to this amount of snow. I agree – why waste tax payer money on snow ploughs that will virtually never be used, particuarly when the country doesn’t have the money. If we get more winters like this, then maybe the city should invest in a couple of ploughs and gritters – but not as many as other cities or regions do, just so when there is a snowfall like this we at least have something.
    As this is a city and heavily populated area, in a state of emergency we could/should borrow some ploughs from neighbouring districts that are better prepared and better resouced


    What an overreaction closing all weekend. Yesterday was maybe the right decision but its fine today. Guess we’ve all just got to be thankful for the University CRISIS MANAGEMENT committee.

  • Name

    Maybe when students actually contribute towards the costs of running the city, (i.e. pay council tax) you can share your views on whether SCC are good/bad and should/shouldn’t buy snow ploughs etc..

    • anon

      Name, let’s consider a scenario. Say Southampton didn’t have students… It’d lack 40K youngsters blowing at least 10K in only ~7 months of the year. All in all that’s quite a huge input to the local economy, providing many jobs and allowing local business to thrive throughout this great city. May I also mention that the average household council tax in £120 a month? Divide that by 4 (per person) and times in by 12 (months in a year), and you get a dismal £360.

      • Tim Berners LAD

        Also, let’s think about what happened if there wasn’t a UoS. It’s the third biggest employer in the city, plus has a fair few spin off businesses, plus something like 40% of Soton students stay in the local area after graduating (and paying tax…)
        Yeah, these bloody good for nothing students!

  • Name

    Anon, it’s good to see citations in your reply rather than just numbers picked from thin air. So as you state the average Council Tax bill in Southampton is £120 (see for where this may have come from) well that’s excluding the majority of the larger HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) so pretty much the entirety of Alma Road through Tennyson etc (where Council Tax is higher) but let’s park that for now and work on the numbers you’ve provided.

    So we have your calculated “dismal” rate of £360 (per student) contributing to the running of this city. For arguments sake we extrapolate this across the city to the 40k student population and put them all in 4 bed homes. Each student (all 40k of us) therefore paying £360 over a year (or roughly one pound per day of their tenancy contract over a 12 month period). So that’s an additional £14.4 million coming in to the city coffers helping to run the city on things like policing it, stopping fires, keeping schools and community groups open etc etc oh and relating to how this post began quite possibly enough money to buy a snowplough or two. Suddenly that number doesn’t appear so “dismal”. Maybe you were referring to the fact that actually these 40k youngsters have the financial capacity to blow at least 10K in only ~7 months of the year so an extra £360 to contribute to the society of which they are a part of is a dismal/tiny amount to ask for?

    Granted these numbers are all calculated on sketchy maths and stats at best and do not take in to account the several thousand students in halls… my main point here is it’s all very well saying the council couldn’t at times organise a piss up in a brewery however when the vast majority of students fail to input directly to the financial running of the city yet have such strong opinions… maybe too much procrastination leads to feelings of self-righteousness?! (Oh and for the purpose of all the above I have excluded arguments around the night time economy and West Quay as that isn’t where this debate on Council Tax comes from and there is an whole other debate or whether Southampton would flourish or flounder without two universities and students).

    • anon

      Living and studying in this great city and apparently I can’t have a view on the way it’s run! Also, you think if the city did generate this extra 14.4 mill you’re talking about, the council would spend it on snow ploughs instead vital repairs our roads and streets are crying for? Pothole-ville! Thanks for reciting my figures, the houses of alma tend to accomodate for more students, up to 8, so you’re right, maybe its less per student!
      Another point, with ford moving to Turkey, the bargate empty and the cigerette factory closing, I’d be thankful UoS are staying faithful to Southampton and expanding, example: the constuction of the beautiful new boldewood campus!

  • RichTea

    Everyone has the right to an opinion and hopefully everyone reading this who cares in one way or another what happens here in soton will be registered to vote in local elections where you can try to influence SCC. But taking the point raised, what ever happened to this ?!?

    Now back to important things, my snowman is melting! Do I wrap him in a scarf to insulate him or strip him nude to keep him cool?! Help!