Hobbit UNDER SIEGE from Tolkien's Orc Lawyers

Where's my axe?

The Tab has learnt today that our favourite Lord of the Rings themed pub The Hobbit has been threatened with copyright violations over its use of material from the successful trilogy and faces legal action.

The Hobbit’s management were contacted by representatives of the film makers yesterday and told that EVERYTHING in the bar is a copyright infringement. This includes the name of the pub, the titles of the drinks and even the artwork on the walls. After 20 years of business this is the first time that someone has decided to take legal action against the popular Southampton watering hole.

The case has been handed over to lawyers and legal fees are expected to run into the thousands. With many pubs and clubs in Southampton, including the Talking Heads, being threatened by the recession it’s a real shame that The Hobbit faces troubles caused by such a petty issue.

Aragon to become an Arthur?

If a rebranding is enforced, ideas are already surfacing, including changing the name to Camelot and running a Round Table challenge in place of the Fellowship. More details to follow when we know more.

  • Elizabeth Coates

    Twenty years after opening? Eight years before the first film?

    Who is stealing now?

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