Sheffield’s Clubbers of the Week: Snow Day

Ain’t s(no)w stopping us now

‘When doing the line ups, we listen to what people want’: Bassline legend Jamie Duggan on the biggest SpringFest to date

It takes place on Easter Sunday

Here’s what you can do to help your friend struggling with depression

According to a trained psychotherapist


A Sheffield student’s mum baked him a Pop Tarts themed cake for his birthday and the bar for birthday cakes has been raised forever

Bake it off, bake it off…

BREAKING: Sheffield’s Vice-Chancellor has joined the picket line outside Firth Court

It comes ahead of his meeting with Sheffield’s UCU this afternoon

A work placement being offered by the University of Sheffield pays below the minimum wage

2017 participants received just £5.19 per hour for their work

Twelve new acts have just been announced for Tramlines this summer

There’s no place you’d rather be

An open air BBQ and beer event is coming to Sheffield on Easter weekend

It promises food, booze, music and even an eating challenge

Exclusive: 87.5 per cent of University of Sheffield students support the UCU strike

97.5 per cent of you also think that the University has treated members of UCU unfairly

These Sheffield students are having the worst trip of their lives

They’re stuck at Dubai airport and claim the Indian embassy messed up their visas

Everything you need to know about Sheffield slang

You obviously need to learn what ‘mardy bum’ really means…

There’s going to be a giant snowball fight in Sheffield tomorrow

Get the woolly gloves out because this means war

Broomhill Friery sent free portions of chips to a student house party last night

Dan Bean is the hero we don’t deserve

UPDATE: University of Sheffield student has died after collision

It comes after an incident involving a truck near to the Alfred Denny building

Everything you need to know about Street Link

It allows you to alert charities and organisations to where homeless sleepers are in Sheffield

Police are appealing for witnesses after a 20-year-old man was knocked over outside the Alfred Denny building

He’s in a life threatening condition in hospital

BREAKING: Anna Crump Raiswell is your new Education Officer

Amber is appealing after she was found to have breached conduct

Lilian Jones is your new SU President

So far, it’s an all female office

Update: Striking staff will not lose pay for failing to reschedule cancelled lectures

VC Keith Burnett announced it tonight