RHUL’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round two

The most important vote this year

Royal Holloway has made £200k in library fines since 2012

Our library fees alone cover Paul Layzell’s yearly salary

Why is it so surprising when women like beer?

Boobs and beer can live in perfect harmony

RHUL’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round one

Cast your vote now

Third year student dresses as a knight for a week for charity

Have you seen the Knight of Egham around?

RHUL students raise £1680 in Sleep-Out fundraiser

They’ve exceeded their donations target by over £1000

Breaking: Fire on Harvest Road

‘As I walked past the house there were embers in the air and could hear crackling of fire’

Some RHUL second years have made a recruitment video to find a new housemate

It’s already received over 30k views on Facebook

I asked men on Tinder if they consider themselves a feminist

One said, ‘you don’t have to be a feminist to believe in gender equality smh’

The new library name is revealed, and it’s a step in the right direction

The new library will be named after Emily Wilding Davison, an alumna and women’s rights activist

Monkey’s Forehead to be renamed ‘The Packhorse’ in SU refurbishment

The SU released an official statement today detailing their intent to rebrand it

We were in a club 400 metres away as 39 people were shot dead in Istanbul

‘People were jumping into the cold sea, desperate to escape and save their lives’

I photoshopped my pictures to see if anybody would notice

It felt so fake

The Most Eligible Bachelor of RHUL, ROUND 1

Who cares about BNOC tbh

Which Christmas song is your degree?

We all want to be the ‘Jingle Bell Rock’, but you probably won’t make the cut

Why working in retail ruins Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year you say? Not if you work in retail is isn’t

How to nail Christmas decorations in your uni halls

Take some notes

RHUL rumours: True or false?

The closest I came to finding Thomas Holloway’s ghost black cat was when I saw a dead mouse on the steps near Crosslands

How to de-stress before the end of term

Put down that shot and get a Filofax

Founder’s residents can return to Halls tonight

Last night they were given accomodation in a nearby hotel