Management department changes first year online quiz to exam

The Accounting module will now be assessed in an exam

Rumours about the future of Founder’s Library have been set straight by the Uni

We spoke to the Head of PR about the future of our iconic library

The SU Election results were revealed last night

A record 25.35% of you voted this year

Royal Holloway has made £200k in library fines since 2012

Our library fees alone cover Paul Layzell’s yearly salary

Third year student dresses as a knight for a week for charity

Have you seen the Knight of Egham around?

Breaking: Fire on Harvest Road

‘As I walked past the house there were embers in the air and could hear crackling of fire’

Some RHUL second years have made a recruitment video to find a new housemate

It’s already received over 30k views on Facebook

The new library name is revealed, and it’s a step in the right direction

The new library will be named after Emily Wilding Davison, an alumna and women’s rights activist

Monkey’s Forehead to be renamed ‘The Packhorse’ in SU refurbishment

The SU released an official statement today detailing their intent to rebrand it

Founder’s residents can return to Halls tonight

Last night they were given accomodation in a nearby hotel

The deadlines for some departments have been extended by 48 hours

They are due to the events that occurred in Founder’s last night

Former student arrested in arson attack on Royal Holloway campus: What we know so far

He is believed to have started a ‘number of fires’ across the university

BREAKING: Police arrest former Royal Holloway student for arson

Fire engines arrived and students were evacuated after smoke was seen emerging from the building

There was another Anti-Fascist protest outside uni today

“I don’t class myself as extreme right” The Tab were told in an exclusive interview

RHUL in talks about buying The Monkey’s Forehead

The cocktail buckets will be fondly missed

Monkeys has just put out a farewell event

But the SU want you to know they are definitely not buying Monkeys

‘Pet a Jellyfish’ is back, and it’s still a hoax

It’s even sparked an animal rights protest

Introducing ‘Scratch’, RHUL’s long-awaited house night

You won’t have to hear the Toast DJ’s ‘that’s not me/countdown’ transition any longer

Founder’s West was evacuated last night

The college said it was unsafe for students to stay there

There’s now a burger van outside the SU

They want to make a regular appearance