‘I feel liberated!’ Abi’s headshave

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Last week we interviewed student Abi Banfield on her hair-raising decision to shave her head for charity - read on for full coverage of the event!

Abi Banfield has now raised an amazing £1,326.33 so far for Plymouth based charity Jeremiah’s Journey, which is over double her original target, and this is on her justgiving.com site alone.

We gave you the build up , and did our best to help her get the word out there!

The head shave took place at The Treasury on Friday, with an extremely large and loud turnout.

Just a few of the supporters...oh the anticipation

Just a few of the supporters…oh the anticipation

Clint Jones, manager of The Treasury and pictured below, said on the night how impassioned he was by what Abi was doing as “it’s a cause extremely close to my heart.”

He also told us how “wonderful and supportive Benjamin Shearn and the Treasury team” have been – and Abi certainly appreciated the input. They kindly let Abi have the venue free of charge.

I'm fucking nervous, Clint!

I’m fucking nervous, Clint!

Abi’s hair was gathered into bunches and then the unassuming/quite probably drunk public were handed the scissors…brave much Abigail!

Prepping for the operation begins

Prepping for the operation begins

I whip my hair back and forth (for the last time!)

I whip my hair back and forth I whip my hair back and forth (for the last time!)

It was safe to say everyone got fairly into the hair chopping process, some more than others…

Lemme at it!

Lemme at it!


get a good photo yeah?


Nearly all gone!

Nearly all gone!

oooh its all fuzzy!

oooh its all fuzzy!

After all Abi’s little bunches were ruthlessly shorn off by her friends and supporters, the clippers came out to play…


bzzzzzz….nope. massively chilled about this

Various members of the public who were also out on Friday night gave very generously to the charity buckets that were passed around during the evening, and while they have not been counted as yet it will no doubt add more onto Abi’s brilliant total!

Its all about the hair ladies and gents!

Its all about the hair ladies and gents!

Very emotional.

Very emotional.

This is what Abi had to say on the night…

“I feel liberated, but quite scared? Its ridiculous, it feels amazing…and everyone keeps feeling it and ruffling it up which is nice! And so many strangers have come up to me and kissing me and its just amazing. It feels great and I’m just so happy and amazed at people’s generosity!”

Such a good look - and for such a good cause!

Such a good look – and for such a good cause!

Speaking about her experience to The Tab after letting it sink in for a few days:

“Its empowering, and I never thought I’d be so happy without hair. I keep forgetting I’ve done it and every reflection is a shock at the moment! I would love to thank everyone who has supported me, all the sponsors, and of course The Treasury. Most of all my parents and my brother, as they are my biggest supporters.”

This is one of the best acts for charity we at the Tab have seen for a while, and doesn’t she look amazing, hair or no hair!

If you have yet to contribute and feel you could spare anything at all, you still have time to donate here; http://www.justgiving.com/abigail-banfield

  • Jamie Renwick

    can I please buy your hair? it looks luscious

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