2014 Trinity Ball Guide

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Christ Church Commemoration Ball

christ church

They say: “a twelve hour, white tie exploration of Dame Edith Sitwell’s notion of ‘english eccentrics’ ”

We say: Christ Church cements its reputation as Brideshead Revisited

Theme: English Eccentrics

Date: 21st June 2014

Tickets: Dining and punting tickets sold out, non dining tickets re-released in 3rd week Hilary

For more info, click here


Trinity Commemoration Ball


They say: “An eclectic mix of sumptuous food and drink, unrivalled entertainment and stunning surroundings will come together to create a night of unrivalled indulgence”.

We say: With two stages dedicated to music performances, this ball is one for those who like their music.

Date: 27th June 2014

Tickets: Small number of non-dining tickets still available

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They say: “At your own free will, you can break free of the fiery grips of hell and re-enter the celestial refuge of heaven. We give to you a choice which no other can. Which realm will you choose?”

We say: Alright, you’ve read some Milton. We get it.

Theme: Paradise Lost

Date: 10th May 2014

Tickets: Dining, £129, Non- dining £90

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St Johns

st johns

They say: “As the snow falls and the flowers bloom, guests will make their way through the transformed quads and gardens of St John’s College in all its glory. From a wintry fairground to a headline act at the seaside, we will keep you entertained from dusk till dawn”.

We say: One of the most tedious themes on offer, the ball website reads more like a schizophrenic weather report than an event guide. As one of the most expensive balls, its difficult to see how the steep price is justified.

Theme: The passing of the seasons

Date: 27th June 2014

Tickets: Dining- sold out, Non dining- available at £155

For more info, click here 


Keble Ball


They say: “Oxford’s best black tie ball”

We say: On the face of it, one of the best value balls this Trinity, plus an excuse to drape yourself in fur and neck some vodka.

Theme: Romanov Russia

Date: 10th May 2014

Tickets: £90, available from Thursday 28th January

For more info, click here


Corpus Christi


They say: ” tumble into our fantastical world where nothing is as it seems”

We say: The best ball if you’re strapped for cash

Theme: Down The Rabbit Hole

Date: 3rd May 2014

Tickets: £70, available

For more info, click here


St Annes


They say: ” the decadence and opulence of one of the most exciting periods of French history”

We say: Call the ‘cuisine’ a ‘croque-monsieur’ all you want, we know that translates as ‘cheese toastie’

Theme: La Belle Époque

Date: 10th May 2014

Tickets: £95, available from Saturday 1st Feb

For more info, click here

  • Chief Teefs

    lol, balls.

  • http://www.teddyhallball.co.uk Teddy Hall Ball 2014

    Cheers then, TAB.

    Obviously, they felt it unfair to include Teddy Hall Ball, I can understand that. I guess we do have the cheapest ticket prices in that list, combined with the best entertainment across three stages, a crazy golf course and a comedy club.


  • lincoln ball

    Fuck all of you #paradiselost

  • Gutted

    Are there no trinity tickets left then? How much do I have to spill out for a white tie ball these days?

  • Jack Cobbold

    Anyone know if there are any public school only balls? These all sound quite good but I’d prefer something in a higher price bracket

  • Anonymous

    Keble red brick in the John’s photo…?

  • Trinity in Trinity

    Corpus and Johns balls look pretty shit. Johns’ ball smells like a Freemason meetup and the Corpus marketing has clearly been done by an eccentric 5 year old. Excited for Trinity ball though, it looks amazing!

  • Observant Reader

    The picture for Corpus Christi is of Corpus Christi Cambridge…

  • Anonymous

    “The best ball if you’re strapped for cash” E.G. Corpus ball is going to be a big let down…

  • Anonymous

    It’s hardly a trinity ball guide if you’ve missed off balls from here.. next time do some research

  • Sum Hymen

    Shit article. Awful.


    what about worcester ball

  • Why does the Tab even exist?

    Absolutely classic content from the Tab….
    “all the info you need” – well, yes, if you are only interested in these 7 balls and not all the other balls in Oxford this term.
    I congratulate you though – you managed to get a corresponding picture for 4 out of the 7 balls listed…
    Useless Tab

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