New Top Norrington Table

LMH officially Oxford's stupidest college

Scroll down for the full table.

New College have emerged as the highest achievers according to official college ranking system the Norrington Table.

New topped the table fairly comfortable ahead of St. John’s and fellow library lovers Merton.  The table also reveals a disappointing result for Magdalen who fell to sixth after topping it last year.

At the other end of the table it seems that LMH have been lazy, Somerville are slackers and Exeter took it easy as they form the bottom three.

The biggest movers are Harris Manchester who improved by a huge 20 places whilst the biggest losers are Keble who fell 19 places to 27th.

Norrington table

  • M Towers

    Hahah look at Slytherin in 17th place. Glorious!

  • Orme Clarke

    Shame PPHs aren’t on this table. Otherwise Regent’s ‘College’ would be bottom and everyone else would cower at the might of Benet’s.

  • Orielite

    ye nice one ‘house’ who’s arrogant now? lol

  • House French Taunter

    you don’t frighten me, oriel pig dog

  • Orielite

    just coz u lost lol

  • House French Taunter

    Go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

  • Anonymous

    Magdalen fell to sixth, not fifth.

    • The Tab

      Woops, cheers for the spot


    disappointing results for the hall. this institution was built on a lack of academic excellence; if we don’t have that, well, what do we have, stunning physical and sexual prowess asides?

  • Arouna Kone

    So happy Martinez took me with him to Everton!!!

  • Wilhelm De Wilhelm


  • HA HA HA



    the brookes JIBE IS REALLY LAME

  • A Tab

    Strange that there are huge variations year on year among Oxford colleges in the table- presumably there is greater equality among the colleges, unlike in Cambridge in which college rankings are quite stable, with same colleges dominating each year (Trinity and Emma).

    • Bemused onlooker

      You’re looking at another university’s Tab during the summer holidays? Sick.

      • A Tab

        Well at least Cambridge doesn’t have a paper named after a river in Oxford, or one which is actually a nick name for students at Oxford.

        • Home of Hatred

          I’ve never heard of an Oxford paper named ‘The River Cam’…

  • Tom cOughcaine

    I think you’ll find Wahoo toilets have seen the most high-grades this year

  • Tom cOughcaine

    I think you’ll find Wahoo toilets have seen the most high-grades

  • Curtis

    New COLLEGE. Not New. Come on Tab, you should know these things.

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