We tried Modafinil…and it’s pretty good

It's the study drug which could save your degree. We tried Modafinil and this is what it’s like.

Forget Red Bull, Ritalin and Adderall, the Big Names in Chemistry are all talking about Modafinil: the non-addictive ‘wakefulness’ drug even the army are using. 

We recently found that 1 in 5 students have used modafinil – here’s some info for the 4 in 5 who haven’t.

This isn’t like drinking a lot of caffeine, modafinil (the street name “daffy” has not caught on) temporarily improves your memory and massively increases your efficiency. Some scientists are hailing it as a potential wonder drug, and there is already talk of Olympic-style drug tests for students.



Slightly frighteningly, scientists say they don’t know exactly how it works, and no one knows what the long-term side effects are, so I don’t recommend dicking about with it, although I did regularly for a few months.

What it does

Modafinil is not a wonder drug – it doesn’t make you reach a higher limit of achievement than people who haven’t taken it. But it can massive improve your efficiency, so it’s a big boost to lazy people to force themselves to work. I don’t think anyone ever became cleverer because of modafinil, but it has allowed people to live up to their ability.



It gives you a kind of tunnel vision. You can concentrate for hours on reading a book, taking meticulous notes, not looking up once. You don’t eat, you don’t really talk to people. In fact the only thing you will leave your work to do is go to the loo, which modafinil makes you do almost hourly.

Normal procedure is this: Set your alarm clock for some ungodly hour, take two 100mg tablets and then go back to sleep. One hour later you wake with an urgent need to empty your bowels and what the drug’s manufacturers call “a sense of wakefulness.”

After that, hit the books. You might find your mood goes a little bit up and down, but generally you will feel akin to some kind of super-human, ploughing through work like a fully-functioning Stephen Hawking. After about 14 hours it wears off and you become useless again, but you should be able to sleep fine.


• You can concentrate for hours and get lots of work done, and remember it all afterwards.
• It helps you wake up early.
• Quite subtle: this isn’t an overwhelming experience.




• Makes you unsociable and even, as your mum might say, “a bit snappy” when people talk to you.
• You can become too focused and do things like miss your bus stop because you’re engrossed in a game of Angry Birds. Be careful when crossing the road too.
• Your mood tends to swing a little bit up and down while you’re on it.
• Lots of trips to the loo.

Warning: Modafinil decreases the effectiveness of the pill and other contraception, so take extra precautions.

Want to know more? Comment below and we’ll answer your questions.

  • sonia

    where can i get it?:P

    • Anonymous
    • http://Britishmedstore.com Dave

      BritishMedStore.com do some pretty decent deals on Modafinil

      • crewdate lukey

        just bought off there, how long did it take ur order to arrive?

        probs not going to take any until later on in the term or maybe during Christmas hols, if im doing my dissertation then

        does anyone have experience of taking modafinil alongside alcohol? would be interesting to know, as it’d be great to take this is the morning, get through my work and then go out later?

        • http://www.britishmedstore.com Dave

          About 4 days from payment.

          yeah, agreed be careful about taking it when it’s not completely necessary – and i wouldnt advise taking it alongside alcohol

          modafinil has a half-life of around 15 hours, so it lingers in your system some time after you wish it to.

          • stucat

            You should be careful getting your info from Wikipedia LOL
            The 15 hr halflife does not apply to the effective duration of a single dose , but to the time it takes to metabolise multiple daily doses of 200-600mg taken for 4 consecutive days .
            But that’s not what you are interested in so….
            Taken on an empty stomach it’ll give you about 8 hrs .
            Taken after food will delay onset and extend duration by approx 2 hrs.

            • stucat

              That’s for a single dose of course .
              Personally a 200mg dose pre breakfast (7.30 am) and another 200mg before lunch would keep me focussed for a 15 hr day .

              • FreddieW

                Good advice stucat, probably best for people to do in depth research.

                Oh and Dave they’re at http://www.britishmedstore.net now not the dot com address


    • https://mymodafinil.net/buy-modafinil-uk/ Alexandra

      myModafinil.net ship to the UK with tracked express delivery – takes around 5 days. Good prices too.

      Btw, just a note – the pill in that photo is pretty huge… Modafinil is usually much smaller! I’ve only ever tried Modalert so I can vouch for that, maybe you guys tested a different brand?

  • Anonymous

    Where can you get it?

  • Ollie

    This is terrible reporting! Everyone reading. Do your own research and you will quickly see there are many side effects of taking a drug that is used to keep chronically tired people awake. For example anxiety, depression, you can’t sleep when you go to bed, don’t eat so your body has low energy of which brain requires alot so end up being twitchy, buzzed, nervous, empty and possibly for no memory benefits. One friend took it alot and drew a complete blank in the exam he thinks due to the use of modafinil. There are likely to be a range of other long term side effects that haven’t been labelled. Do not take this drug unless you think it is worth risking your mental and physical health for the possible memory benefits.

    • man

      you’re such a square

    • Stay Calm

      This is absurd scare-mongering. If in doubt just try it for a day. The potential benefits far out way the risks if you go about using it in a sensible manner.

    • Sophie

      I completely agree with you! I am prescribed the drug as I suffer from narcolepsy and even for me, I sometimes question whether the side effects actually make it worth while taking the drug or not. At first when i started taking it, i thought it was great, i could stay awake all day long, and later into the night when i wanted. I always got all my college work done and my concentration was always good. But then 6 or 7 months later, the side effects kicked in. I get really bad migraines which effect my eyes quite bad. I constantly feel sick and quite often loose my appetite for days on end, making me very lathargic. I often get a very swollen mouth and tongue as well. Before taking the drug I was really sociable and out with my friends all the time but now I’m really withdrawn and just stay in all day. It makes a few naps during the day seem no problem at all. This article really needs looking at again.

      • stucat

        Sophie , you need to stop taking Modafanil (if you haven’t already ) the symptoms you described are listed on the packet as grounds to stop taking immediately .
        Did you speak to your doctor about them ?
        Do you read the info in the packet regularly ? The info changes you know . The swollen tongue thing , often with a hives like rash was added to the contra indications in about 2005 and happened to a very small percentage of long term users , on the bright side there are no long term problems after stopping .

    • christi

      Man my boyfriend took it a day because he had a big exam and couldn’t sleep for two days he had to cure himself and get work done..and the result was insane I cried for a week he nearly got out of the world having distorted vision amplified sensations and a complete overheated brain for a week,all his extreme creativity was like muted with extreme logical mad thinking it was like having a schizo alien in front of me!
      I helped him but it was a terrible trauma for him he was sweeting and his clothes smelled modafinil for days ,and I was nearly calling emergency when everything got back to normal after one week .
      Never take modafinil,exceptional minds become too crazy ! my bf told me that it was like having a massive traffic of nearly colliding Boeings in his head like a 3d brain fucking “embouteillage”

      • stucat

        Doesn’t sound like he took
        Where did he get it and how much did he take .
        What else does he take ? modafanil .

    • Anonymous

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  • Erm…

    Isn’t the problem that this is a one-off usage (so short term) but the problems are going to be mostly long term (ie using it more than a few days in a row or over a longer period of time)?

  • S

    This empty and unfunny article fails to do exactly anything. You describing a one off experience on modafinil embedded in boring and recycled cliches is just a waste of time. If I wanted to here commodified cliches on a nootropic, I would just ask the nearest person who, like you, knows nothing about it.

    If you are going to publish an article on modafinil, why don’t you harness one or both of the following (thereby making this process worthwhile). You could take a scientific line on it.

    a) Do some research on the topic (using the internet for example), and condense it.

    b) Find, and interview some people about it, and at least develop a stronger narrative about it using anecdotal evidence.

    In the following paragraph I will give you an impromptu sprawl about my own experiences on it, automatically trumping your extremely vacuous reporting.

    I have been taking modafinil a couple of times a month for over a year now. It comes in 200mg pills, costing around 60-80p each, which I bought from a dodgy website on the internet. From the internet (something the writer of this article could use for research) I’ve heard people using as much as 400-600mg daily. I rarely take more than 100mg daily (I physically split the pills in half), often using the rule of thumb that I take 50mg for every three hours of studying I plan to do that day. I often study without modafinil, and I often use more of it if I’m studying something more boring. It has an extremely long half life (apparently around 12-15 hours), which means that it can reasonably affect you for 2 or even 3 days. The premier effect of modafinil is that it reduces your need to sleep. As a studying drug, it just means you are happier to get on with what you are doing. If I were to describe the effects of modafinil to someone who hasn’t taken it, I would say something like: “Without feeling discernibly any different, you will just end up doing more work that day”. During the 2-8 hours after taking a pill I feel marginally happier, and sometimes I have a small 1-2 hour down period after this. The effect on my mood is small. Modafinil also makes me far less talkative.

    Now how about you copy and paste my comment and stick it where your article used to be, it might make the world spin a little faster. You have permission to replace my terrible command of the english language with something even worse.

    • S

      A couple of other things to add:
      – I haven’t experienced any health effects or mid-long term side effects.
      – I take it immediately upon waking. I wouldn’t take it within 12 hours of planning to sleep.
      – It hugely suppresses appetite
      – It makes smoking better.

    • Exam panic

      Right. Where can I get the really cheap dodgy stuff?

  • anon

    if you want some call me – 07905788050

    • anon

      I don’t actually have any so can you stop calling me please. Especially the Poe Poe.

      • The Hezbulla Bomber

        I can however offer other services such as firebombing, hellraising and generally blowing shit up.

  • David Shields, keble

    These seem like pingers for pussies

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  • Anonymous


  • anon

    I’ve finally got hold of some. Quite expensive the place I got it from. Don’t plan to use too much. Just when I’ve got too much to do.

    • stucat

      To add to what “S” said ,
      I’ve been taking 400mg daily for 11 yrs now (for narcolepsy)
      I liked the “without feeling discernibly any different…….” part .
      That’s basically the jist of it , modafanil is a much more selective stimulants than , let’s say , amphetamine . There is very little physical aspect to it , it keeps you awake without making you run about like a loon . It is very slightly mood enhancing but more relevant for you all is that it is a significant aid to concentration , improves memory , focus and hand eye coordination and as a perk that hasn’t been mentioned , its the best cure for a hangover ever .
      Unlike other stimulants you can sleep on it but I still wouldn’t take any within 8 hours of sleeping because you will probably not want to sleep even though you could .
      I often skip taking it on days off and don’t miss it at all , in fact I find it harder to remember to take it than I do not take it . ie. There does not seem to be any habit forming aspect to it .
      Since I don’t take mine every day I have plenty spare . I’d not considered selling them before , but ………

  • Osc

    How can I get hold of the pill?

    • stucat

      Give me a to contact you

      • L.x

        Stucat, contact me please on my email lulu3434@hotmail.co.uk

        • L.x

          Please don’t contact me looking for pills. I don’t sell. I was gathering research info on the drug..

  • stucat

    I can let you know where to get it

    • http://Britishmedstore.com Dave

      I got a batch from Britishmedstore.com – prices seem quite cheap

  • Daf

    Hi guys!
    I’m from Italy, do you know where can i buy some modafnil?
    Most sites don’t send the product in Italy!!
    Thank you!

    • http://Britishmedstore.com Dave

      As I wrote above mate, I got my batch from Britishmedstore.com – prices seem quite cheap..

      although the customer services dude on the other end seemed a bit keen

  • Hughjarse

    You’ll all end up being probed by aliens in years to come.

  • O’Hay

    I took modafinil for about a year. It was 2007, I couldn’t concentrate on anything and I read about people taking it in the guardian. So I ordered some from a company in India. Back then it wasn’t as easy to get, and was fairly expensive. I paid about £45 for a pack of sixty.

    The first time I took it, it was amazing. I took three which was way too much, read three quarters of a novel in one night, did an interview the next day, and felt fine. What the author says about needing to go to the toilet all the time is true. It also makes you feel nauseated.

    After a few months of taking it regularly, the effects wore off and I started to find it a hindrance. Whenever I’d take it, I would get really scatty and couldn’t keep my mind focused on any one thing. I used it primarily to write essays, and it was really really great for the first four or five, but there was a drastic trailing off, and the physical side-effects got worse. Those who say they could sleep on it – that’s pretty good, as I never could, and would often wake up feeling wrecked when I finally did get to bed.

    So I stopped for a while and would only take it to pull through an all-nighter. Once I’d finished university, I stopped all together and have never taken it since. When I think about doing it, I remember how my stomach used to feel and it really turns me off.

    However, if you have a big project coming up, and you’ve not taken it yet, I recommend it. Remember to drink a lot of water, take two or three medium doses over the course of the day, and focus on a specific task. Stretch a lot (I found myself sitting in crazy positions for hours), eat even if you don’t want to, and then give yourself a few days off. Taking it long-term, just to get through school, is a very bad idea as there are other ways you can improve your concentration / productivity.

  • Enlightened One

    can someone recommend me a good brand of modafinil to order?

  • Sara “Le dictat” Polakova

    As well as being popular, I was also the JCR president.

  • Modzombie

    I have used and abused modafinil for a long time now. The pros are that you feel fantastic doing anything. It’s great for studying and great for menial jobs.

    The bad point about it is that after being on for 4 days or so you look fucked when you wake up every morning and feel really drained. You can have 3 hours sleep, wake up fucked, drop a mod and feel brand new. Eventually the lack of sleep catches up with you. The ultra productive focus will morph into its lazier cousin and you’ll be more content to lay in bed reading endless webpages/watching youtube etc for hours on end.

    It is addictive if you’re not careful. On my first long run of it, I ended up doing 2G a day (10 x 200mg sun modalert). I became withdrawn and antisocial, had no appetite for a week and on cessation, still felt it in me for 5 days. I’d noticeably lost weight aswell. You have NO appetite on this stuff after a few days.

    I now use it 2 days on, 3 days off and this seems to negate ALL of the negative effects I’ve mentioned above.

    Some other interesting sides are that if you start watching porn on it, you’ll pretty much watch porn for 10 hours. It makes you CHAIN SMOKE!!!!! Drinking strong lager on it makes you feel like you’ve just done half a gram of coke (I don’t drink usually but do 2 kestrel supers in the evenings I’ve done modafinil.)

    I’ve done the other drugs on it and apart from ket (lessened its effects) there was no difference really.

    Just thought I’d add some realism after this pointless article. I’ve no idea what that monster of a pill is on the guy’s tongue pictured either. It’s not a modalert, provigil, alertec or modiadil. Looks suspiciously like a neurofen to me actually.

    No streetname? Everyone’s been calling them “daffodils” on online forums and in universities all over Britain for the last 5 years or so yeah….well researched chaps!

  • You’re all

    pretentious twats

  • Golden Grace

    I am a 45 year old not a student and i take it when I am tired and something important in the evening is coming up or i need to stay up late to complete a quote or something. the best thing is it doesn’t alter your mood or how you feel. You just stop feeling sleepy and able to keep going for hours. The more tired I am the more you need to take, but NEVER more than 400 mg. 200mg plus 200mg more 3-4 hrs later is usually fine for 4.00am. 1st pill mid afternoon.

    If you are not so worn down and just have a midnighter to do 200mg is more than enough (take about 5.00pm.)

    Funny thing is if i change my mind and want to sleep it doesn’t seem to stop me once I relax – no probs with alcohol either.

  • Redline bolas

    Right that s it, I m off to get some!

    No seriously as a fifty something business guy I could use it on occasions as it is so easy to procrastinate and get side tracked.

    If it could just help me stay focused then I would earn more money basically.

    Must remember to wear the brown trousers that’s all ….lol

  • Karim

    Does it work if you set the alarm up in the middle of the night to just wake up to take the pill and then go back to sleep again?

    I wake up at 9AM and go to sleep at 12-1AM, worred about not being able to sleep and wrecking my sleep clock. I was thinking of waking up at 6AM in the morning to take the pill and then go bacjk to sleep again.

    Or would the pill kick in a few minutes after taking and wake me up and make me mad productive.

  • your mum

    You’re a total wasteman and i can’t believe you thought this was an ok article. It is the least interesting thing i have ever read on interesting subject matter. Why on earth did you decide three blurry photos of you would enhance this article? I can’t believe you made it to the highest level of education and this is the standard you produce.

  • http://fwhawfh@asege.com experienced user

    First of all I feel like I should point out just how shit a piece of “journalism” this is. You obviously didn’t write this article whilst on modafinil, but you really should have. Also, that is not modafinil on your tongue, it looks like a neurofen.

    Anyway, about modafinil. I have been taking it for almost a year now, but in a careful and controlled manor. Forget all these stupid comments about psychotic episodes and people being up for 4 days. This drug is not a stimulant in the normal sense; it is a wake promoting drug. It doesn’t buzz you out but it suppresses tiredness and it enhances your cognitive ability. I have never felt my appetite suppressed on it.

    This drug has saved my degree. To be fair I am quite intelligent, but I am lazy and somewhat unmotivated. I couldn’t recommend it more to a fellow student. I have given it to about 10 of my student friends and we are all performing significantly better in our degrees. I should also mention that we have experienced zero side effects.

    In my opinion the only down side about this drug is that you can’t take it everyday. Limit yourself to 3 max per week and plan your day ahead and I guarantee you it will have an incredibly positive impact on your life.

    Take it before noon to avoid insomnia, eat well and stay hydrated, plan your day ahead, get rid of distractions (I choose to work alone on this). Omega 3 tablets and multivitamin tablets seem to make me feel better but it may be a placebo.

    DONT start on 200mg+ a day. When you start out try 100mg or less which should do the trick, if not up the dose gradually and remember this isn’t going to feel like amphetamine; this is not a drug you take to get high. Make sure to not up doses unnecessarily because when your tolerance is high, that is when the game is over.

    One final note, you shouldn’t be paying more than £7 per 10 200mg pills otherwise you are getting ripped off. Check out unitedpharmacies-md on google. 10 days delivery but cheaper than your morning coffee 😉

    Good luck x

  • Sleeping Beauty


  • A Dissapointed Reader

    Having used this particular drug before, I can most certainly assure you it not the wonder this article makes it out to be.
    The pill on that boys tongue is more likely to be paracetamol than modafinil.
    Madfinil is primary an anti fatigue stimulant, and the effects are incomparable to adderall or ritalin.
    Fuck knows why they let you publish this bullshit filled article, it would be far more at home on the daily mails website with there pish.

  • HU

    where did you get it from?

    • WW

      Studypills.co.uk the new site will be up next week

      • Question man

        The site still hasn’t opened?!

    • Eurocopter

      You can also get it from various dealers online, who ship from India, where it can be had off-label. I ordered from ModaMinds dot com, and received it after about 3 weeks.

    • unichick

      I got some from united pharmacies UK does anyone know if they are real cause I did feel different but I couldn’t think analytically and I have nothing to compare to , they say modalert and sunphama but were shipped from hong Kong which makes me skeptical cause hong Kong is the hub of fake exports

      • Rupert

        bayldonrupert@aol Taking orders now!

    • mm

      http://modafinilorder.com/shop/ – Modafinil online pharmacy

  • Cherry

    This is a serious drug, used to treat narcolepsy. Don’t take it lightly. I get it from my GP, recommended by my neurologist, as I have narcolepsy. It shouldn’t be prescribed for anything else apart from sleep apnoea, and shift work sleep disturbance disorder, and don’t order from the internet; like any other drug bought this way, you don’t know what you are really buying. You wouldn’t use an inhaler if you didn’t have asthma, and you wouldn’t have chemo if you didn’t have cancer. By the same token, you shouldn’t take Provigil (modafinil), if you don’t have a sleep disorder. It’s a serious drug. Take care.

    • SoSafeWow

      And God forbid don’t use marijuana because it is Schedule I and per the FDA has no medical purpose, and they are always right the first time. Only Cephalon can synthesize this drug, cause they invented it. Because they invented it, the stuff they make is only the best and safest. Also because you get what you pay for and Cephalon is the most expensive therefore it is the best. I would make a great college professor making sure to relay all these established facts. My students would love me because my words are as interesting and valuable as bureaucrap imposed big pharma greed CYA fine print on folded newspaper pamphlets. Take care and above all be safe everyone, its a dangerous world.

    • robsku

      Are you a neuropsychiatric (sorry if the word is wrong, I’m Finnish and don’t know the right translation for “neuropsykiatri”)? Because I’m huge advocate of this medication to get accepted by Finnish equivalent of FDA for treating ADD/ADHD – the scare talks slow things down, yet the result is treatment with amphetamines or methylphenidate. Also the “drug scare” makes many doctors, like mine, to refuse prescribing dexedrine (dextroamphetamine) instead of methylphenidate, which actually means stronger side effects for lesser benefits as d-amphetamine is unquestionably better and with less potential for either abuse or side effects, however when you compare to adderal-like combinations of dextro- and levoamphetamines it gets more complicates, particularly on the abuse potential, but I’d still be better off with that than the current medication (and I base this on large personal experience on use and abuse of these drugs for medication, recreation, non-medicational use for other purposes (call it “smart drug use” if you want, it’s close enough to what I mean and describes also what this article is, although IMO very naively, talking about) as well as addictions and non-medicational use that got out of hand and was harmful.
      So I have such experiences in my past, I still like to take stimulants and other type of recreational drugs now and then but when it comes to my ADHD medication, I’d like one that’s at least as effective as methylphenidate (luckily enough the alternatives available and good enough are not only that but clearly better), has the least side effects and has minimal potential for abuse or addiction. Modafinil outranks all the alternatives.

      I’m also not against such use as described here – I’m just not agreeing it’s to be taken lightly or that it’s always without harm. This article for example describes some very worrying stuff – much of it very similar with my abusive experiences with amphetamines. One thing is that when you “boost” your abilities, not needing to eat is not a feature, it’s an illusion – you need to eat and drink more or you will end up with illusion of being able to do more while observer would see that it’s the opposite. Yes, I’ve experienced and witnessed this all too often. And the ability to stay away longer is something that drains your mental abilities very quickly. Heck, one can stay awake for 5 days programming all the time, provided his mentally strong enough to not go into psychosis (rare), but the results diminish from the moment you exceed normal awake-time. and trust me when I say that you usually don’t notice it until you’ve observed your work after paying up for all the sleep deprivation.

      As for addiction, to say that something that can boost your abilities doesn’t have quite some potential for psychologhical addiction is naive and childish. If you’re thinking like that you’re actually increasing the potential to get addicted. If you think you have to defend the lack of any potential for something harmful to others instead of analyzing what the risks really are so that you could avoid or detect them before they manifest themselves you’re priorities are really wrong.

      I know a lot of this has naught to do with what you wrote, it’s just something I would have otherwise written in a separate comment but I decided that I write this partly as general comment to writer and readers of this article and some of the commenters. As always, just my opinions of course.

      • Fish face

        Hey, so I have taken this 3 days in a row, it isn’t as strong as the first day, any one aware of how taking it daily effects the drugs?

  • ur dumb

    improves your memory?! have u even tried it?

  • ur dumb

    also – “no street name ‘yet’ ” what? because ritalin has a street name? or are we still waiting for that too?

  • ur dumb

    modafinil doesnt even look like that! its so irresonsible to write a first hand account drug experience article having not even tried the drug in question – the effects you describe are entirely inaccurate

    • Nishant Sarid

      I think ur dumb,
      Modafinil comes in many different shapes and sizes depending on the brand manufacturer. Even here in my country we get Modafinil and Modalert which are round in shape and we get a capsule and an oval shaped one too. So don’t just talk withou knowing dumbass…I’ve tried it and it works a treat

  • Marcus

    Looks like tesco everyday paracetamol to me….

  • Anon

    Teh streetz call it daffy

  • edd

    daffy duck

  • Rj

    I tried .. its my first day being on modafinil.
    Its awesome if I talk abt my today’s experience.

    More Focus .. More Energy ..
    I am recalling everything i.e. in my memory easily .. etc .. etc ..

  • Cubby

    Do not take drugs. They are bad for you and do you more harm than good. I took one of these last term, went twos on a fag, and then had a 4 day comedown as a result of it

    • Noah

      Sounds like you had some fake product, you should try the modafinil from https://modafiniledge.com

    • alice

      Would you be willing to asnwer some questions on your bad experience, im writing an article about modafinil for an assignment ?

  • Jack Martin

    Oh did you? Once again tripe from the tab!

  • The Scientist

    I’ve taken it a few times and It does make me unsociable and unwilling to leave the task at hand but didn’t experience the shits like this article said. It also didn’t look like that tablet, nor did the effects last 14 hours…3-4 tops.

  • Dra

    I take modafinil 400mg day for narcolepsy and im still thick ad shit!

  • A Teacher

    Oh dear. Modafinil is illegal to possess without a prescription. You dumb fucks. Concentrate on your studies and stop fucking about.

    • anonbiochemist


    • factsandfigures

      Nope, only illegal to sell. It’s not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

    • Engineering student

      bro, do you ever engineering this days?

  • UK Student

    I thought I would share my experience with modafinil after reading some of these comments. The pros and cons above I’d say for me are quite accurate. Quite subtle?? Well that depends on the person and the dose. Stick to 200mg and yeah it’s not overwhelming. It will make you unsociable, but if you want to work alone that’s not too bad. Don’t take it long term, but it has helped me to focus for many hours in a row and get good quality work done.

  • studentlad

    This stuff is incredible, certainly saved my butt a couple of times now. I’d say it lasts upto 12 hours, and for that reason its best to take in the morning to prevent affecting your sleeping pattern. In terms of side effects the most notable is the needing to use the toilet every hour and muscle aches if you are awake beyond your normal routine.

  • tehe

    tried modafinil (modalert), its aboslutely nothing on ritalin. dont waste your money on it.

  • Brosef

    has anyone got a link?

  • Mark

    Have you idiots even considered the effect that your consumption might be having on those who might need to take it legitimately? Having suffered from sleep disorders (including sleep apnoea and daytime sleepiness syndrome) for years, modafinil has changed my life, but I had to BATTLE it out of my GP/sleep clinic. The drug licensing regime has already been changed once making it far more difficult to get hold of, and technically-speaking it is only now licensed for narcolepsy (which is rare). This lazy piece of “journalism” does you no credit at all. As other posters have said, stop pratting about with ‘wonder drugs’ and do the work.

    • J

      How about save yourself the doctor fees and just buy it online like everyone else?
      Also amphetamine/methamphetamine has been abused for years and yet they still continue to prescribe it to children, more than ever.
      The drug licensing has nothing to do with people using it for study and everything to do with the very few and limited studies on it’s effects.

  • freakyexamdayafter

    is it advisable to take modafilin for an exam?

    • thetab

      No, we don’t think so. Stifles your creativity

      • freakyexam

        can i use it one day before the exam tho?

        • anon

          it can be very hard to move on from a question etc because your mind gets stuck, awful for maths in particular

      • freakyexam

        also, i dont really need to be creative. it’s a 2 hour long 200 mcq paper and i need to be extremely alert. I dont want to take my chances. helpp??

      • Henry

        Where was your source for the modafinil?

  • anonbiologist

    “Scientists don’t know how it works” – of course not if you take your facts from the Wikipedia page. It’s a dopamine uptake inhibitor, so it works pretty much the same way as ritalin and amphetamine.

    • Boubilicious

      That is incorrect.

  • j

    Wow you finally got actual daffy rather than paracetamol.

  • Peter

    Does a single 200 mg tablet have the same affects as the 100 mg tablets

  • jenny

    What online site did you buy this from?

  • judith

    you can get an analog of this called ‘Modafiendz’ its even better than regular modafinil and its totally legal to buy and sell without prescription in uk

  • JAmes

    I bought it from modup.net … Came yesterday so it’s trustworthy. Im only 16 and about to try it.

    • whyme

      Be careful. Everything I read said that brains aren’t fully developed in the teens and for this reason the drug should not be taken. Pls do some research :)

  • http://www.alexfortin.com alexfortindotcom


    Great article! I take modaf too and I just published my experience using it on my blog. You can read the whole story here: http://www.alexfortin.com/buy-modafinil-online-personal-experience/ I share the pros and cons of using it (not much cons)

    Let me know what you think 😀


  • Kelly Forest

    The best place I bought from was https://worldpharmcare.com/buy-modafinil-online-200mg I used to take Modafinil for years. Not so much anymore as Im married. But this website is a good place to buy Modafinil

  • procrastinating pharmacist

    The Tab backs drug misuse. Need I say more about the quality of journalism??

  • Charles

    I ordered modafinil 200mg online from
    http://www.addtramadol.com/product/mens-health/modafinil-200mg/.It delivered the product witihin 4 days after my physician told to me take modafinil 200mg. It has no side effects…It’s obvious if you take more than recommend dose,there will be side effects.


    If you want to get some, download tor and use the silkroad. It’s uses bitcoin which is untraceable and a lot of discrete sellers stock Modafinil.

  • vilmamike123

    very helpful article written.
    Keep updating with such kind of infos.people will understand the dosage limit with the help of this article.Modafinil http://www.vivalloninternational.com/pharmacy-dropshipping/ is used to treat narcolepsy.

  • Enhance

    I get my modafinil from https://modafiniledge.com

    • Joe

      I have been buying here for a while, it is 100% pure.

    • Anon

      A lot of students at oxford I know use modafiniledge.com

      • Cammy

        Snap! Cambridge students are also getting the edge from here!

  • MaybeBaby

    Take note of the fact that modafinil can affect the functioning of hormonal contraceptives. So girls, if you usually just use the pill make sure you take double precautions, as modafinil can perturbate your cycles up to a month after you’ve taken it.

  • AlexCane

    I feel so relaxed and surely much updated after reading the articles that you keep updating on the website. It relieves me a lot and at the same time informs me because there according to me isn’t anything that is much informed as you are.

    Caverta Online

  • Student

    Where is the cheapest and most reliable place to order to the UK? With a delivery time of under two weeks

  • Gayguy

    1. How long afterwards do you remember things?
    2. Are the pills addictive?

  • Henry

    Where did you guys get it from.. The ones who wrote the article

  • Qwerty

    Anyone know why the effect doesn’t work as well taking it continually?

  • Liam

    I disagree with the part about it making you unsociable. When I take daf, I suddenly find myself very in touch with my emotions and very able to openly discuss and rationalize them. i take it before i go to work because as well as making me work harder I find it much easier to converse

  • http://www.healthpink.com Health Pink

    Great article Jack!

  • PT

    Can ppl tell by looking at you while you in Modafinil? Can you drive after taking it? I have test at 12pm, and I need to study, so what time you recommend me to take?

    • Sid

      Can ppl tell you’re on it ? No. Can you drive ? Absolutely yes and you will be extremely alert and might be even better at judging speed and distances . But when you take your first pill give yourself a day indoors to see its effects on you . Some ppl have severe headaches , blurry vision , bodypain etc. If you you don’t face any of these and things go well for a day or two . Then go ahead. The pill kicks in within an hour and lasts for over 12-15 hours that follow. You can improve the effects by adding caffeine to your diet too. Start with 100 mg if you haven’t been on any other drugs recently. Else you might need 200 mg s.

    • Fanatoli Guyoff

      Well it’s probably too late, but I was just going to say start out slow. Take 25 or 50mg because I had a different experience than many. At least at a small dose you’ll get a feel for it, you can always take more a few hours later.

  • Fanatoli Guyoff

    Moda made me feel like a crazy person. The tunnel vision was overwhelming (felt like I was looking through binoculars) and although I felt like I could zone out on a task for hours, my brain felt like mush and I felt sleepy. For me the only productivity I could have with Modafinil is something abstract or artistic. Like I could sit down and draw for hours on the stuff (If I was into that), but trying to work on it was a nightmare for me. I honestly felt like a crazy person until about 10 hours after taking it and I only tried smallish doses of 50mg

    • NullPointerException

      I have had the same experience (several times when I tried it) and nearly wrote it off forever, but seeing I still had some pills left and having paid for them I wanted to give it another try. To be honest, it has helped me immensely! But for me personally, the key was to drink a LOT of water. If I was under-hydrated, I had that sense of “wakefulness” they talk about but at the same time I was feeling “foggy” and doing cognitive demanding tasks was nearly impossible. Also another thing i noticed is, that when I took it, drinking more then one big cup of coffee seemed to be very counterproductive. Those were my 2 cents :).

      1) Drink a lot of water, this is probably the most important point.
      2) Don’t take too much caffeine with it.
      3) A good night’s sleep, combined with modafinil can fast become an insanely productive day.
      4) Don’t forget to eat, even tough your appetite is extremely reduced, try to snack on nuts or make yourself a small sandwich etc.

      Wish you all the best!

      • Fanatoli Guyoff

        Well my water and calories are on a schedule because I work out, but I do drink A LOT of coffee in the morning (half a pot or more sometimes… I’ve been a coffee drinker since I was very young), I’m going to try giving it another shot but with 25mg and half the coffee this weekend and see if it goes any better. I still have most of the bottle in my medicine chest so may as well give it a try. At least on the weekend if I feel crazy, I can just lay down and listen to some music or something.

  • S.

    hey, i ve got about 20 tablets left, does everyone interested, posted from India, 200 mg, all works, strong and easy shipping around UK, so if so, write to queersim(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Johnny

    I was just wondering because I see many articles talking about performance during revision times where people just sit there and take notes and are mega productive. How is it like taking Modafinil during exams? Does it make you think of ideas and answers when you struggle with difficult questions?

  • ashleigh

    Hi where can you buy Modafinil and how will I know I am getting the right product?

    • Vera

      You can get the genuine modafinil from healthpink.com , with free shipping worldwide.

      • mindfuqued

        has anyone else tried ordering from them? just wanna make sure they’re legit and that it doesnt get us in trouble. i find it strange how you can order from them without prescription :-/

        • George

          Yes they are legit. Tried and tested. Packaging was very professional and delivery was quick. I contacted them via whatsapps with some queries and they responded very quickly.
          (Delivered to UK by the way)

          • mindfuqued

            how do they manage to legally sell them without prescriptions, though?

            • George

              I guess different countries have different laws governing the sale of modafinil.

              • mindfuqued

                Thanks for the input. I’ll give it a try

  • Contact Soon

    Looking to buy some tomorrow. ASAP

  • Talvez Soyanti

    When you say “remember it all afterwards” do you mean after you are done with the job but still on the pill or even if you stop taking the pill ?

  • oildream .

    There is one ORIGINAL MODAFINIL only.
    Which is:PROVIGIL.
    The rests are just a RIP-OFF.

    • Vera

      Modafinil was first patented by the company, Cephalon, in the USA until 2007.

      In United States, it is sold as Provigil. – See more at: http://www.healthpink.com/Blog/Brand-Names-of-Modafinil#sthash.8v4LCAOT.dpufModafinil was first patented by the company, Cephalon, in the USA until 2007.
      Modafinil is the drug name. The rest are brands.

      In United States, it is sold as Provigil.
      In Belgium, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Israel, it is also sold as Provigil.
      In Canada and Ecuador, it is sold as Alertec.
      In Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras and Uruguay, it is sold as Carim.
      In India, it is sold as Provake, Modalert (Sun Pharma), Modapro, Modatec (Protec / Cipla Ltd) and Modafil.
      In Austria and Switzerland, it is sold as Modasomil.
      In Australia and New Zealand, it is sold as Modavigil.
      In France, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, and Japan, it is sold as Modiodal.
      In Chile, it is sold as Resotyl, Mentix, Alertex and Zalux.
      In Brazil, it is sold as Stavigile.
      In Colombia, is it also sold as Vigia.
      In Argentina, it is sold as Vigicer.
      In Germany, it is sold as Vigil.

      See this: http://www.healthpink.com/Blog/Brand-Names-of-Modafinil

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