George Galloway in anti-Israel walk out

George Galloway sensationally stormed out of a debate in Christ Church tonight after discovering his opponent was an Israeli.

George Galloway sensationally stormed out of a debate in Christ Church tonight after discovering his opponent was an Israeli.

He was meant to be debating the motion ‘Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank’ with Brasenose finalist Eylon Aslan-Levy.

But when his opponent used ‘we’ in reference to Israel, the Respect MP demanded to know whether the undergrad was a citizen of the country.

After the PPEist replied in the affirmative, Galloway, claiming to have been misled by organisers, grabbed his coat and left.

Galloway prior to his dramatic exit (Photo: John Hintze)

Mr Aslan-Levy told the Tab

“I am appalled that someone would storm out of a debate with me for no other reason than my heritage.

“To refuse to talk to someone just because of their nationality is pure racism, and totally unacceptable for a member of parliament”

Galloway has previously refused to debate with anyone connected to the country.

After this abrupt departure, Aslan-Levy recalled his previous confrontation with Galloway.  Six years ago as a pupil at north London’s University College School, he claimed to have confronted him over his supposed ‘no-platform’ stance towards debating Israelis.

Opponent Eylon Aslan-Levy (Photo: Twitter)

But the then MP for Bethnal Green denied taking such a position, allegedly branding the student an “L-I-A-R liar”.

Tonight’s events would seem to prove otherwise.

A second year Christ Church student in the audience told the Tab:

“It was a shocking moment.  Galloway’s meant to be a Respect MP, but tonight he respected no-one.  He turned up late, and left after his opening speech.  Maybe he had run out of things to say”.


Galloway was defiant on Twitter tonight, blaming Christ Church for not being clear about the nature of the debate:

  • Chutzpah

    I’m afraid if there’s anyone in this debate who has opened themselves to the charge of being utterly one-sided and virtually totally ignorant of the existence of a Palestinian people, not to even begin to talk of what rights they might be entitled to, then it must be Sebastian. They hardly even exist for him and he certainly doesn’t care a monkey’s about them. The best that could happen for him would be that they all would fall into a dark deep hole and never be heard of again.
    I have been conspicuously two- sided in this debate, (just try re-reading my postings), but ít’s not good enough for Sebastian. Just mentioning that there is a Palestinian people who are suffering ignominy and real brutality at the hands of an occupational force which is a thousand times stronger militarily than they are, makes me an Israel-hating anti-semitic racist in his totally bigoted view.
    It’s sad he thinks that by branding me as ignorant, stupid and dishonest he excuses himself from speaking to me anymore, or answering any of the questions I have put to him, and hopes thereby to have done enough to shut me up.
    Anyway one last chance for Sebastian – we can sort out what’s true and false by making a trip to Israel, donning arab apparel and touring around both in Israel proper, the occupied West Bank and Gaza, and keeping a log of how we get treated. What do you say Sebastian?

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