WomCam whiteboards hit Rad Cam in radical revolution

Think feminism is finished? Think again.

Think feminism is finished? Think again.

Equality may seem an obvious goal, but we remain far from reaching it

OUSU Women’s Campaign hit back against the patriarchy yesterday by broadcasting pro-feminist slogans.

A radical statement from Sophie Hall Luke, one of the campaign’s organisers

Members of the public were photographed outside the Rad Cam and other locations holding whiteboards which read ‘I need feminism because…’, in an attempt to raise awareness of issues facing women and society in today’s world.

Some people feel that women, like Victorian children, should be seen and not heard

Male and female students alike came out in force on Monday to protest against sexism and misogyny.

You won’t fool the children of the Revolution

Sophie Hall Luke, one of the event’s organisers, told the Tab: ‘It was really inspiring to see so many Oxford students coming to have their photo taken for Who Needs Feminism today.

Some people’s statements were somewhat bolder than others’

“I think the breadth of responses we got highlighted the diverse ways in which feminism still matters to people.

Fed up of being cat-called?


Rape shaming of women remains a pertinent issue for many, with just 6.5% of reported rapists being convicted and an estimated 95% of cases going unreported

“Sexist ‘banter’ is rife in university life, but with 1 in 7 women students being victims of serious sexual assault or serious physical violence, it’s important we remind people this isn’t acceptable.”

We’re sick of ‘girly’ being used as an insult, too

Ever walked into a phone shop where the main selling point seems to be that the phones come in ‘pretty colours’?

WomCam will be taking part in the Oxford branch of the One Billion Rising campaign on February 14th.

Campaigns such as this one offer courage to women (and men) everywhere

The group are holding a flash mob to raise awareness of violence against women. The campaign takes its name from the statistic that 1 in 3 women will be raped or beaten in their lifetime.

WomCam holds weekly feminist discussion on Mondays, 6pm, at Wadham.

This woman takes a stand against the trivilialisation and belittling of women in popular entertainment

Cai Gwynn Wilshaw, who took part in the campaign, told the Tab: “It’s easy to forget how often casual sexism is overlooked.

A candid encapsulation of the views of many people today.

The OUSU campaign are taking the right steps in making sure gender equality is at the forefront of people’s minds.

“With so much potential for change at Oxford, it’s brilliant that there are people leading the charge.”

The tide of feminism has really only just begun

Elisabeth, co-chair of WomCam, told the Tab: ‘There are a lot of misconceptions as to what feminism is, and we wanted to make it clear that feminism is something everyone can support, and that gender inequality affects everyone in more ways than you might think.

Is this an issue we can afford to ignore?

“We are thrilled with the response we have received, and will be hosting an extra session this Thursday from 2 to 5 outside the RadCam to give people who missed out the first time a chance to take part.’

Fair point. Women were not allowed membership of Oxford Uni until 1920.

The campaign did not receive an entirely positive reponse, however; some offensive comments were made on photographs posted on Facebook.

Some people are just dicks.

The Tab have approached those responsible for comment, but the only response it received was the following from one poster: ‘just give me a couple of hours while i think of something clever to say’.

The poster has since chosen not to comment further, since ‘nobody is going to read that far down the article anyway’, but he did invite our journalist to interview him, saying, ‘just bring yourself, a pen, a notepad and a bag of Extra-safe condoms’. Because even misogynists are into safe sex. Wouldn’t want any more women over-populating their world now then, would they?

Some say feminism is a purely a women’s issue, but…

Have you been convinced of the relevance of feminism today? Let us know by commenting!

For more pictures gathered in the campaign’s extra sessions and the media response to the protests, click here.

For the rest of the pictures taken, see facebook.com/womcam or www.womcam.tumblr.com

  • Jesus

    I need a foot rub

    • Anonymous

      Woman, go make me a sammich!

      • Truth

        Isn’t funny, never was funny, etc.

        • bob

          still pretty funny actually

  • altar
  • M. Hunter Crane

    vehicles of change bound
    ceaselessly into the mind –
    winters and green tides

    • Theo

      Where does this quote come from? :)

  • Anonymous
  • Creasy
  • Count Dracula

    If someone sees that cunt Van Helsing someone let me know alright?

  • Lenny

    Boo hoo, cry me a river!

    • Andrew

      I don’t need feminism because I was raised by a strong, single woman who taught me that adopting the behaviour of a victim will only ever grant you the status of a victim.

      I don’t need feminism because that strong, single woman showed me that being female isn’t a disadvantage, that the results you get are proportional to your force of will and not your “gender privilege”, and I don’t have to walk around parading how sorry I am for being male when I could encourage other people of either sex to stand up for themselves through action rather than passive-aggressive manifestations like in this article instead.

  • Gary Bonn

    I need feminism because too many women think they have to act like men

    • Anon

      I need feminism because apparently this is a problem.

      • @Anon

        Well, yes, it is a problem actually – not women ‘acting like men’, but women ‘thinking they have to’ do this…isn’t that obvious? Presumably, the down voters misunderstood Gary Bonn, like you.

  • Bart

    And in the same vein: http://whoneedsfeminism.tumblr.com/

    Good initiative! Pay no heed to the trolls, this was a great idea.

    • ChubbyNutz

      I need feminism, because it gives me someone else to blame for my lack of talent, intelligence, ability, and character. Also because God did not make my pretty.

      • Laura

        RIght. That’s why you are called Chubby Nutz.

  • Flaire

    Right on, Oxford. Loved this!

    • NaughtReally

      I need feminism because my fish had his bicycle stolen.

  • Anonymous

    I need feminism because words like strident and wilful are never applied to men in the workplace.

    • lee

      thats becos we is cleverer than the bitches innit

  • Orme Clarke

    I don’t really like feminists

    • Anonymous

      The feeling is mutual, I’m sure.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t like people who believe in human rights? We don’t like you either.

      • Onion Bubs

        Yeah, that’s a cool false dilemma and all. Seriously, great job on that awesome strawman right there; because, you know, it’s not like there wouldn’t be any other reason why a person would oppose feminism other than a supposed contempt for the belief in “human rights.”

        • Mouse

          There actually isn’t any other reason to oppose feminism. You might be able to kid yourself into believing otherwise, but some of us aren’t smug, self-deluded, morons. So, you won’t be able to kid us. Women are human. Our rights = human rights. Also, you might want to brush up on your logical fallacies because you look silly using words you don’t understand.

          • Musculos

            How about supporting equality instead? Or is it too constructive? After all, feminism is an idea that needs an enemy.

            • Anonymous

              Feminism is about equality – you are confusing feminism and misandry. It is you who needs to learn the facts of the argument rather than resort to a crass stereotype perpetuated in the media.

              • Musculos

                Yeah. Support equality – call it feminism. Makes sense! I support dogs rights and I call it birdnism.

                • Anonymous

                  You’re a complete idiot if you think a movement’s goals are defined absolutely by its name. Because the only thing the Labour party do are support workers’ rights, right?!

                  • Ad hominem

                    And you are a complete idiot if you think feminism has anything to to with true equality. Every male-related problem is their own fault, right?

                  • It’s economy, stupid!

                    Oh, so in your world communists are now voting conservatives and libertarians are voting communists because their ideologies are nothing but names? Frankly, I don’t see too many conservatives voting the Labour party. You know why? Because the Labour party does not help their cause and vice versa. Feminism as an ideology doesn’t attract males because it doesn’t help their cause. And why “feminism” instead of “egalitarism” if it does?

                    • norman

                      True feminism dates back to the 19th Century and simply advocates that women be decently treated and have equal rights. This is in the spirit of classical liberalism. However, modern Leftist feminism does NOT help the cause of men OR women. Leftist feminism indoctrinates young women (and a few silly men) to believe that females are perpetual victims of men who are the perpetual oppressor class. This sets common men and women against each other which make them helpless versus the ruling class.

                  • Musculos

                    Oooookay… so I can -according to your logic- set up an association called ‘Free the Pedos’ but we’re actually against it.

              • Riiiiiiight

                And where did you learn your facts, Anonymous? From gender studies? The same “science” that always ends up with the same conclusion that men are the root of all evil?

            • TK

              You know, women have been told the terms ‘man’ and ‘mankind’ apply to them for quite a while now. The furore over ‘feminism’ being exclusionary… it’s embarrassing.

              • ally

                or kind of funny in a dark way.

              • Riiiiiiight

                Feminism is called feminism everywhere in the world – mankind has synonyms like humankind and its a masculine word mostly in germanic languages.

              • Musculos

                Mankind is just word that does not affect women’s lives in any way. Feminism, however, is an ideology just like communism, liberalism etc. that tries to get a foothold in decision making. If something is embarassing it is your comparison.

          • Onion Bubs

            “There actually isn’t any other reason to oppose feminism. You might be able to kid yourself into believing otherwise, but some of us aren’t smug, self-deluded, morons. So, you won’t be able to kid us. Women are human. Our rights = human rights.”


            1) Orme Clarke didn’t identify his contention with feminism, but the assumption can’t be logically made that he does so because of a supposed opposition to “human rights.” Responding to what you say later:

            “Also, you might want to brush up on your logical fallacies because you look silly using words you don’t understand.” Ouch! Big guy going in for the punches!

            Actually, they’re perfectly suitable for this context:

            false dilemma — “There are only positions A and Z, and no middle-grounds B-Y.” “You either support feminism (i.e. human rights) or you don’t.”

            straw man — Constructing a false representation of or (at the very least) misinterpreting the argument of your opponent so that it’s more manageable for you to refute. The interpretation of Orme Clarke’s dislike for feminists based on a “dislike for human rights” is a straw man.

            He just says that he dislikes “feminists,” and there could be a number of reasons why this could be the case. Their promulgation of conspiracy theories that largely absolve women of any social accountability but place it largely on men (e.g. patriarchy theory, rape culture), their willingness to cry “misogyny!” at anything that might suggest ostensibly the slightest amount of it and construe reasons to justify their position, and their celebration of women as chronic victims are examples.

            2) Even if Orme Clarke had completely opposed women’s rights (which isn’t even true— he just expressed a dislike for the feminist movement), that doesn’t mean he therefore dislikes the rest of human rights. Draw a diagram of a set, human rights, in which rights activist movements for multiple groups within society—say, the LGBT rights movement, rights for black people, children’s rights, etc.—form the constituent elements of this set. Unless Clarke says that he dislikes every single
            element of this set (or really, just for the purpose of this argument, the majority of them), then the claim can’t be made that he therefore dislikes the entire set and therefore everything within the set.

            But yeah. I think it certainly says something about the supportability of your platform if you rely on mischaracterisations of your opponents’ arguments and personal attacks in place of actual arguments. I’ll just repeat what I said in response to another non-argument made earlier, just simply because it has bearing here: “Sure feels nice to belittle your opponents when you have no legitimate response to offer of your own, doesn’t it?”

            • Mouse

              If you don’t want to be ridiculed, try being less ridiculous.

              • Kerrigan

                Wow. What an argument! Calling somebody ridiculous and that’s it, huh? Care to explain? Oh, you can’t? Too bad…

            • Dii

              Which Feminist movement?

        • C sheen

          youuuuuu… should calm yourself down onionbubs …
          That’s a lot of rash assumptions that you just made in a very short space. Don’t go overachieving like that, some of us won’t keep up.
          A lot of people hold ideals that parallel those of “Feminist’s”, but they don’t get so psyched about it that they label themselves a feminist…. Honestly, I agree that a lot of people who speak often about feminism are annoying, no matter which side you’re on honestly. Which is why I am now done voicing my opinions on the issue for as long as possible.

    • Anonymous

      And yet you not only bother to spend your time (presumably) reading the article knowing what it’s about, but also to trolling the members of the Misogyny Overheard at Oxford group on facebook (yes, I remember). Why waste your time on something you “don’t really like”?

    • Kelly

      Then you’re ignorant to assume you know what it is.

  • Anonymous

    You need feminism in Oxford because without it you would be named and shamed, flogged by extremists; nevermind your social life will hit a dead end though your professors may agree with you, ultimately, you would never ever stand a chance of getting laid in this small, exclusive, tight-knit circle of people watching you closely for what values you align with. Be popular, be a feminist, or never get any female attention. (It’s usually also the femme fatales that are the fems.)

  • Anonymous

    You need feminism in Oxford because without it you would be named and shamed, flogged by extremists; nevermind your social life will hit a dead end though your professors may agree with you, ultimately, you would never ever stand a chance of getting laid in this small, exclusive, tight-knit circle of people watching you closely for what values you align with. Be popular, be a feminist, or never get any female attention. (It’s usually also the femme fatales that are the fems.)

  • Matt Willis

    I need feminism because i find feminists to be more sexually attractive objects than non feminists

  • Vanessa

    Great article! It’s unfortunate to see negative comments here, but they just make the point of this article even more poignant.

    • Chris

      Vanessa, is it a good idea to label every negative comment as being anti-feminism? Some are about the method of communication, suggestions about the need for racial diversity and such. I think blanket-labelling any and all negative comments as against feminism is an overreaction and actually supports one or two of the negative comments made. The devil is in the detail.

      • Casual Observer

        Women and men are different. It is natural. One is neither better nor worse than the other. An orange is great as an orange. It shouldn’t want to be an apple. The apple isn’t better, just different. There are lots of types of apples. There are lots of types of oranges.

    • ChubbyNutz

      I love feminism because it gets me lots of blow jobs.

      • Anonymous

        That seems unlikely, you’ve called yourself Chubbynutz (with a z!) you are clearly a 13 year old virgin.

  • Nicholas LeVack

    There have been a ton of strides made toward gender equality, but even in my university there is a significant wage disparity between male and female professors. Not because the university imposed them, no, but because in subtle ways we still perpetuate the suppression of femininity and women. An example my professor gave me is how if a woman is aggressive in business negotiations (such as when working out her salary), she might be called “bitchy” (which bears patronizing connotations as well as the obvious aggression), whereas a man might be called a “straight-shooter” or something that underscores the aggression, but carries less negativity. In this way, we linguistically suppress women.

    For another example, look no further than Becca’s link. One of the men wrote he resents how enjoying his girlfriend’s strap-on makes him “girly.” (Though I honestly think someone would probably posit a much cruder insult than that.) In this way, our language is still supporting masculinity over femininity, ascribing certain behaviors, objects or concepts as “masculine” and others “feminine”, when really they are not innately nor have they been consistently throughout history. What’s “masculine” or “feminine” is actually quite transitory. For instance, in Renaissance times it was the mark of a deep thinker for a male to tear up. Now, however, we might call that man a “pussy.” (Even that particular word is another example of how negative connotations of femininity are imposed on our language.) A more common example, pink used to be a boy color whereas blue was a girl color — but you guys probably know that one.

    Becca makes a good point as far as the definition of feminism and the feminist movement. Most esteemed feminist organizations more accurately pursue gender equality, not the retributive domination of women over men. There have been some radical instances of “feminism” the mainstream will harp on to degrade the movement as a whole, but those do not reflect on the prevailing sentiments of the movement’s more refined thinkers and organizations.

    The feminist movement is not just about ending the suppression of women. It can be used to bring attention to the arbitrary and transitory nature with which we affix “masculine” or “feminine” to behaviors, objects and concepts. There’s no fact of nature, inherent within us or beyond us, that painting my toenails would make me “girly.” It’s a cultural construct. Feminism should, and I believe is, about above all else, trying to ensure every individual is comfortable within one’s skin and is not confined to a gender-exclusive lifestyle because of societal pressures. There are a ton of intrinsic and extrinsic benefits for why we should all pursue this. What guy doesn’t want to be free of the anxiety of whether his t-shirt will result in him being called a “girl”? What woman wouldn’t want to feel free to pursue the comfort and security of an intimate relationship, no matter what gender the partner is? I’m not saying these new dynamics wouldn’t bear their own challenges, but why say no to progress when the hazards are derived from speculation, whereas the present hazards of our current model are very real and very numerous?

    • Nicholas LeVack

      Sorry, this was originally posted as a Facebook comment on my friend’s shared link to this article, which is why it has phrases like, “Becca’s link” and what not. I just wanted to repost it here to engage in discussion with you lovely people.

    • didn’t


  • Anonymous

    …Might I ask why there are no people of color in this?

    • Anonymous

      Because feminism is how middle class white women get by claiming to be victims despite being one of the most privileged groups of people on the planet. It’s easier to do that without have any icky non-whites in the scene who may have suffered real hardships.

      • Anonymous

        I’m a feminist and I’m not white. And I think I can infer (though I may indeed be wrong) that the person who wrote that comment IS white.

      • TK

        Hey, guess what! Some of my favourite misogynists are racist, too. Actually, the same types who swear feminism is no longer needed, or that women rule the world (and always have) seem to swallow the idea of Jewish conspiracies and the like quite easily, too. For some reason.

    • Tivy.

      Because feminism is how middle class white women get by claiming to be victims despite being one of the most privileged groups of people on the planet. It’s easier to do that without have any icky non-whites in the scene who may have suffered real hardships.

      • Mouse

        Tivy, has know one told you that some women aren’t white or middle class? Shocking. Well, let me be the first to inform you. Women worldwide are in fact, usually non-white and often poor. Woman can be homeless, differently-abled etc. They are also not all straight, in perfect health, cis-gendered, etc. Since racism, classism and sexism etc are all very real problems, that means that anyone lucky enough to be female and any other kind of marginalized person get’s extra oppression and marginalization as a bonus. Now you have no reason to pretend sexism is thing that only concerns the privileged. Happy day! You can start supporting women’s rights and stop being a condescending blight on humanity! Hooray for you!

    • Anonymous

      They don’t buy into this stuff.

    • Kaz Than

      There aren’t many in Oxford. I am non-white and have visited the place – Arctically white.

    • Anonymous

      Because Oxford is systemically racist.

      • CambridgeAnalytica

        Because in the UK – not deliberately and quite contrary to the majority’s desires – it is systemically easier for white, middle- and upper-class individuals (especially males) to do academically better (and often, therefore, professionally better) than people from deprived and/or minority backgrounds. The majority want to solve the problem, it’s just so difficult.

    • Anonymous

      allof the people in this are of colour you idiot

    • Highwasp

      because feminists are self absorbed, pridefully ignorant, entitled, privileged and basically all those nasty things which define a racist.

  • Ben

    I need Feminism…

    To prove itself academically and empirically. To use legitimate scientific research and methodology instead of beginning at a handful of broad generalizations and vilifications of society and then working backwards to make what little we know of history fit their unproven hypotheses and rhetoric.

    Then I need Feminism to stop acting like a cult full of bullies that ostracize, attack, and attempt to ruin the lives of anyone that questions the Horde.

    • Anonymous

      UNBELIEVABLY well said. Really. Best comment on this whole board.

    • Anonymous

      Genuine question – what sort of scientific evidence would it take for you to accept feminism as legitimate?

  • /new/

    I need feminism because the patriarchal conspiracy is why I’m not a winner.

  • Anonymous

    They were all in halftime at the Superbowl. Or did you miss that? This in’t about racism and I’m sure “people of color” weren’t excluded from this intentionally. Some of the most powerful and inspiring women I know are “of color”. Go criticize somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

    I need feminism because I like it when a girl hits on me.

    I need feminism because it should be nice to feel needed for women as well as men.

    I need feminism because patriarchy is spread between the sexes, and as a man I’ve been victimized by it.

  • Anonymous

    It’d be appreciated if you reported on events such as this without your tongue firmly placed within the organizer’s bumhole.

  • David H. F*cktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    Amanda Marcotte is hawt, wish she’d do me with a strap-on…

    It’s not “obligation” that my dad was killed in Vietnam, it was benevolent sexism that my mom wasn’t allowed to fight. Only a kyrarchical misogynist blind to his own privilege would think otherwise…

  • Dan L

    I can’t help but feel the kind of people this would need to make an impact on will not be in any way affected by these. Having over-weight and unattractive girls talking about their bodies is not going to move anyone. Jokes like the guy with the strap-on board make it all seem a lot less serious too.

    • Bambi

      So what you’re saying is, people will not take notice of somebody’s opinion unless it’s coming out of a mouth you find sexually attractive? I need feminism because of statements like this. ^

    • Anonymous

      That wasn’t a joke. He really does like his girlfriend to fuck him with a strap-on… y’know, because he actually enjoys his sex life, instead of being controlled by idiotic gender stereotypes about who’s allowed to do what >_>

  • Jacob Ian Stalk

    Ahhh, feminism…equality when it suits women, inequality when it suits women.

    Feminism: the demand for rights and privileges for women…without the responsibilities.

    Feminism: a fraud founded on the lie that men prevented women from voting, when in reality the upper class prevented the lower classes of both sexes from doing so (womens suffrage followed only 13 years after universal male suffrage because men supported it).

    Feminism: Womens rights and nothing less. Mens rights and nothing more. In other words, a free-for-all for women but a spiders web of legal entrapments for men.

    Feminism: a hate movement that encourages women to think it’s funny when a man’s penis is cut off.

    Feminism: a movement that fabricates and distorts statistics about everything from wage gaps to domestic violence in order to further its evil agenda.

    Feminism: turning women into sexless, humourless, hapless, worker drones who delude themselves that busyness is somehow a substitte for happiness.

    Feminism: rationalising the eternal solipsism of the female mind for 50 years.

    Feminism: a complete and utter failure to care for men as God intends.

    Feminism: stopping violence against women…but not against men.

    I need feminism because I need reminding every day that Adam’s sin did not excuse Eve’s.

    • O.B

      It seems you need both feminism and Dawkins

      • Jacob Ian Stalk

        Nobody needs Dawkins but his critics. His ideas are entertaining, but they’re temporal and therefore of no consequence except to fill the Cartesian minds of the Darwinian sycophant. There’s much more to human life than Dawkins cares to write about…and he’ll be the first to tell you this. Ask him.

    • FemaleAnon

      Half way through this I was sold on thumb up’ing this. The last 4 are complete garbage, and frankly, ruin the credibility of the post in its entirety.

      • Jacob Ian Stalk

        On what basis are you the arbiter of what’s credible and what’s not?

        If you wish to refute anything in the list, please argue your case.

    • Bystander

      It’s wonderful that all you a***holes get to run the country… It’s astounding that Oxford cements should evidentially weak idiocy in what should be an open and enquiring mind.

      • JJ Shelvy

        ” It’s astounding that Oxford cements should evidentially weak idiocy in what should be an open and enquiring mind.”
        You’ve got a lot of big words there, try and string them together in a full sentence now

    • Dii

      I am a hard working, mortgage paying, re-married parent of 2 and a woman and a feminist who pulls her own weight, and I resent your inferences.
      Adam and Eve are mythical beings – get over it.

    • lee

      you lost me when superstistion? entered the list. until then both gf and i were in total agreement with you

    • Rebecca

      Read what this guy says – one person is awake –
      How can so many students of the Worlds oldest academic institution be so ignorant and misguided?

      Feminist whistle blower

  • Anonymous

    I need feminism because I need a daily reminder that people this stupid exist.

    Liberalism is a mental disease.

  • Michaela Le Dieu

    I need feminism because:

    1. Women still sometimes expect men to pay for dates and will experience men occasionally picking up the tab in non-romantic settings.

    2. Women often expect deference from men.

    3. Women are able to pursue what they’re interested in at university without much societal pressure on “breadwinning” – although they could also take that route if it interests them.

    4. Women have never been required to register for military draft.

    5. Women can come up with any excuse to get out of military service without being laughed at.

    6. Women statistically get a much lighter sentence for exactly the same offense when they commit a crime.

    7. Women have special legal excuses for their sex alone, which often allows them to get off the hook for the crimes they commit. Judges are usually more lenient, protective and paternalistic when it comes to dealing with their sex.

    8. Women are 25 times more likely to have a death sentence cancelled.

    9. Women are able to take on a job or choose a career path that is only capable of supporting themselves, with no thought to preparing themselves to also support a spouse or children, although they are also free to choose one that will.

    10. If women are in a committed relationship, they have much greater flexibility to choose whether they want to work or simply stay at home (even without kids).

    11. Women will not be called unemployed losers if they decide to be a homemaker.

    12. If women need assistance in a public place a stranger will be much, much more likely to provide it.

    13. People are generally much nicer to women in public. Women are often given privileged treatment or better customer service.

    14. Women almost always get first dibs on a lifeboat when the ship begins to sink.

    15. Women are much more able to “marry up” and enjoy the money and status that comes with this.

    16. Women are statistically more likely to be given money in a divorce – sometimes huge amounts – even if they are at fault, didn’t earn a cent of it, or have ample resources of their own.

    17. Women receive custody of kids almost automatically after divorce regardless of their parenting abilities or depth of love for their children. On top of this, they can make false accusations of rape or child abuse in order to help them gain custody. They can even deprive their child of his or her other parent in violation of court orders without serious consequences.

    18. If a woman hits or slaps a person, or even knocks out someone’s tooth out by throwing Auntie Shirl’s Christmas mug at them, it’s much more likely to just be viewed as cute, understandable or not a problem. There are nearly zero consequences for domestic violence by women.

    19. If women are ever physically, emotionally or sexually abused in any way, there are dozens upon dozens of organizations that are in place specifically to fight for us and house them when necessary. Women can have someone taken away by police if they make a false or exaggerated accusation of abuse.

    20. Women statistically live longer, most likely due to less pressure on them with regard to breadwinning, providing protection, being fully responsible and accountable for their actions, not having society viewing them as “expendable” or viewing their problems as unimportant.

    21. Women are 20 times less likely to die or get injured in the workplace.

    22. Women have much more money spent on their health concerns (e.g. 5 times as much on breast cancer as on prostate cancer), while being able to simultaneously claim that more care is needed for women.

    23. Women are much less likely to be homeless. More is offered to us by society when they are in this situation.

    24. There is far less scorn and pressure on women in society when they are irresponsible with child support. Rates for non-payment of child support by women are roughly twice those for men, while women scream blue bloody murder when men don’t pay.

    25. Women whining about and hating men is now a university course of study. It is, of course, different to the true, neutral, unbiased study of human interactions, which is sociology and anthropology.

    26. Women can announce to everyone around that their sex is the superior sex without being called sexist.

    27. Women can ignore the fact that their traditional gender roles hardly ever placed them in situations where they’d be under heavy pressure to do immoral things, and then use this as ‘evidence’ that they have historically been morally superior.

    28. Women have full opportunity to pursue what they want in life – become a doctor, a lawyer, start a business, while simultaneously using the fact that many women don’t choose to do these things, as an argument to gain ever more advantages. Women can demand equal outcomes when they routinely choose not to prepare themselves for the occupations that might create those outcomes.

    29. Women can manipulate men with sex to get what they want. They can pretend that they don’t know what anyone is talking about when confronted on this and have others believe them.

    30. Women can use sex appeal to get ahead on the job. They can knowingly dress provocatively but act shocked and gain even more advantages if someone treats them the way they themselves provoked.

    31. Women can accuse people of sexual harassment for any reason, factual or not, and have others believe them without question. They can make up the definition of ‘sexual harassment’ according to their whims and change it depending on whether or not they like the person.

    32. If women take jobs that are traditionally taken by men, they are often thought of as brave pioneers. Their sexual orientation is rarely called into question, as often happens with men who take jobs traditionally held by women.

    33. Women can claim that clothes, shoes, hair, grooming items etc. for their sex are more expensive than those for men, when they have so many more choices for those products than men.

    34. Women can wear clothes traditionally associated with the opposite sex without running the risk of mockery or ridicule.

    35. Women can invoke archaic notions of chivalry – i.e. men protecting, providing and acting in gentlemanly fashion when it suits them, but criticise men for being sexist when it doesn’t.

    36. Women can manipulate others by playing the victim. Their tears help them get their way while men’s tears attract ridicule and contempt.

    37. Girls are told they are beautiful, cute, sweet and capable of anything while boys are told they are stupid, useless, violent and rapacious.

    38. Childless women can get sympathy from family if they don’t work, simply by listing all the household work they do, while simultaneously being able to call a brother-in-law who does the same a worthless bum whom their sister ought to leave.

    39. Women can claim that their work “never ends” while their sex also, on average, watches more television in every time-slot than men.

    40. Women can “mix and match” traditional and progressive roles until they find just the right mix that suits them. Women can be a “traditional wife”, enjoying the positive features of that role (such as not having to work), while simultaneously being a progressive feminist when it brings advantages. Similarly, women can have a career while simultaneously using traditional chivalry and male deference to their advantage.

    41. Women can get away with nearly universal contempt for men while men who express contempt for women are ostracized as misogynists.

    42. Women can construe almost any remark made by their partners as verbal abuse if they want sympathy while simultaneously being able to claim the meanest, nastiest, most humiliating things they say are simply “speaking their mind”.

    43. Women can use the fact that gender roles were differentiated long ago – with different advantages/disadvantages for both genders – to try to shame and induce guilt in people today who had absolutely no experience of those long-ago roles. Twenty-year-old women can say they’ve been discriminated against for thousands of years with a straight face and have people agree. Women can make up things about the treatment of women in the past and no one will check or call them out on it.

    44. Women can propagate myths and outright lies (e.g. domestic violence and rape statistics, wage gap, sexual harassment, boys club, glass ceiling) and be given a “pass” – without any such claims being tested.

    45. Women can rationalize their own failures using the concept of the “patriarchy” and blame men for nearly everything that goes wrong in their lives, even with contorted or obscure explanations that no-one would buy if they weren’t women, at the same time as treating even the most heroic and courageous failures by men as just … failures.

    46. Women often want to be treated like children when it suits them, but as adults when they get advantages from doing so. They look the other way when women shy away from responsibility while at the same time mocking and ridiculing, even condemning, men for doing the same.

    47. When someone amputates a part of a girl’s genitals it is a horrendous crime. Protection against circumcision is considered a basic human right to which women are entitled. Men’s genitals, however, are routinely, legally and enthusiastically mutilated and the off-cuts are often used to make face cream for women.

    48. Women can focus on perceived earnings in the workforce – the statistics of which are influenced by people’s choices rather than discrimination – while completely ignoring the inter-family transfer of wealth, which is heavily in a woman’s favour. Women can completely ignore the fact that men choose tougher jobs, work more hours and take on more responsibility because of pressure to earn enough to support a wife and children, while women enjoy the transfer of assets because of inheritance and the younger age of men at death (most likely because of that added pressure).

    49. Women can routinely behave in ways that once used to simply be an irritation for grown-ups – i.e. self-centred rantings and foot-stompings of spoiled brats. This behaviour is now the capstone of ‘progressive’ feminist expression.

    50. Women can get irritated about generalizations and stereotypes at the same time as failing utterly to see the hypocrisy when they stereotype and generalize about men, which most do. Some women are actually paid to do this.

    51. Women can get irritated about old-fashioned restrictive attitudes towards their sexual behaviour while at the same time insulting men who engage in such behaviour, which they themselves would do in a heartbeat if the circumstances were right.

    52. Women can attribute many things like personal days off work, cruel, rude or unrestrainedly angry behaviour on “that time of month”, often regardless of whether it was that time of the month at that time.

    53. Women can get angry and indignant if somebody calls them out on exploitative behaviour, calling them insensitive or even ‘abusive’ if they are men.

    54. Women can call anyone “sexist” for any reason based on their own definition of the term but ignore their own sexist behaviour.

    55. Women can make lists about male privileges and have everyone pretend not to notice that the list of their own privileges is many times longer.

    56. Women have the privilege of blaming their privileges on the opposite sex, at the same time as dishonestly insisting that they don’t have any.

    • Isabelle

      This is the longest list of generalised, inaccurate bollocks I’ve ever read. Oh, and ‘People are generally much nicer to women in public’ are they? You try being a woman in public for a day. Or even an hour. I dare you.

      • Michaela Le Dieu

        I am a woman. Silly girl.

        Oh, and your experience doesn’t make everyone else’s experience that might be different to yours “bollocks”. That’s called solipsism, silly, and it smells of rotting fish.

        • Anon

          >I am a woman. Silly girl.

          I somehow doubt this.

          • Kerrigan

            So every woman has to think exactly the same way with this one? Typical feminist you’re either with us, or against us-type of thinking you got there.

        • TK

          If you truly are a woman, you sound like one of those lovely ladies who tends to go on about how she’s ‘not into girly things’ and prefers ‘hanging with the boys.’ And that women seem to hate her, for some reason. The oddest thing about that type is they never, ever seem to befriend one another. There are so many of you, complaining about ditzy blondes and stay-at-home moms, surely you could do it together, over a sports match, maybe, while eating junk food (ewww, salad, amirite?). And yet… it rarely happens. How terribly odd.

          Your list is exhausting and laughable and so common on MRA sites it is, again, tough to believe you are a woman at all. At least not a woman with any sense of history or context or even, hell, international relations.

          Oh, and 14 is just plain wrong. Look it up. Men are twice as likely to survive shipwrecks. The ‘Women and children thing’ was a one-off thing that was then exaggerated and used to justify denying women the vote (because it was ‘proof’ that men are just trying to protect women).

          • Jacob Ian Stalk

            Women were never “denied” the vote. They received it a mere 13 years after everyone else did. Voting was denied to the unlanded classes of both sexes.

            By all means argue the claims made in this list but attack me personally?

            To clarify, these entries are not just to be taken literally. They’re representative of broader social attitudes, which a bit of honest reflection will reveal. Even if reflection fails to reveal the truth of them, an objection to one or even ten or even half of them does not invalidate the whole list. Different people will get different mileage out of it.

            The truth is, “women and children first” is a meme that has been drilled into men at least since the Israelites received the word of God several thousand years ago. It has influenced every interaction between men and women since. It’s embedded in our education, our family attitudes, our church doctrines, our laws and our community attitudes and it’s still drilled into boys and men from the day they start interacting with girls to the day they die. The vast majority of shaming language, mockery and ridicule in the world is directed at men who don’t think along these lines.

            When women stop seeing themselves as perpetual victims, and succeed at overcoming the tyranny of sexual narcissism and solipsism, perhaps then they will understand the strictures placed on men. The age of equality will arrive when women intrinsically recognise, appreciate and take responsibility for alleviating the suffering of men, just as they insist men do for them.

            For now though, we are still in the nursery, when feminism, equalism or whatever-you-want-to-call-it-ism is making demands for rights and privileges for women without the responsibilities. Whatever you believe feminism to be about, what it actually is in practice sure as heck isn’t equal. Far too many men are committing suicide when custody of their beloved children is awarded to abusive mothers, or are or turning on a society that treats them as disposable, or are avoiding marriage 2.0 for the fraud that it is, for that.

            Educate yourselves properly on this issue before criticising, please.

      • Riiiiiiight

        It’s generalization when it works against you, but feminism when it works for you. Makes sense…

      • Anonymous

        People aren’t nice to you for a reason, and you’ve made that reason quite evident with your reply Isabelle !

    • Kaz

      I have learnt from this list that you are living mostly in 1963, and that you are a deeply unpleasant person to be around – people of all genders think so. Also, you either consort with no women at all, or only with ridiculously overblown caricatures of them.

      • Dw3

        In case you havd’t noticed, patriarchy favors women over men.

        Men don’t thrive under a system where they are second class citizens.

      • Onion Bubs

        Ah yes, the ol’ virgin shaming tactic. Sure feels nice to belittle your opponents when you have no legitimate response to offer of your own, doesn’t it?

    • Anonymous

      patriarchy is the reason for most of these points anyway.

      • paul

        Circumcision is woefully wrong. What right do parents, rabbis, MDs, nurses, and anyone else have to circumcise a defenseless baby boy without a choice? NONE. My bladder has been reduced in size by operation for prostate cancer. Its the foreskin which saves me fm peeing in my pajamas and on the floor getting to the toilet.The hygiene arguement is the weakest excuse to have a party Ive ever heard. Paul

    • Erin

      This list is woefully inaccurate. Feminism is about equality for all. It is not divisive, rather it is unifying. The contents of this overlong list of grievances are divisive. The freedom to choose your career, your university degree, plan your family, be a stay-at-home spouse should be for all, man or woman, and whatever works in a person’s relationship or marriage. The security to wear clothing without being blamed for provoking negative attention should be for all (and likewise, if a woman dresses conservatively, she should not be singled out as a spinster or a prude). Are you suggesting men are lust-hungry sharks who can’t control the impulse to feed off of women who don’t cover their legs? Men can be much stronger and more honourable than that and many are. And the wage-earning statistics are a comparison of men and women in the same types of job roles, not a reflection of which women have chosen which jobs. The average woman in a particular role makes less than her male counterpart doing the same work. If this list is the embodiment of your notion of women, I suggest you branch out. You’ll find the majority of women and men alike simply want to be respected and not degraded, and have the freedom to lead healthy and productive, fulfilling lives. Feminism is a means to learning how to show respect towards others, male, female, young or old, of all varying cultures and ethnicities. You’ll receive respect in return, and friendship.

      And on a side note: You have made reference to female and male circumcision, and I sincerely urge you to read some literature on the differences between them. They are vastly different, and male circumcision does not affect a man’s ability to reproduce, have sex, or enjoy it for that matter whilst also having some benefits such as a lower risk of infection and easier hygienic care. Female mutilation is dangerous, degrading, and based on an honour code that a woman’s virginity is what matters most to her family, society, and her future husband, often disguised as a means to protect her from (lust-hungry) men. It is really a means to ensure that she is subjugated, cannot have or enjoy sex before her arranged marriage (often at very young ages) and after such mutilation, she will likely not enjoy it ever anyway. It is usually done without anaesthesia and has dire consequences for many women who end up hemorrhaging and dying. Please read about it before using it in an argument about inequality between men and women. I hope you will never wish this upon your daughters simply to “be fair.” And you do have a choice not to circumcise your sons.

      • Stone

        On genital mutilation: I urge you to do the same. While male and femail genital mutilation is different, that doesn’t mean that male genital mutilation is good or even neutral. In fact, people die from that too. If you have a strong stomach, google images of botched circumcisions. Even successful male genital mutilation affects men’s abilities to have sex, making them less sentive to stimulation (obviously – you cut off sensitive body parts with a lot of nerves).

        And then you say some thing which are just outright illogical. You’re right that it (mostly) doesn’t affect a man’s ability to reproduce – but neither does female genital mutilation affect female reproduction. How about making female genital mutilation legal? I mean, you still have the choice not to mutilate your daughters, so that should be OK… according to your reasoning.

        This is a typical example of why feminism is not about equality for all.

        • Erin M.

          I appreciate the discourse, Stone. As someone who works in the biomedical field and does nothing but review medical research, I see horrendous images often but more importantly I’ve learned how to read data, not Google. The fact is:
          1. Female mutilation serves no health benefit but creates high rates of physical and emotional damage and outright death.
          2. It does, in fact, affect a woman’s ability to reproduce, as labour and delivery is part of reproduction and can cause additional tearing and complications to an already damaged body as well as dramatically increase risk of infection (note there are various forms of female circumcision, some more invasive than others). In remote regions with little to no access to emergency healthcare, this can again mean hemorrhaging/death. It can also increase risks of infertility and has direct associations with higher infant mortality rates. Damage to an infant boy is very low when done by well-equipped and trained professionals, and if done for non-religious reasons, is a choice that parents make based on many health benefits substantiated by research trials and initiatives.
          3. It is safe to say that any medical procedure carried out by untrained and ill-equipped persons is a recipe for disaster whether it is conducted on boys or girls. That is not now, nor ever was, the argument.


          In an effort to stay on topic, it is the subjugation of women as second class citizens that feminism seeks to abolish, and any practice and treatment that serves no purpose but to promote that subjugation. Whether or not I am a proponent of circumcision in any form is also not an argument as you are assuming that my comment based on an understanding of the various procedures means I support the male version which is a fallacy. It might surprise you that as someone raising sons I disagreed with circumcision because it simply felt cruel to me. But looking at horrid images, reading horror stories and reading the data create vastly different pictures. Female and male circumcision are worlds apart in their purposes and one serves directly to perpetuate the subjugation of females and has only negative consequences. Male circumcision is not a means to subjugate men. Even in cultures that practice it for religious purposes are patriarchal where men enjoy a social or familial advantage. I urged an uninformed reader to read up on a topic s/he used to try and support his/her argument that women enjoy various entitlements that men do not. Does this mean I, personally, think either is okay? Most certainly no. It means I read the medical literature, absorb the data, understand how to find my sources without resorting to Google images which is enough to make scare anyone, and can formulate an argument based on hard data rather than emotions. Libraries and medical journals are a great staring point (and yes, they also acknowledge botched procedures). Of course there are botched procedures, as any medical procedure carries risks with it. But not only are the risks dramatically lower for infant boys, the purposes for female circumcision often carried out on girls and young women with no anaesthesia and often repeated time and again in between childbirths are what’s being addressed. They are a direct reflection of gender inequality, and inequality between the genders is the basis for feminism.

          • Dw3

            Please don’t be silly. Feminism is not about equality. It is about hatred of men and insulting mothers, and almost nothing else. At least be honest about your motivations, and don’t cloak them in talk of equality.

            • Alice

              I’m not even sure why you replied to Erin’s intelligent response. Yours just looks silly.

          • Andrew

            I have no sympathy for the bumbling mass of hypocrisy I often see labeled as “feminism”, but she’s right about this one. Circumcision actually served a practical purpose (imagine the precarious hygeine conditions in the Near and Middle East at the time of the propagation of the three Abrahamic religions). It did serve a practical purpose for men, this circumcision, because it reduced the risk of infection, as the dark, damp space between the foreskin and the glans is a breeding ground for pathogens. Therefore, I wouldn’t call it “mutilation” – during the beginning of its practice, it was more useful than it was harmful.

            However, female genital mutilation is completely pointless, in my opinion. There’s no biological rationale behind it like there was behind circumcision. And again, I must stress this in the context of being male and being someone who views feminists as self-victimizing hypocrites for the most part.

      • Anonymous

        What something is ‘about’ and what actually happens are two different things. No matter how you chalk the progress up, what has actually happened? What other effects has it had on our culture? Feminists refuse to admit there are any negative repercussions to what has gone on. Anybody who cites them winds up chastised and demonized. Double-standards are what feminism has become, no matter the intent.

      • Pops

        Cutting off the clitoral foreskin is the female equivalent of male circumcision, yet cutting off the clitoral foreskin is condemned by international law while male circumcision is still legal in practically every country.

        • Dii

          True – if that was where it stopped – which often it does not – complete removal of the clitoris etc is equivalent to the complete removal of the penis and removal of the labia and stitching up what remains so that only a small hole remains for menstrual fluid – not even equivalent to male circumcision. Which – by the way I also oppose .

      • Jacob Ian Stalk

        “Feminism is about unifying”

        This is a profoundly stupid statement. Feminism is actually the most divisive ideology the world has ever seen. It’s manifestation and goals are divisive. It’s methods are divisive. The attitudes it engenders, either in support or objection are violently divisive. It’s very name is divisive. If it was ever intended to be non-divisive, it would be called EQUALISM.

        Have a read of the clearest definition of feminism that exists, the Redstocking Manifesto, and plead your case again.

        • Kayleigh

          It is not a stupid statement if you think that feminism can be evolving like most things in our world. Just because it started as the Redstocking Manifesto version, does not mean that all modern feminists use that definition. Just because its called feminism, does not mean that it is not about unifying now, which is what most feminists now are looking for. Feminism might be still be called feminism, but most feminists want to create equality. Calling it a profoundly stupid statement because your definition is different then others is a profoundly rude statement.

    • Pretty long but…

      You forgot that men are 4 times more likely to commit suicide than women. I appreciate all is not rosy in life as a woman but think the feminist movement could have a bit more humility. If I’m looking at which statistics indicate which sex actually has a better quality of life, I think the suicide one is probably the most telling…

      • bh

        Actually, no. Men are more likely to commit suicide because they are more prone to take aggressive measures when they attempt it. Women, however, have more suicide attempts, as they tend to use less aggressive measures. For instance, men are more likely to use guns, and women more likely to use pills.

        • Jacob Ian Stalk

          How many women who use these “less aggressive” methods actually mean to kill themselves. How would anyone know? If they do intend to suicide but survive, it is a well-studied psychological truth that many decide they didn’t want to die after all. The attention they received is often the catalyst to wanting to live. This suggests that there is still hope in the heart of the victim.

          With men, a suicide attempt is usually quite different to this. It’s occasionally about attention-seeking, but attention-seeking men tend to also seek soft methods like pill-taking. The hard-core attempts are just what they seem to be – an irreversible desire to end their lives. The “aggressive measures” you mention are more likely to ensure accidental survival doesn’t ensue, suggesting there is no hope.

          That’s the key difference. Hope.

          The truth is, with the ascendancy of feminism and its infiltration into every institution in the land, men are now feeling hopeless. They still treated as disposable by society but they’re also being evicted emotionally from the lives of women. What else is left to live for?

          Support services for men are woefully inadequate compared to those for women, which sends a message to all men that society at large doesn’t care. Most men know this. For most men today, growing up is concomitant with the realisation that if they can’t find a solution to their own problems society will simply let them fall away. Those who succeed at finding their own way all of a sudden become visible to women, which is a key benchmark against which both men and women define manhood. The rest are disposable. Of course what is spoken out aloud or written about modern manhood is quite different to this but in the sexual marketplace (which is the primary driver) the self-sufficient, self-made, self-determining man is a man. In one sense, feminism are the armed forces for women, recruited to ensure the disposable men remain that way.

          If you want to learn more about this problem, search for Feminism and the Disposable Male by Girl Writes What on UTube.

      • Kayleigh

        Just because men want to kill themselves more does not mean they have a lack of a good life. Men tend to not share as well as women, keep things in, in my opinion. I do not think suicide stats have everything to do with how good or bad a life you have, or that women have it easier. Suicides happen for a majority of reasons. A portion of male suicides are actually murder/suicides. There is also a lot of war vets who kill themselves, and since until recently, all the people fighting, getting PTSD and becoming war vets are male. Plus you add in all the mental illness. So I am thinking the % of men that kill themselves because their quality of life is less than a womans is slim. I think men and women committing suicide is a huge deal and needs to be addressed, alongside the lack of proper mental healthcare in America especially. But to try and link it to the proverbial Battle of the Sexes, I think that is reaching personally.

    • Steven

      This is a distraction from the global oppression taking place that both sex’s should be speaking out about.

      Feminism; love it or hate it. Look at education and the values of children now. Look at how many broken families there are. Look at how hard it is to get a job now. Nobody complains when a certain type of job is dominated by women, but they certainly complain when it’s doing the dominating. I’m tired of being attacked, I just want to support my family. Look how men are attacked in courts now. Look at me, not once have I committed a crime or done my ex wrong, and I’ve always been there for my son, but I’m treated as a criminal as deemed by politically correct appeasing legislators and judges in fear of being chastised for speaking the truth.

    • Victor

      “Men’s genitals, however, are routinely, legally and enthusiastically mutilated and the off-cuts are often used to make face cream for women.” Probably haven’t read a bigger nastier idiocy in my entire life.

    • Anonymous

      Wow that is a long list of how you feel this world has treated you. By supporting feminism a lot of the inequality you feel as a man could be solved as well. Is is not right to call you a bum just because you choose to stay at home with your kids. I don’t think any feminist would want that. Have you tried being more loving? If you project more love instead of this negative list you just rambled off (probably not the first time you had to think of all these injustices to you) maybe you would get more love in return. The point is to love women and all that is womanly while also loving men and all that is manly, whether displayed by men or women, and not being insulted or belittled for doing so.

      • Mgtow

        Advice from a feminist: try “being more loving”
        Ok, we have a winner here for best comedic piece.
        Haha, oh my, haha. Very good, hahaha.

      • Jacob Ian Stalk

        When you attack the writer personally your arguments become ineffective.

    • Kayleigh

      I feel this is really generalized as well. I do not know what kind of anti-rose colored women glasses you got on, but since I feel half of these are taken out of context, or manipulated and biased to one side, I will explain why. From personal experience, what I have seen, and what I have read.
      For example: 1.)In the state I live in, women and men, BOTH, go to jail and are arrested for any sort of domestic dispute. No matter who started it, or who did what kind of damage. So this “cutesy” crap is a load of bull in most American cities. You fight, you get locked up. You get beat on by your partner and look like a punching bag, and he/she doesn’t have a mark on them, yeah, you are probably going to jail alone.
      2.) I don’t know about anyone else, but a tantrum by any adult, male or female, is NOT acceptable.
      3.) I know plenty of women who are breadwinners, and plenty of men that take care of homes. Plus women having more money control in the relationship? That is a bunch of crap if I ever heard it. Illusion of control.Maybe while the marriage is in effect she has access to pay bills, buy groceries, you know, take care of the house. Hmm that must be why when a women’s husband leaves her with no education bc she raised his kids, and all that money he keeps is HIS that she is left with nothing, trying to raise kids on a McDonalds wages. Yeah, I see that happen a LOT more than I see women come out of divorces with all HIS money.
      3.)Just because men are built differently, are on average stronger, so they take more grueling jobs, should NOT be the reason why women are not entitled to being paid the same as men for doing the same kind of jobs in any aspect of life. If women and men are BOTH working, BOTH should get the same pay. No matter what kind of “pressure” you think there is on men to be breadwinners. There is just as much pressure on women to take care of their families too.
      4.)Cutting off of foreskin vs FGM. Not even close to the same thing. While there are arguments to stop the practice of the former, most parents are allowed to make that decision, and has little effect after the procedure is done. Most men never miss their damn foreskin, and operate fine physically and sexually. FGM is a partial or complete removal of parts can cause problems for women their entire life. Tell me you would be okay with FGM being done to you, and maybe being able to never orgasm, be able to pee right, or have children. Think about that and tell me you still think foreSKIN removal and female genital MUTILATION are the same. The former at least as health reasons for doing it, minor yes, but still there. FGM, no reason for that. That is completely cultural and completely bullshit. Which is why even anthropologists who tend to just observe and not judge have put in efforts to make it a global effort to stop this practice. This alone makes me wonder if you even have a vagina or put a woman’s name on your comment so it would be taken better.
      5.) I have male friends who expect me to pick up tabs. Why? Because I have the money. I have expected my female friends to pick up tabs? Why? Cause they invited me to lunch. It is not a matter of sex. It is a matter of interacting in our culture. It goes BOTH ways.
      6.) I expect NOTHING from men, except what I expect from women. Kindness, understanding and respect.
      7.) If I call someone, not a man, someone, sexist. It is because they are being sexist. I expect if I am making a sexist comment for anyone to call me on it. I always get angry about generalizations and stereotypes. Regardless of who is making them to whom. Women and men’s privileges are based individually. A white woman can have more privileges than a black man. Doesn’t mean she has as many as the white man. Depends on the person, where they live, etc, etc. On a global scale, and historically, men have ALWAYS had more privileges. Hence why most history is written and seen from their eyes. Anthropologists have been in the last 100 years or so to start to interview others and watch others besides the leaders and majorities in cultures.
      8.) I do NOT want to be treated like a child, by anyone. It is rude, and a bit condescending. I would not treat my husband like a child, I would not want him to treat me that way either. Most people I know are like this. We treat children like children.( Really, what kind of women do you know that this is your only opinion of them??)
      9.) I blame men for NOTHING. I blame myself for my own failures. In fact, I find it a cop out to blame anybody for the fact that I messed up.
      10.) Making up stats? Nope do not need to. Men are the attackers. Whether it be to other men, or women. It is primarily men that rape. And there is NO making that up. Most male on male is pedo’s who go after children, or men on men in prisons or gang rape to assert dominance. This is still only .4% of men. Women are, and have always been the victims of sexual abuse. Do not trivialize that. It is a HUGE factor in inequality and rape culture. Your kind of views that think people outright lie about it is why rape culture is still prevalent and why women are still victims. 97% of rapes are not even reported because of ideas like yours. Some women might use it as a pass, there will always be people who abuse the system ( corporations, welfare recipients, etc) But that is a SMALL ass portion. The truth is women are SO scared of saying anything because of thinking like yours that victims become the target of investigations instead of the man who raped her. Also, there are programs in place for women BECAUSE we are the victims more often than not. This isn’t women “pretending” and we are not all wily minxes constantly playing games. The programs are their because women need them. When women start beating on, killing, hurting children, and raping men, like men do women, then we can talk about how getting them more programs to protect them from us. Why spend money on whats not needed?
      11.) There are men and women who will always hate the other sex for whatever reason. Doesn’t mean all feminists are so angry at men, and hate them. We need each other. So this is not “universal” Men are amazing. I love all the men in my life for being men. I wouldn’t want them to be women. PEOPLE who hate men are practicing misandry. PEOPLE who hate women are misogynists. Simple as that.
      12) Anyone who says something nasty in an argument is being nasty. Men can do this too. This is more of a personality thing than it is a men vs women thing… I really think you need to hang out with different women… unless you really are a women and you are doing these things yourself….in which case I suggest therapy.
      13.) Deference. Deference. Deference. HA! 21st Century. Most people do not expect ANY kind of deference. At least not the first part. We have got past the whole be submissive thing for the most part, and honestly, I see men wanting more female deference than anything else, but even that is becoming more rare. We are moving towards just mutually respecting and supporting each other.
      I have honestly not seen many cases where women want their men submissive to them. In fact, most of us would find that a little odd.
      14.) Again, welcome to the 21st Century. Women are trying to break out of the roles that we were stuck in for so long, so yeah, let them play Susie Homemaker and run their own business and mix and match those roles. How is this a bad thing? Let the men do it too! The problem sometimes is not how women treat men, or how we are going to think of the men, but what the OTHER men are going to say to that man. Men are more comfortable baking with their wife, than admitting it to their “bros” Again, how is this women’s fault or problem for wanting to mix and match. And as far as having women in certain careers supposed using chivalry and male def to their advantage? Worked in a large corp lately? Bc those men are more competitive and derogatory than they are chivalrous and humble. And mostly, they just do not care. If you are the women for the job, work your ass off and get there. The men are not going to help you, the women are not going to help you, especially if you are after their job. Plus there are plenty of male homemakers here that are not called losers. They are called stay at home dads, and they are on the rise! WHY!? Because we feminists are working towards equality. Not only for women to be CEOs, but for men to be stay at home dads and wear high heels if they want, or skirts like the man recently who wore one to support his son who also liked wearing skirts. Man. Kilts are like skirts… and those are SEXY. 😀
      15.) I have a son. He is NOT told he is stupid or any of that other baloney. By anyone. Again I wonder what kind of people you know and see that you think we gender differentiate children when they are younger by being more pos with girls and neg with boys. I played in dirt, played sports, had matchboxes, been told I am cute, been told I am violent, etc etc. Again you are seriously generalizing. Children are told a variety of things mostly by their parents. If we decide to not tell boys they can not like pink, then they feel they can, and will. It was my sons favorite color for a year. AND no one teased him because he didn’t feel it was something to be teased about and liked pink PROUDLY. Again, this can be more MAN on MAN hating instead of women doing some of these things.
      16.) Men and women BOTH play victim. Just differently sometimes, though I have seen grown men cry over “that bitch” who broke his heart, and we all just rubbed his back and just accepted he needed to get things out. Whether she was the bitch or not. He was the victim of her horrible bitchness.
      17.) I know men who spend more money than half the women I know on a variety of products and clothes lines. This is ridiculous. I do not bitch about hair products. How shallow.
      18.) Women on average do get sexually harassed more than men. But if a women harasses she gets a complaint too. The thing is, women just don’t like it, and will complain for whatever they deem sexual harassment, and that is their right. Men sometimes soak it up. If the men want to claim S.H, let them, HR is willing to listen to them. Men just have to WANT TO. ( Again, talk to the men about this instead of making it seem like it is women and feminists fault) HA
      19.) Men use their sex just as much as women do, again, just in different ways. Are you saying men do not have as high of sex appeal? I know men who are not even gay, use their sex appeal against gay men, just like women do against men. I have seen men use it on women too. All those young 20 year olds flirting with the nice older lady. If you have it, use it, regardless of your sex. I think the people who have a problem with people using their sex appeal are those that lack it. Male and female.
      20.) Women have never been drafted. Because we got rid of the draft in America during the Vietnam war, and even though women could serve in the military, they were only allowed to do certain jobs, not draft worthy jobs. We were not even allowed to serve in combat zones until recently. You want to talk military? How about that. Or the fact that women make up only approximately 15% of our armed forces?
      21.) People are generally nicer to women, maybe true. Maybe even true in public, maybe people want to help women more. But you have to think of our culture now. Rape and rape blaming and rape culture is HUGE. So women tend to get nicer responses from everyone bc people tend to think that a woman wont drag them into a back alley and rape them. Lets change rape culture, and I am sure this will go down. Plus I am just as nice to men as I am women, sometimes more so ( us women can be a little catty with each other) in places I feel safe.
      22.) I am going for a career that will be a breadwinning career. I am not going to college for some “other” degree because I plan on marrying some rich man or some man who got a breadwinning career. This is a HUGE generalization and HUGELY sexist. There are more and more women going to college, the ratio is more women to men now. And has been growing. So all those women are just getting FLUFF educations huh?
      23.) My ex can’t pay me for child support right now. I am not throwing a hissy or going after him. He will pay me when he can. Again, you assume a LOT. Not all women are money grubbing whores like you seem to think we are.
      24.) I was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and have been a scrapper my whole life. I have had people hide behind me to protect them. Male and female. More sexist generalizations.

      I could go on and on about more of your points, or add some more thoughts of my own, but as I continue to answer, I continue to see a trend. You seem to take some aspects of some women, lump every single negative thing you have ever seen a woman do in person or on TV, and make a HUGE list about why it is you think we no longer need feminism. A few negative actions of women ( a lot of which I said, men do too, but you did not mention any of that) a few generalizations ( I made some of my own, but that was on purpose, to point out you can generalize peoples actions and lump them all together, doesn’t mean everyone acts this way) and you have an excuse for why women should stop fighting for equality. I am feminist. I need feminism because I realize while we are not all equal, while we all have negative aspects of our personalities that come out ( sometimes sexist or bigoted in some way without realizing it), we all have our own enculturation from our parents ( undoubtedly one of the reasons I don’t do even a fourth of the things on your list) and cultures: that we are NOT equally treated. Otherwise rape would be a more serious crime, domestic abuse against women would go down drastically, we would be paid the same for doing the same jobs. I also need feminism, because in some of your points you were right. I need feminism because men should be able to wear pink, glitters, high heels and skirts if they want without their sexuality becoming a factor. Where men can pick up their kids from daycare without people thinking it must not be a choice for them, they have to be out of work or something right? huh. Feminism is NOT about promoting women’s right over men’s. It is about getting rid of the stereotypes, anger and hatred that is directed at women and men in society, for taking on each others roles, or for not acting how we “should”. About accepting that some women will be bitches, some men like baking, some men and women use sex appeal, some women have rough periods ( get over this you insensitive ass. If men had something that happened every month that effected them as differently as estrogen that effects women, I would be sympathetic, not apathetic), some men like to buy dinner for women and not the other way around, let them if they want. Instead of arguing every little point of where women can be sexist vs where men can be sexist in society, we should be focusing on making the world a place where women AND men can be comfortable in their own skins for whatever they like to do, and act however they like to act, without generalizations about their character or sex. Feminism to me is the constant changing of men and women, and how they interact, for the better. Feminism is defined one way as the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. The sexes! So ALL the nasty comments on this whole page about how they view men as being oppressed and we do not need feminism are in short, shooting themselves in the foot. If you really feel that way, you would support feminism and make it a point to point out where you think women can be sexist ( instead of being bitter and making us all seem like bitches who take advantage of men while continuing to want MORE and MORE and MORE!) Oh my god. You are right. I WANT MORE, I want equality. For the sake of ALL of us.

  • Anonymous

    I need feminism because the notion of gender being a social construct is a social construct.

  • Jennifer

    I need feminism because fellow women are the first to abandon progress

    • Farfie

      That’s a good thing though, right? Weren’t curls the style back in the 70s?

  • Emma

    It is so tiresome when men continue to assume that feminism is anti-men rather than anti-inequality. Really, you’d expect more intelligence from some of the posters here.

    I was at Oxford nearly 30 years ago and have tales of misogyny that would make your hair curl. Glad to see people are still fighting the good fight.

    • Farfie

      That’s a good thing though, right? Weren’t curls the style back in the 60’s?

    • Steven

      As messed up as a lot of it is, repairing those problems by destroying the world we live in shouldn’t be an option. Where do children fall into this equation? It’s like feminists refuse to admit that many of their movements have had a negative effect on families. It’s as though feminists care not for family values. Talk about double-standards.

      • Stick

        Except that the wymynz who are at the wheel of this out of control bus don’t care about families. Have a look at Germaine Greer, Andrea Dworkin or any number of high flying feminists and then tell me they are anywhere near normal. Like any successful species our prime directives are feeding and breeding. It’s the broken ones who don’t have any genes worth replicating that are running the feminism show.

        • Dii

          They are part of the spectrum of normal – we can’t all be who you personally would wish us to be. Not all women choose to breed – this is known as “choice”. We are not just your personal baby making machines.

      • Victor

        You’d want to dupe people by the controlling talk about family values. Family-ism is just like nationalism: letting an institution, a historical invention of human mind, obscure the people bound together in it. Care for persons, not cold concepts.

        • Mgtow

          “controlling talk about family values”.
          Hmm, what did the demon offer you for your soul, Victor?
          Can’t have been much.

      • Kayleigh

        The average everyday feminists have plenty of family values and are feminists so their sons and daughters can grow up in a world where they are afforded the same opportunities. Do not judge all by the actions of a few. If we did that we would be like every American who hates Muslims and every Muslim that hates Americans and Christianity. Every ideology and religion has some form of extremists factions.

        • MrAndryist

          We don’t “judge you all” by the actions of a “few”. We judge you all by the actions of your movement. That means “by those things accomplished by feminist activists in the name of feminism”. Activists who tend to be much more (and more often) “radical” than “moderate”. And all of those “moderate” feminists lending their names to the cause of “feminism” under the premise that feminism is working for equality are giving those radical women the power of your voices as political clout to accomplish what those activists want, rather than what you might want. You want equality, join an Egalitarian movement. You want more advantages for women while piling the increased obligations that make those increased advantages possible on men? Then feminism is the place for you.

    • Jacob Ian Stalk

      No doubt, but these days misandry is rampant…and it goes much further than misogyny ever did. It has infiltrated the legislature, academia, the judiciary, schools and public services. It takes the hate to a whole new level. It tries to re-write history and fabricate statistics to support its cause. It suffused the minds of young people with the corrosive idea that being a woman is like being a man only better and invaginates our boys by shaming or medicating the masculinity out of them before it matures then scoffs at their effeminacy. And it does all of this with the threatpoint provided by law to protect its purveyors. It is not progressive. It is misdirected vengeance given a ‘progressive’ polish. No different to lynching uppity niggers, really.

      Good men have always sought to correct misogyny, just as they have with all bigoted behaviour throughout history, yet how many good women are seeking to correct misandry? Where were they when this new form of bigotry was in its ascendancy? Where were they when rights of men and boys were being trampled?

      The truth is, any woman who reaps the benefits of feminism without standing firmly against the damaging effects it had on men and boys is responsible for misandry. The boys you created are now all grown up but angry and resentful. Some of have access to automatic weapons and some want revenge for the hi-jacking of their manhood. When revenge is the basis of an ideology, which is feminism in a nutshell, the issues that give rise to it are never resolved. They’re merely transferred to the party on which vengeance is exacted. The anger and hatred doesn’t stop…it is recycled, refined and amplified.

      If feminism were really about equality and progressiveness, it would seek to overcome the bias that was behind the misogyny feminists say existed under patriarchy (whatever that is). But it hasn’t done this. It has ignored equality completely and has made a successful grab for dominance. Feminism may once have upheld equality as one of its goals but that ship sailed long ago. It’s now characterised by dominance, petty tyranny, megalomania, bullying, coercion, abortion, deprivation of liberty, and above all hypocrisy. It is now not even about the accrual of privileges to women – it has become about nothing less than the abolition of the rights of men. If you can’t see this, then it’s time to put down that copy of The Feminine Mystique and open your eyes to the world of 2013. There are tens of thousands of blogs, articles, research papers and YouTube videos about the adverse effects of feminism. Read them, watch them, and educate yourself to both sides of the issue. You’ll be horrified to learn what feminism is doing to men and boys in the name of ‘equality’.

      No doubt feminism was once a noble cause for women but because it provided no bridle to its own power, it carried within itself the seeds of its own corruption. These have now germinated and grown into a choking jungle of toxic lies, distortions, gynocentric laws, violence-by-police-proxy, and an ever-increasing list of entitlements for women. The jungle is so thick now that pruning is no longer effective. Only fire can stop it from choking us all to death (women and girls included). Interestingly, the only ones able to wield fire in strength are the Muslim caliphates operating under Sharia law. If Islam dominates the world and the caliphates rise to global power (all indications are that they will), the only thing feminism will have achieved is to destroy the men who were protecting them and convert what was hitherto only patrician condescension towards women into a powerful, refined and more intractable form of inequality. The irony would be delicious if the consequences weren’t so tragic.

      • Sandra

        fuck up and die

        • Jacob Ian Stalk

          These four words are a more effective indictment of feminism than any prolonged argument on the subject. A more effective way to turn otherwise normal (presumably) young girls into murderous beasts does not exist. Equality? Over the dead bodies of dissenters, apparently.

      • Kayleigh

        It seems to me feminist leaves a bad taste in your mouth, I just wanted you to know there are plenty of feminists out there that are not at all like what you describe. I consider myself a feminist. Just because some people have perverted it doesn’t mean we all do. I fight against BOTH misandry and misogyny, against all forms of violence against any persons sex, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or creed. Not all of us modern feminists are trying to break down men and hijack their manhood, to project anger( for what? the men in my life are amazing, I know they are not the reason I do not get paid the same.) Not all of us want to abolish mens rights. When we know our ancestors fought for ours, why would we want to turn around and become the very thing they fought against? I see a LOT of anger towards feminists on here. AND yes, like any group, there are people who are doing it for all the wrong reasons. Or who are too extreme in their hatred of who they see as the “enemy”. I am not a so-called “femi nazi.” I am a feminist. Which to me just refers to the fight to get the sexes equal treatment, not to make the sexes equal. I certainly enjoy playing in dirt, but I know I am not as strong as most men in my upper body. I also know that the reason we have more access to things like domestic violence abuse help ( I agree we need more for men, I also realize the reason women have more) is because of the gap in abuse. Everyone needs to stop hurting, but on average, lets be honest with ourselves here. Men are victims too, but men are also the abusers, of women, men and children. 86& of male survivors are assaulted by another man, not women. So while working towards equality we have to acknowledge that men and women are different, not tear down either sex, and be honest with ourselves about what is going on regardless of whether we like it or not. We are not out creating hate filled children, we are acknowledging where men are hurting women, where women are hurting men, and where society is hurting both. So if that pissed off men that men are rapists, well then stop letting rape culture be acceptable and the victims being judged. Pissed off that women who don’t deserve their children continue to keep them? Then do not give up. Continue to fight and do what you need to, to prove that just because a woman has a vagina does not mean she is the right parent for that child. Instead of blaming all men for rape and all women for women’s manipulations. Stop blaming all feminists for the faults you see. Sort of side note: I am pretty sure most of my males friends and family, along with our predominantly male military are more than capable of protecting everyone. Along with all the women who live without men, and the women in the military. I do not think they all agree with you thinking that men are practically neutered now. Also, I praise GOOD qualities in my son, not male or female qualities. Kindness, honestly, playfulness, hard work, etc. If he plays aggressive, I let him as long as no one gets hurt and no anger is directed at a person. If he likes pink and not dirt. I let him, if he wants to stay clean cause he thinks dirt is gross, so be it. I am not raising a son to be angry towards men or towards women. I am raising a son to be sure of who he is, regardless of what society he belongs to, and for him to accept everyone for whoever they are. Most of my friends and family members are this way too. We are not these femi-nazi robots churning out hate and man dominance everywhere. I have seen it too, but just because they scream the loudest does not mean they are the going to have the hugest impact.

  • Anonymous

    Surely this wasn’t yesterday? Why does everyone look like they stepped straight out of the 90s?

  • Chris

    The statistic of one-in-three women being raped or beaten up (presumably by a man) in their lifetime is staggering. Does anyone have a link to the study which reported that?

    • Sophie

      It’s used by the One Billion Rising campaign. I think it comes from the UN Secretary General’s ‘In-Depth Study on all Forms of Violence Against Women’ (2006). This UN link condenses some of the data from that study, along with others: http://endviolence.un.org/situation.shtml

      • Jacob Ian Stalk

        The UN report is a fraud. The One Billion Rising campaign is a ridiculous attempt by Eve Ensler to glorify herself.

        Why I won’t be saying the “Man Prayer”

        The 1 Billion Rising campaign has created a YouTube video called “Man Prayer,” with words by Eve Ensler and film by Tony Stroebel.

        The video notes read as follows:

        Violence against women hurts everyone, including men. We invite our brothers to take up this cause, and be free from the limiting strictures of our modern definition of masculinity! #MenRise

        There are so many things wrong with this video and the 1 Billion Rising movement that it’s hard to know where to start.

        Of course I support initiatives to reduce violence around the world and in our communities. In fact, much of my work for the past 10 years has been doing just that. I don’t however support initiatives that do this by stereotyping and stigmatising any group, be it based upon gender, religion, race, age, sexual preference, socioeconomic status or any other demographic category. And I don’t support initiatives that aren’t based upon the evidence.

        The message I get from the video is that men, boys and masculinity are bad, wrong, broken, stupid, violent and domineering. A message like this only creates violence, it doesn’t reduce it.

        Imagine a similar hypothetical video featuring girls and women saying “may I be a woman who is more rational and less emotional, who is a better partner who nags less, who pays my own way rather than being a gold digger” – and on and on using the worst stereotypes of women and girls. Now imagine that this hypothetical video was written by a man. How many women would accept it? The fact that the “Man Prayer” video was written by a woman, featuring the made-up ‘voices’ of men is deeply offensive.

        The “Man Prayer” takes the worst stereotypes of men and masculinity that are held by a small percentage of men (and also a small percentage of women) and reinforces them, while painting the picture that females are free from the same and other vices.

        The 1 Billion Rising campaign is based upon the “UN Statistic” that “one in three women on the planet is raped or beaten in her lifetime”. There is no data to back up this claim – believe me I’ve tried to find it. It’s true that arguably research shows that one in three women on the planet, on average, has experienced some form of violence in her lifetime. However most of these will have said ‘yes’ to a survey asking whether they have ever been pushed or slapped. A single slap can be a troubling experience, yes, but it is far from being beaten or raped. One in three based on this definition seems like a very low figure, over an entire lifetime, across the entire planet.

        And if you ask the same questions of men about their experience of violence, twice as many men would say “yes” compared to women. Men experience violence – from other men and from women – at twice the rate that women do, and at much more severe levels. But there have been no high profile public campaigns or UN conventions about violence against men that I’m aware of.

        Yes, women (and men) are violently raped and beaten far too often – a single victim is one too many – but the way to reduce this violence is to fight against ALL violence, wholly and inclusively, against all people, male or female, white or black, muslim or christian or atheist, old or young, straight or gay, rich or poor. And to do so in a way that doesn’t attack or stereotype any other group. And to not promote misinformation in the process.

        One of the greatest ironies of the “man prayer” is that it calls on men to create space rather than dominate it. The entire discourse on gender and violence has been dominated by the “violence against women” perspective for many years now, creating no space for men and women to work together to end all violence.

        Yes, some of the positive messages from the video are great – men should be able to express themselves free from the constraints of masculinity (as should women, free from the constraints of femininity). But let’s send these messages without the negative stereotypes please.

        Much of my other work for the past 10 years has been working to change the social, legal and cultural structures that constrain men. The difference between the “man prayer” and the work of my colleagues and I is that we don’t blame and shame individual men or masculinity (or individual women or femininity) for the way they are shaped by social norms and structures. We work to change those structures – whether it is the lack of family-friendly workplace provisions and cultures for fathers who want to play a bigger part in their children’s lives, the lack of services for men and their children who want to escape abusive relationships, the lack of male-friendly health services, or the education system that is anything but boy-friendly.

        Men are giving, we are both vulnerable and strong, we do listen as well as knowing, we are kind, we like to be in control of our lives, we cry, we do refuse violence, we touch as well as performing, we cherish our experiences as well as getting there, we take our time but we move fast when it is necessary, we share our fears and our shame with those close to us, we cherish, respect and love both our parents (not just our mothers), and we love women, children, and all living things – including (gasp!) men – just as women do. And sometimes we fuck up – just like women do. We are as deeply and richly human as women are.

        If we want men and boys to be the best they can be, we don’t need “man prayers,” we need services and practical support for males on the ground where it matters.

  • Anonymous

    And not a single person of colour. What a surprise…

  • Oscar Legrand

    It’s worth remembering that when you make remarks under your own name, they are forever on the web. They can be googled by prospective employers and recruiters. Mark Stander may regret his viewpoint should he ever apply for a job with a female boss or HR director. I wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole!

  • Anonymous

    I should really stop being such a coward and start commenting on this article using a real name.

  • Anonymous

    I need feminism because I’m tired of friends and coworkers asking if my father or my older brother work in IT, as if that could be the only possible explanation for how I got into this industry.

  • True story

    I need feminism because without it girls wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy sex

  • just a thought

    When you say
    ‘Some people are just dicks.’
    you are using the male gentalia as an insult. I don’t think that really supports the tone of this otherwise good piece.

  • Anonymous

    That’s what you learn in university “I need feminism bullshit” now I understand why the West is going to bankrupt.

  • this will be down-voted

    Do you know who needs feminism?!? Not you, that`s for sure! Those who need feminism lives in the fucking middle-east! Yeah that’s right! Not you fuckers complaining about how awful men are treating you! Just grow the balls (breasts if you like) to protest against Islamic-fundamentalist who hit their wives on a daily basis! But no! You`re going after the weaker men who in most cases is gentle and nice towards you! Feminists are nothing more than a group of cowards!

    • this will be down-voted too

      @ this will be down-voted “Those who need feminism lives in the fucking middle-east!”
      That’s why the Arab spring lead to Islamic gov, basically all government before Arab spring was feminist friendly, in Tunisia the revolt started when a fruit merchant got slapped by a female agent. That women loved to be severe with men when she was in function. So it seems that men in those countries will not support any kind of feminism, or any female “empowerment” with the help of mangina and government sugar daddy…

    • Victor

      someone in need of misogyny 101: http://www.dailylife.com.au/news-and-views/dl-opinion/how-to-spot-a-misogynist-20120430-1xueh.html – and bravo, it’s number 1 on the list

  • Highwasp

    I need feminism:

    so that my girl-friend can make my mind up for me if I want to be a father, provider and parent for the rest of my life.

    so that ‘Go Gurrls’ are my co-workers and their ‘opinion’ of me is used to evaluate my job performance and / or get me fired.

    so that my wife can divorce me at will, accuse me of domestic violence and have me incarcerated with no evidence, get a restraining order because she ‘feels’ scared, then have my kids taken from me since I am a ‘threat’, get the house, half of all assets… and dictate my future earning capacity to keep her and ‘our’ kids accustomed to the life ‘we’ were living.

    to create ‘dick brained’ chicks who think they are men, but with a ‘pussy pass’.

    to hold men responsible for women’s choices….

    • Dii

      Your girlfriend gets a say in her own reproductive decisions – how rough is that?
      Otherwise, use a condom dimwit.

  • Canadian

    It’s good to be a good-looking and charming female and not worrying about this.

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  • OldaQ (a dad)

    I need Feminism because I want a better life and world for my daughters

  • Anonzinho


  • Jenny

    I hope when there is a revolution and the people have a say, instead of having bitter angry feminists in charge, that the fools with the signs are widely recognized as the traitors and harmful dissidents that they truly are. I could pay a little more taxes to see these dangerous idiots removed from positions of power and imprisoned in gulags, where they belong.

  • SJP

    I am a middle class white female who belongs to one of the most, if not the most privileged group in world. And i need feminism so i can feel like a victim and blame my shortcomings on others,

  • Stick

    Feminists claim that women are just as capable as men (their wording, not mine), yet they seem to need ‘special consideration’ for just about anything they do. How does that work?

    • TK

      How does what work? Well, I think, you get a bunch of straw and bunch it together until it looks like a man, and then you ask other people to fight it.

  • Mgtow

    I need feminism to remind me why I will never, ever have any relationship whatsoever with a female.

  • Dave

    The list is completely accurate. Try being a women for one day? lol you women are jokes.

  • Jacob Ian Stalk

    Equality is equality. Feminism is about the unbridled pursuit of power for women. Got that?

    The age of feminism is over, thankfully. The comments here that support feminism are from the rats that refuse to leave the sinking ship, thinking there’s sustenance still to be found there somewhere. Sorry to disappoint, but there is nothing nutritious left. Men the world over are waking up to the damage wrought by rampant feminism and they’re shocked to realise it all happened while they were asleep. Well, they’re asleep no more. Bleat all you like about feminism being about this or that, but the truth of it’s evil is written all over the once noble institutions of the world and the wishful bleatings of solipsistic girl-children can’t erase it. It is done. The cailphate is establishing its power base once more and Sharia law is spreading. Feminists have destroyed the family and have eschewed child-bearing in favour of credentialism and the illusion of success, killing their unborn children and robbing men of their will to be fathers and husbands. The laugh is on you, Western feminists, as Western birth rates have at last fallen below their replenishment rate and the Muslims are laughing all the way to the maternity wards.

    The best you can hope for, Western women, is to abandon feminism entirely. Abandon that idiotic notion of ‘equality’, as it will never happen. All it has earned you is the disrespect of men and an increasing number of women the world over. Feminism doesn’t make you strong. It doesn’t make you powerful. It doesn’t make you free. And it sure as hell doesn’t make you equal. It just makes you despicable.

    Abandon feminism. Here’s a 12-step program for recovering feminists. There are others.

    1. Don’t be narcissistic. Never think you’re more important than men or children. Marketing departments delight in exploiting the feminist fallacy that you are. They promote ‘women’s only’ this and that, and women have bought into it. This appears sexist but it is really a marketing ploy that works because most women are narcissistic. Companies know they can charge more for goods and services by using the words ‘women only’. Narcissistic women are easily exploitable women. Be neither.

    2. Don’t let others make choices for you. This should be self-evident but for most of your life you’ve allowed yourself to be told what to wear, what to buy, what to eat, how to dress, where to go, how to think – in clubs, gyms, magazines, websites, books, stores and by TV talk show hosts. You’ve ‘needed’ a step-by-step guide through life, which you’ve followed with your sisters like sheep. Companies have exploited this need. Behave like a sheep if you must but obey the sheepdog, not the wolf. Better yet, be a woman who can think for herself.

    3. Get rid of the self-induced schizophrenia. Don’t insist you’re strong, confident, capable and independent one minute, then weak, frightened and vulnerable the next, especially when you’ve been caught doing something wrong. Don’t chop and change whenever it suits you – learn about who you are and be true. Admit when you’ve done something wrong. Don’t suddenly remember that you suffered abuse in the past or have some kind of mental illness or other instability, then use it to get yourself off. If you never sought help for these problems before you were caught, don’t use them as an excuse afterwards. Accept responsibility for yourself.

    4. Don’t let the law take responsibility for crimes women commit. Speak out against women routinely receiving shorter sentences than men for the same crimes. If the law punishes women as it does children, treat them like children and encourage others to do so too. Don’t call these women ‘victims’ and say “they’ve suffered enough” because they’re women. Believe in, and stand up for, equal justice on the basis of gender.

    5. Don’t believe everything women and feminised men in the media tell you. Many serve up slop by the bucket – celebrity gossip, slimming tips, sex tips, man-shaming tips, rape and abuse lies, etc. TV shows like Oprah and Dr Phil are filled with advice on how women can transform themselves into victims and blame everything on men, while constantly ridiculing them. Partake of more nutritious fare than this. Get your infotainment from equitable programs. Be aware of the cultural status quo from both perspectives.

    6. Don’t fake solidarity with other women, especially in public. Don’t pretend that all women are your best friends when everyone knows nothing could be further from the truth. Openly acknowledge the reality that women despise each other unless there’s personal advantage in not doing so. Most good men can see through these attempts at deception, so lies won’t travel far. Don’t be a liar, especially not an obvious one.

    7. Don’t seek equality with men. Masculinity and femininity are inherently different. They are neither equals nor opposites, but different parts of the sexual continuum that can’t be defined from each other. Actively separate masculinity from femininity, and separate both from the sexual politics that keep them in healthy tension. Don’t claim women can do anything men can do until you start producing your own sperm.

    8. Don’t demonize male sexuality or the male sex. Both sexes can be evil, both can be virtuous. Empathy, wisdom, grace, mercy, compassion and love are all as masculine as they are feminine. Don’t invaginate our boys by shaming or medicating the masculinity out of them before it matures and don’t impregnate them with the corrosive lie that being a woman is like being a man only better. Male sexuality is a pearl to be cultured. Suffuse your sons egos with promise if you want your daughters to have good men to love.

    9. Respect the sanctuaries of men. Men are judged much more harshly than women so they need their safe retreat. They don’t have the same opportunities for emotional support as women so they need a place where they can express themselves free of judgment and ridicule. This place must be respected. Take care if you venture there as your feminine narcissism is the enemy. Don’t draw attention to yourself and don’t expect protection if you do. If you must speak don’t attempt to control the dialogue or steer it towards you. Don’t censor language to suit your sensitivities. Male sanctuary is sacred – treat it as you would a cathedral.

    10. Don’t use shaming tactics. Don’t accuse men of having anger management issues when they’re angry at injustice. Don’t accuse them of being a threat when they call you out for being a bigot or a tyrant. Don’t accuse them of having a fear of commitment when they’re merely making a choice between bravery and stupidity. Don’t assess the merit of their arguments on the basis of their attractiveness to you. Don’t attribute their views about women to past disappointments when it is merely an objective assessment of your sex. Shaming tactics are remnants of childhood so leave them in the nursery if you want to be taken seriously.

    11. Be honest about sexual harassment. If you assert that you have the right to dress as you please and that men should be able to control their sexuality, honour their right to be shielded from yours. If you don’t want men to control themselves but instead want to control their loss of control for your own enjoyment, be prepared for the consequences when things go awry. If ‘harassment’ – the stares, sexual innuendos, sly touches, and even rape – magically cease to be harassment and become the foundations of a passionate new romance occasionally, admit that you don’t really want men to control themselves. Don’t expect men to know when it’s right to ‘harass’ you and when it’s not. Don’t treat Man one minute as an exciting and courageous hero and the next a monster intent on tyranny and abuse if you’re inconsistent in your sexual intentions and desires.

    12. Speak out against misandry. The main reason for its proliferation is that women have remained silent. Silence in the face of injustice is cowardly. It has allowed loud, obnoxious women to preach hatred with impunity, which has reflected badly on all women. When you speak out against misandry you do all women a favour. Don’t be a misandrist, don’t be a coward and don’t be silent.

    • Anonymous

      “Male sanctuary is sacred – treat it as you would a cathedral.”

      Good lord. Today I learned that some anti-feminist men think they’re god.

      I need feminism, because I’m sick of being sick of reading the comments below articles about women.

      • Jacob Ian Stalk

        A cathedral is a place where God is honoured, not men. That’s the point.

        Today I learned that if the wrong conclusion can possibly be jumped to, especially if the wrong conclusion affords them a chance to denigrate men, feminists will jump to it. False conclusions., shaming language. opportunistic bigotry. That’s feminism.

    • Stuffed Fantod

      Most so-called “Men’s Rights Advocates” have an understanding of sexism that seems direct from the Bizarro Planet.

    • Gil

      ” If ‘harassment’ – the stares, sexual innuendos, sly touches, and even rape – magically cease to be harassment and become the foundations of a passionate new romance occasionally” –>

      Are you out of your fucking mind? You honestly think that rape can become a “foundation of a passionate new romance”? In the middle of a misogynistic and nonsensical rant, this little gem stands out as compelling evidence that you are not mere hilariously stupid bit, in fact, dangerous and delusional.

      • Jacob Ian Stalk

        Rape fantasies are a well-known and widespread phenomenon in women. There’s also a great deal of evidence of it manifestation in reality both anecdotally and in the literature. Fifty Shades of Grey is all about rape fantasies coming true – ever heard of it? It’s currently the worlds best-selling book for women.

        Best to study the phenomenon and the volumes of evidence in detail before making foolish comments like this.

        • Rae

          50 Shades of Grey isn’t about ‘rape’. It’s about BDSM. Which is consensual. Nice try. But you need to do better research if you truly believe that you have a point to make (no matter how impossibly sexist it is). And I seriously hope that you are not condoning rape.

    • Kay

      Wow. I take it back. Feminism does not leave a bad taste in your mouth. Women obviously do. While you have some points, that SOME women do, when you make comments such as ” Men are judged more harshly than women..” which is complete BULLSHIT, so completely negates any good points you may have had. It depends on what is being judged. Sexual prowess vs promiscuity IE Player vs Whore. And you are right, we don’t make sperm. But remind me when it was the last time a man grew an actual human being inside their womb? If I can do that, I can do whatever the fuck I want, regardless of whether I have sperm or not. Trying to use biological differences to prove that women should not seek equality is ridiculous. No women wants a penis. We just want paid the same as the people with penises. Number 10 could go both ways. Don’t get mad when your wife doesn’t fluff your ego constantly when you are having a bad day because your mother didn’t tell you she loved you enough as a child. Don’t accuse them of PMSing every time they get upset or angry at your for a legitimate reason. Don’t accuse having emotions as trying to manipulate an end result, it trivializes everything we are feeling. Men shame women too. We are supposed to nurture, be vulnerable and emotional beings, but then when we are like this we get accused of manipulations and whiny. Number 11 is just ummm…. I can be naked and men should control themselves. If they are naked, I am completely capable of controlling myself. And so are any men who aren’t rapists. No one should have to shield their sexuality if they so choose as long as they are staying within societal laws and workplace codes. Military does just fine, because they make their own dress codes. Have to be shielded from cleavage? Guys can’t help themselves huh? I admit. I REALLY want men to control themselves. I also dont want women to manipulate either, but men should STILL control themselves. Regardless of how I dress. 12 is pretty much the only valid point.

  • Anonymous

    I need feminism because my skills, pay and worth at work is defined more by my gender than my ability. I need feminism because i work in an office of 70, where only 7 are women. None are directors.

  • Mike

    Double standards. Men are expected to pick the toilet seat up AND put it down. If women want us to pick it up, they should expect to have to put it down.

    • Rae

      Because men can’t handle toilet seats. But women are expected to handle the enormous pressure of ‘looking pretty’, getting paid less, being harassed in the street and being told to take it a a compliment, the constant fear of being raped and/or murdered, being told that we’re ‘PMSing’ any time that we are passionate, and constantly being told to just calm down because it’s just ‘the way it is’. Yeah, you can handle a toilet seat.

  • Mgtow

    Stop with the lies. Feminism is based on a lie. It is all a lie. Everything feminists say is a lie.

    • Stuffed Fantod

      Everything I say is a lie.

      So shut up and “go your own way” already.

  • Matt Morgan

    Feminism isn’t about equality, it’s about empowering women to bring down a perceived culture from the 50s that doesn’t exist anymore, and replacing that (deceased) power structure with women. Thus it’s inherently hypocritical and as a critical theory should carry the same negative connotations that misogyny carries.

    • TK

      Feminism no longer needed? What a lucky coincidence, that any questioning of power structures and privilege can stop now that you’re alive and benefiting from inequality. Just good news, all around.

  • Susan

    I need Feminism to remind myself that ultimately a woman is biologically responsible for the choice to have children or not. My challenge has been the experience of being a time-enduring couple who decided to have an abortion following an unplanned pregnancy. My man had agreed to have a vasectomy, but then refused. If more men had vasectomies, there might be less misandry and misogyny, and more philogyny and philandry. Don’t hate, learn & LOVE!

  • Ilona

    Well, there are certainly enough comments here that prove why we need feminism…
    Great initiative!

    • Jacob Ian Stalk

      Riiiight. You need feminism because people who don’t agree with you make you just want to puke, eh?

      Yep, that’s feminism all right. It can turn a loving, sensitive, kind, gentle, intelligent, gracious young woman into a murderous beast in just a few sentences. Only something borne out of evil can do that. Thankfully, the world at large is waking up to the fact and are sending the jackbooted brownskirts back to the necrotic chambers of self-loathing from whence they were spawned. Girls, get out while you still can, for if you’re caught with your jackboots on the barren wastelands of isolation are the best you can hope for.

      • Vic

        “loving, sensitive, kind, gentle, intelligent, gracious young woman” – hopefully you’d expect the same standards from men and are willing to stick to them.
        But it’s perhaps too much to ask as you insist on defending the pseudo-scientific idol of an egocentric narcissistic domineering male hardwired to proudly remain so to the bitter end. And surely for that reason you come across as aspiring to be one.
        The murderous feminist beasts exist solely in your wet dreams. Link me to a sample of feminist venom that could come anywhere near the hate spewed by your fellow “masculists”. And try reading some serious qualitative social science not intoxicated with that Objective Truth revealed by the power-hungry prophets of evolution.

        • Jacob Ian Stalk

          Proud to be anti-misandrist? No. Forced to be in an oppressive climate? Sadly, yes.
          Aspiring to be egocentric, narcissistic and domineering? No. Presumed to be by young intellectual poseurs with too many popular ‘memes’ running around their hyperactive brains and with too few real experiences of human suffering to be taken seriously? Well, yes indeed.

          Feminist venom: go here agentorangefiles [dot] com.

          There is more, much more.

    • Mgtow

      “Well, there are certainly enough comments here that prove why we need feminism”

      …pffft,utter gutter stuff. Chanting crap only has an effect on the mindless.

      Great example of feminist dogma. Reverse the truth is the real mantra. Who knew George Orwell’s “Newspeak” could possibly come true.

  • Anonymous

    I need feminism to show that today, feminism is the same as equality. Yes, versions of it have, and do belittle men, creating large, false stereotypes that do not do anything to help this argument. People should have equal opportunities, but the world stops this from being the case. This is why I need feminism, and why I stand against racism, ageism, homophobia etc. because this should translate into society. It’s not about scary, butch women saying men are oppressors, it’s about creating a more equal world. I just find it really sad that so many people have a problem with this because of an outdated opinion about what feminism is actually about.

  • M Hunter Crane

    sultry birches, marl,
    darkening in a darkening grove –
    a distant music.

  • calm

    There are many kinds of feminism, and their raison-d’être changes over time. The more equality-oriented feminists, who think rationally about both men and women and their implication in the construction of gender, are working in the right direction, for there ARE unresolved gender issues that need to be addressed.The extremists (like all overly radical extremists) have given the term a very bad name, which is unfortunate. There shouldn’t be any room in ANY human rights effort for hypocrisy or double-standards. No quantity of insults or rational thinking will change engrained ideologies overnight. There are some very evil people out there (including feminists and all sorts of other activists who think they have THE solution that is right for everyon), but never forget that just because they scream the loudest it doesn’t mean that they scream for everyone.
    We need feminism lest we forget the errors of the past.

  • KDH

    I need feminism because I want my children to have faith in the human race. I want them to know that each person regardless of sex, race, orientation, and politics, is entitled to his/her opinion; and, despite the many disparities in opinions they may encounter throughout their lives, they will have the strength to respectfully agree to disagree but never, never, never give up hope or the fight to improve the quality of life for all.

    • Jacob Ian Stalk

      Feminism is not about equality. It is about women. Equality is about equality. Anything with a prefix femin- is about women. Can we say that White-ism is about equality? Or Islamism is about freedom of religion? No. This is only a surface argument but it is as valid as any in those “qualitative social sciences” someone mentioned above. Anyone who declares FEMIN-ism is about equality is fundamentally deluded.

      Feminism was once about empowering women…and perpetuating the myth that men were somehow the cause of their lack of it but it was never about equality. It’s now a deeply flawed propaganda machine that has caused women everywhere to presume themselves to be perpetual victims, exploiting their tendency to feel this way around the more aggressive male. The woman-as-victim meme has been so successful at manipulating the sheeple that shrewd lobbyists now give whatever issue is on their agenda a feminist polish in order to catapult them into the discourse. Ever heard that care for the environment is a feminist issue? I have.

      Feminism may once have been about empowering women, but now it’s about the unbridled pursuit of power, with women as the flag-bearers. It’s a political juggernaut based on lies, distortions, bullying and violence-by-proxy to manipulate the gullible public…all at the expense of men’s human rights.

      This notion that feminism is about hope and the improvement of the quality of life for all is nothing more than the product of decades of brainwashing. Sad to see it at Oxford.

  • Jong Choi

    I need feminism to make me laugh

  • I need feminism

    because I’m unattractive and can’t get a boyfriend

  • Flore

    I need feminism because I’m tired of people not understanding that gender/sexist roles are a social construction. Women are not all the same just as men are not all the same and there is no right way or wrong way to be a woman or to be a man. I need feminism because I am my own person, whatever my biological gender and I deserve to be respected as such. I need feminism as a medium to spread informations about the real facts of the life of women around the world. I need feminism because today women slavery and traffic still exists. I need feminism because feminism is not a swear word. I need feminism because the masculinist propaganda about feminist being all “angry, ugly, man-less” women who want power has to stop. I need feminism because equality is not a given, even though it shoulb be, and we have to achieve it, for everyone, men, women, transgender, gay, lesbians, of any and all ethnic origins. I need feminism just like I need hope that the future can be better, for everyone .

    • Jacob Ian Stalk

      Chanting “gender is a social construct” just because the womyns studies textbooks say so, does not make it so. Wishing it to be so also does not make it so, nor does consensus. The progesterone-estrogen dynamic in women is enough to destroy this shibboleth – if you have a care to study it.

      • Chick N. Schitz

        I need feminism because it fits in so well with Islam. And I have such a strength of conviction in my feminist beliefs that I speak up whenever I encounter any kind of reminder of how women are treated in Islamic countries. Feminism allows me to pretend I am not a lying hypocrite just trying to use group pressure to grab something that never belonged to me in the first place.

  • Bing

    I need feminism because too many people in these comments still talk of feminism in the 1960s media terms. Some try to play the “egalitarian” word. Did you know this was a word suggested by feminists to better explain the combat for human right, when wrongly alleged of “hating males”? Feminism means fighting for the respect of women’s rights. If men’s rights where really in trouble, and women ruled the world (and not in the idiotic sense put forward by some, suggesting that if a women gets to higher education and a well paid job while still being discriminated and being paid 75% of her male colleagues although with more experience and diplomas, than by all means, this is a woman’s world). IF, such male discrimination by women was and had been the rule for centuries, than by all means, call in Malism… Until then, feminism IS egalitarianism (and is presented as such by feminists). Only machist or conservative or illinformed media present feminism as something else. That’s why I need feminism for. So you can read this comment without assuming I’m a white female. Surprise, surprise… who am I. Oh, and by the way, the african-american civil rights movements was called for what it was… Not “egalitarianism”, but “fighting for the recognition of african-american civil rights”… should we redefine feminism as “female-xxchromosomes-human rights” or is that too complicated?

  • AyMan

    I need feminism to stop invalidating my experience as a male.The feminists I’ve had the displeasure of coming across are the most egocentric, intellectual supremacist bunch of humans I’ve ever met.Just because I do not have a uni degree and can’t throw all kinds of fancy statistics and studies at your arguments does not give you the right to say that my horrendous experience with the family courts is nothing.Don’t try to shut down what I’m saying because study A shows that women go through B and it’s all the fault of the patriarchy.
    I don’t know maybe I’ve only come across the more radical elements of the movement but from my interactions with them I don’t think the feminist movement has any of my interests at heart.So I’ll say I’m better off without it

  • Fuzzatron

    I’m a male feminist, so I already understood feminism’s relevance, but I’ll share this with as many people as I can; maybe some minds will be changed?

  • X

    I need feminism because I need equality. This should be all there is to it. This shouldn’t turn into a ‘who’s got it worse’ argument. Fair enough – identify the social differences men and women experience, but don’t blame the other sex for them – it isn’t constructive; all it does is cause divides between the sexes which make things even worse. The aim should be to be making sure everyone, male or female, gets the best deal.

    It is also naive to think there isn’t still a battle to bring women up to being on equal par with men in many aspects of society, which is why we need feminism: to make things equal.

    • Jacob Ian Stalk

      Feminism was not, is not, and never will be about equality. It was, is, and always will be about power for women. From Eve in the Garden of Eden to Pankhurst to that dessicated buffoon Greer, the serpent always finds its targets among the easily seduced.

  • Mgtow

    Jews needed Hitler, Titanic needed iceberg, Rome needed barbarians, dinosaurs needed asteroid. Yes the question tells you everything you needed to know about feminist bigots.

  • Anonymous

    I need feminism so that I can abort, abort, abort. Babies.

  • Anonymous

    I support feminism because pithy sloganeering is truth!

    I do support feminism, quite a lot actually, but this campaign is a mite facile-factoid for me.

  • What a sad joke these people are…

    Wow, just wow. My sons are so NOT going to Oxford!!
    Is this the rubbish they get indoctrinated on? Man-hate? To hate themselves for being men???
    And to learn that putrid pile of rubbish he is going into student DEBT?
    I dont know if to laugh or to cry. What a sad joke.
    Thank goodness for online learning, the only way for men to study without feminazi toxic poisoning.

    • Mgtow

      I’ll be out of college soon, thank god, I’m surrounded by this stuff on a daily basis in class and out. All I can think of is putting on a pack and going where no- one else is. I can feel my heart sing at the thought of not seeing or hearing another hell-spawn female for the rest of eternity. I’m sorry for your dilemma but I cannot recommend college in any way at all. I cringed every day at the crap pushed down guys throats. What did I learn at college ? That I wouldn’t defend this civilisation, let it die.

      • Stick

        And then the gormless twits wonder why men no longer want to marry or have children and treat women as sexual playthings to be fucked and chucked. Girls, you can thank the lesbian wymynz studies feminists for making a growing number of men go their own way.

      • San17

        You guys gonna engage in a discussion or just keep spouting insults? There’s a reason why Feminism is more common at university – it’s where people stop to think about things, rather than just accepting everything that society tells them. Let’s have some reasoned argument.

        • Jacob Ian Stalk

          OK. You start. Enlighten us on what happens to peoples thoughts when they graduate from university.

      • TK

        Well, to be fair, it doesn’t sound like you’re terribly pleasant to be around.

  • Lilith was a failure, Eve too, it seems that God can make mistakes too…

    I support feminism, because women became so infrequentable since feminism started that men will start to look over robot or biological bot from genetic engineering. (Science will make great progress).
    I support abortion because abortion clinics are the economy of the future. If you want to be rich open a clinic ! (Backed by government and taxpayer: low risk business guaranteed !)
    I support feminist divorce court system because I think the divorce industry won’t be affected by the financial crisis. (Unlimited mangina supply and unlimited bitches demand: renewable economy !).
    Billion dollars market in perspective $$$ !! Thanks well done, where I can buy share ?
    Just in case you still don’t get it: it was plain irony (but a lot truth in it).
    Greetings from your neighbor: France !

  • Anderson Davies

    >I need Masculism because I should not automatically have to pay for a dinner because of my gender.
    >I need Masculism because I should be treated equally to a woman who slaps a man, when I hit a woman.
    >I need Masculism because I refused to be accused of rape because she decided later that she shouldn’t have slept with me
    >I need Masculism because I should be allowed to make advances on a woman without because a pervert
    >I need Masculism because I should not automatically have to the one in a relationship who has to change
    >I need Masculism because men and woman should both be registered for the draft
    >I need Masculism because a man should have the option to quit their job and become a “homemaker” too
    >I need Masculism because sometimes a woman is just completely fucking wrong about something
    >I need Masculism because I am not a monster for not giving two shits about your “struggle”
    >I need Masculism because any man in any commercial is automatically portrayed as an idiot, but a negative portrayal of a woman is automatically met with backlash
    >I need Masculism because you should not be allowed to use sex to get your way, unless I am too

    • Onion Bubs

      Reading and thoroughly enjoying this list was my privilege.

    • San17

      If you’d read some feminism you’ll realise that most of these are included in the feminist aim – any norms of ‘masculinity’ oppress men as well as women, and should be removed. No real feminist is a ‘man-hater’. I would ask you to do some research on rape statistics before you make claims about false accusations however.
      Even if you allowed some of the more questionable claims on this list, women could produce a list twice as long, because, while the male role involves too much responsibility to look after women sometimes, at least it actually involves some form of power.

      • San17

        If you read*

  • Anonymous

    the sexist comments on here are so embarrassing – good luck ever getting laid guys.

    • Mgtow

      That’s right,’cause feminists are pulling the men big time. OMG, get a clue.
      No means no woman, not now, not ever.

    • BASTA!

      Upvoted for self-irony.

      • Mgtow

        Basta, you will find many men like myself choose to never be with a woman, ever. That is why the Mgtow tag. Men going their own way. We are legion.
        I said no woman, my choice, and I meant it.

      • Mgtow

        Basta you’ll find many men like myself have decided never to be with a woman. Hence the Mgtow tag. Men going their own way. We are legion. I said no woman, my choice, and I meant it.

  • Patrick

    I hold up “I need feminism because…” signs in a futile effort to get a BJ.

  • Smoit

    Anderson Davies and Jacob Ian Stalk: You are both trolling correct? Doesn’t matter if i’m wrong because your posts will not be taken seriously anyway. This really isn’t a funny topic to make jokes about. Understand that. Try to think about the implications of what you’re saying in a broader sense, not just pertaining to yourself and your own amusement. Some ignorant people will take on the bullshit that you post on the internet and it is dangerous. Take responsibility for your actions. If you do truly believe what you say then do not speak those thoughts. You are preaching hatred and that should not be tolerated.

    • Mgtow

      Liar. You are preaching hatred and should not be tolerated. Everybody but feminists can smell it a mile away. A brainwashing cult for the self-empowering female. Equality? Bullshit. Emasculinisation is not an equal outcome. Look how weak you are, calling for a ban on free speech. Dry your tears, princess, and try to keep up on your own.

      • Smoit

        Hey Mgtow,

        Feminism’s goal is to achieve equality between men and women…this has to be achieved by empowering women. This is because society today is dominated by men. Most of the media and business and political institutions are run by far more men than women and therefore women do not get as much of a say or representation. Watch any film or TV programme and you’ll see how many more characters are male. If you think that equalising the opportunities available to men and women (which must be done by allowing more women into more areas of society) is emasculinisation then you are fundamentally sexist because you think that it is a male’s right to be able to do something over a woman. Are you aware that this means that you believe the rights one has as a human being are different depending on whether you have a penis or a vagina? Are you aware that this completely undermines any effort to achieve a functional democracy and meritocracy? And for the record i’m male. This provides just one example of the irrelevance of gender aside from biological difference. You had absolutely no idea what gender i was until i just told you. Can’t you see how people make prejudices about someone by stereotyping. “Because i’m preaching feminism i must be a woman”. Gender does not matter! Neither does the colour of your skin, where you were born or anything else, which is physical.

        The only way i, or ANY other man on the planet could be emasculated is if my genitals were cut off. That is the only thing that makes you a male. As a feminist myself i can tell you that is not what i or any other feminist want to do.

        • Mgtow

          What an idiot you are. I called you princess precisely because you are an already emasculinated (and pathetic) male. Try some testosterone, you need it. Your comments re-gender are those of a simpleton whose understanding is limited to reiterating what you have been told. You talk about equality like a 13 year old girl. Good luck with that.

          • Smoit

            1. Emasculated… not the word you said that doesn’t exist. Sorry.
            2. All that message said was that you think I’m an idiot. At least respond to what I said
            3. I’m not regurgitating what I’ve been told I’m just going by morality.
            4.tell me how to talk about equality if I’m doing something wrong. I assume you use 13 year old girl as a negative description.

    • Jacob Ian Stalk


      This is a profoundly ignorant and irresponsible comment. The internet provides the disinfection feminism desperately needs. Labelling opinions as being hateful, when they are not, is precisely the strawman feminists put up in their attempt to divert people’s attention from the truth. It is itself trolling. The very kind designed to ignite passions and incite visceral reactions without disinfecting dissent or calming accountability. Well, this pushy feminist diversionary technique has been so often used it has become transparent, and the internet has a word for it now – the strawman. The strawman is not only a diversion but an obvious one, just like “The Patriarchy” – the original feminist strawman. Most people now see the Patriarchy for what it is – a feminist malapropism, taken from a well-known historical device used to represent the male leaders of the ancient world, bashed open into a catch-all for every little thing any woman has ever felt was preventing her from being anything and everything she wanted to be, whether or not she had the aptitude, intelligence, ability, upbringing, will, drive or other wherewithal to be such a thing. The strawman Patriarchy these days is seen for what it is – a euphemism for incapacity.

      Only a few die-hard feminists get away with using strawmen these days, as the truth is quickly revealed to anyone who cares to think on it and do some research. There are now thousands upon thousands of papers, books and internet articles that run through all the strawmen – the only line of defence feminism ever had.

      The truth is, because the feminists at the root of the cause knew their arguments were empty, it has become essential to modern feminism to hi-jack the cultural narrative by volubly protesting ideas that conflict with the particular brand of bigotry they purvey as hatred. It’s ho-hum Feminism 101, actually. Feminists, like the inflaming bigots in their entire history – the narcissistic megalomaniacs they attempt to emulate like Pankhurst, Steinem, Dworkin, Greer, Clinton – have always labelled as hateful anything that is critical of their own self-serving ideas. If this doesn’t wash they try to alter the narrative to paint themselves as victims of hate so the public will think it’s justified. If this doesn’t work, they stir the pot to obfuscate the issues and obscure the truth so the public can’t separate the stew from the scum.

      THIS is trolling…and feminists invented it.

      • Smoit

        How is patriarchy a strawman? You really think it doesn’t exist? Feminism is not trolling because equality STILL doesn’t exist between men and women. It’s completely transparent and a simple organisation…there’s nothing fancy or insidious about it. Feminism calls for equality between men and women, nothing more. Can you please pick out my points and explain what’s wrong. Also for the record, why are you so opposed to feminism? Is it because you think there is an ulterior motive? Do you think women DO indeed have it all and there’s nothing else to fight for? Or do you just genuinely think women are inferior? Just curious. Logically you must answer yes to one of these questions (unless you are a troll).

        • Smoit

          Also just to clarify… i wasn’t trolling you. I told you to think about what you write before you comment to public forums. I didn’t feel a need to write a lengthy justification. In my opinion, tolerance should only go so far as NOT to account for intolerance. As your posts expressed an intolerance of feminism and THEREFORE (i’m not making any wild leaps of logic here…simply stating facts) an intolerance of women achieving equal rights to men, i am not capable of tolerating your posts. I would react the same if someone posted anything racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, etc. etc. Intolerance must not be tolerated.

          • Smoit

            One more thing: Narcissistic megalomaniacs….

            YES feminism requires women to seek power!!! How else do you think women will achieve equal rights to men? Women need to be given as much power as men and that would require women to be given more power because currently they have less power than me. Anti-feminists bang on about how awful it is that feminism ISN’T about equality but IS about women being power-hungry. Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

            • Smoit

              Seeing as you came to post on this comment-board because i assume you disliked the topic of the article in question. I would appreciate it if you could maybe pick out some of the photos above and tell me what you don’t like about them. I think each one is a brilliant representation of why feminism is important. They are all true. Which ones do you not think are true?

              • Smoit

                Jacob Ian Stalk i just googled your name and found various comments on forums pertaining to feminism.

                “All-powerful God makes Man. All-powerful Man makes world. All-powerful world makes woman. All-powerful Woman makes feminist. All powerful feminist makes Devil. God destroys Devil. Rinse and repeat.”

                And you say that you are not preaching hatred on the internet? This is disgusting. Again…completely transparent word. It’s a subjective word which people can interpret in their own way. But this comment really is just disgusting to me.

                • Jacob Ian Stalk

                  So you can Google. Huzzah. I hope they’re teaching you more than this at Oxford.

                  Your disgust, while deserving of some milk and a teddy bear, is irrelevant on this issue as you clearly have little grasp of the horrors brought about by feminism.

                  Put your Googling skills to better use and search for ManWomanMyth, COTWA, False Rape Society, The Spearhead or A Voice for Men. When you find them, read them in their entirety for a serious education. Keep the milk and teddy bear handy though, as you will be disgusted – by the human rights abuses committed in the name of feminism. Your gorge will rise…perhaps also your righteous indignation on behalf of men. Stop reacting now and start reading.

                  • Smoit

                    Thanks for the amusing references x

                    • Jacob Ian Stalk

                      Pleasure. Don’t forget to bookmark them.

  • Anonymous

    EQUALITY is something I think both ‘feminists’ and ‘non-feminists’ can agree on.
    Everyone should be equal, have equal rights and if a ‘feminist’ argument fights for that (including fighting on behalf of men being seen on equal and fair terms) or if a ‘non-feminist’ argues not to be seen as a bigot for stating that the patriarchy can also be screwed over or that women should have equal pay, then we should all realise that these are fair terms and that we are on the same page. Unfortunately from the looks of these comments, we are not. Too many double standards, too many unnecessary, provocative comments, too many aggressive and telescopic viewpoints and too much arguing. Let’s stop looking it from the angle of “us” and “them” or “self” and “other” and just accept that we should all have the same opportunities and rights (something which I know ‘feminists’ and ‘non-feminists’ both fight for).

  • Frankly
  • and i thought

    the women’s campaign at Cambridge was shit, bloody hell this is pathetic (i have a vagina btw)

  • Anonymous

    Feminists are really lousy in bed, ive tried.

  • Baaaawww

    I need feminism because I have first world problems.

  • MoProblems

    Go protest like this outside a mosque, fearless gender warriors, I f’kn dare ya.

  • Feminism isn’t going away, sorry!

    I need feminism because, yes, gender IS a social construct – and society loves to ridicule those who step outside its carefully constructed bounds. I need feminism because even today, in 2013, with all my education, I’ll still only make 75% of a man’s wage, even doing the exact same work. I need feminism because I want to be able to plan when I have children, not become accidentally pregnant and be forced to carry them to term by an oppressive government. I need feminism because an alarmingly large number of my female friends have been the victims of assault: on the streets, in their homes, by strangers, by relatives, by friends that they trusted, and the system tries to make them blame themselves. And, more importantly, the world needs feminism: women are still oppressed, murdered, killed, raped, and abused.

    Finally, just look at the horrible people in this thread saying horrible things about feminism, about women, about gender roles. That’s why we need feminism – because sexism is sexism and it’s displayed on large right here.

    • Jacob Ian Stalk

      Straight out of the feminist rhetoric handbook. Congratulations…in the category of Let’s-Regurgitate-Whatever-The-Heck-We-Read-Without-Having-An-Original-Thought-Of-Our-Own, we have a new winner!

      • Dii

        Idiot – just because someone else has said it doesn’t make a thing untrue.

        • Jacob Ian Stalk

          Perhaps not, but in this case the willful distortions of her comment are palpably and provably wrong. What makes it untrue are, um…facts. Not just any facts but facts that are also borne out by observable reality to even the casual researcher, such as the wage gap myth.

          Hey, let’s talk instead about the sentencing discount for women criminals – i.e the penalty gap. Last I heard it was about 20% in favour of women. Go ahead. You start. I’ll wait while you gather the facts from that truth you seem to have in your grasp.

  • Mark Temporis

    You totally should send a dude over to interview Mark Stander….with a bag of extra-safe condoms!

  • Liane

    I need feminism because from a young age I was told I needed to stay home with my children. I need feminism because at daycare I was molested by older boys. I need feminism because at twelve when I wanted to play football there were no girl teams I could play on. I need feminism because I got catcalls starting at age twelve walking to school. I need feminism because in my teens a man tried to follow my sister and I home. I need feminism because I have been molested in public by strangers. I need feminism because someone tried to date rape me. I need feminism because I know many women some whom I’m very close with who have been raped. One who had the cops accuse her of lying. She didn’t date a man again for years. I need feminism because in the industry I work in there are men refuse to talk with me, hit on me, call me pet names, and feel it’s ok to touch me.I need feminism because I had neighbors threaten me with rape. I need feminism because in the possible careers I have researched, even though we would go through the same schooling, men in those fields are making 20%-40% more then I would. I need feminism because I want to see gender roles shattered. So that men aren’t judged for having a sensitive side, that they can be just as good of parents, and I can do just as much as them. Because we are not from different planets and we are more alike then society lets us believe. I need feminism because whatever sex of child I have I don’t want them to be hindered because of gender roles, sexually abused, or taken for granted. I need feminism because through my passion for it I have found the gender roles that negatively affect men as well. SO INSTEAD OF DENYING CAN WE ALL JUST WORK TOGETHER TO ABOLISH THESE TERRIBLE THINGS THAT AFFECT US ALL.

    • Mgtow

      So tell me you’d be really, really happy to see your man prancing about to his joy in high heels. If not, then perhaps you might just come to understand how he feels about you in football boots. Do you hear many men complaining about there being no male entrants in the “Miss universe” contest? It’s just a social construct right? If they did conform to that social construct, you’d never stop going on about how manly they were, wouldn’t you? Or would it be the tear laden wail ‘where are all the real men’ boo hoo.
      Well, we are here. We just don’t go in beauty contests, and we don’t want to know you.

  • Liane

    Forgot a few things in my list above. I need it because I dont want to feel pressure or choose having a family over fulfilling my dream career. Because I want to help women in other countries. And because some of the comments on here make me sick to my stomach and truly break my heart. Hate and ignorance are terrible things. And some of you one here are very sad souls.

    • Jacob Ian Stalk

      You need feminism because the world is all about you. Have I got that right?

  • Highwasp

    …One of the fundamental premises of Feminism is that men and women are born the same and only made different through’GENDER IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT’ – while also asserting that men and women are born different when ‘SAME SEX ATTRACTION IS INBORN’ cognitive dissonance much?

    ~ I need feminism so I can have it both ways ~

  • Boris

    This thread tells me that some men feel threatened and alarmed by some feminists much as some feminists feel threatened and alarmed by some men. It also tells me that some feminists and some misogynists lazily reduce the complexity of individual and collective gender relations to absurd generalisations and then pass sweeping dismisive judgements based on those generalisations. As we see, this perpetuates extremes on either side leaving no room for acknowledging the nuanced conversation that is most of feminists.

    My own experience as a cisgendered heterosexual male who studies gender relations is that most serious feminists are very smart people and welcome rigorous critical engagement with the topic. Lamenting the “narcissism” of feminists sounds lot like the identifying the *acknowledged by feminists* paucity of research on men and masculinity, and the intersectionalities of gender. It isn’t the fault of feminism that men really haven’t taken up the mantle of studying themselves and themselves in context the way women have. Judging by the outrage expressed here, you’d think the granting agencies the world over would be swamped by proposals from men!

    • Mgtow

      “a cisgendered heterosexual male who studies gender relations”
      You can stop right there, buddy. Fail.

      • Boris

        I could have said white straight dude, so it is pretty hilarious to see you use my lexicon to confirm my point about intellectual laziness.

        • Mgtow

          I know what you said dude. Man you people are simple. The error in your sentence was the word ‘male’. By referring to yourself in the manner you did, you failed masculinity 101. Try harder. It’s not impressive to underestimate your opposition. Don’t forget to bend over.

          • Boris

            Who said anything about opposition?

  • Anonymous

    Just be careful you aren’t making girls like me feel excluded and attacked by campaigns. I believe in equality- not dominance. I believe I should have every right to cook meals in my home and stay with my babies if I am financially prepared to. I also don’t think those choices should ever be pushed on any individual but I have never met one “feminist” that will not belittle or attack me for wanting a traditional home…. I find that people tend to disbelieve me when I point out I enjoy having my fiance want and able to provide for me and any family we have in the future. I have many options available to me and I LOVE this but I do not feel the need to take any of them at the moment and- as a feminist- I refuse to be belittled or shamed for wanting a traditional home.

    • Jacob Ian Stalk

      Is feminism about staying at home with the kids now? I wish it would make up its mind.

      Why not just call it “It’s All About Me Because I’m a Woman” and remove the confusion.

      • Anonymous

        the whole point of that was that I have been attacked by feminists for wanting a traditional home. No. I was made to feel like an idiot because I want and enjoy the prospect of raising children and being able to home school them for some of their lives. I have been told I am unstable for wanting this because it is unacceptable. I work and have worked since I was 12 years old so its not for lack of work ethics or laziness. I was just cautioning.

  • KaiRo

    I need gender equality. Not matriarchy, not patriarchy… because I grew up in a home where both parents worked and both parents cared and both parents gave a damn about their two little girs. I need equality because those same parents don’t understand why I might not want to spend 4+ years in university to come out with thousands of dollars of debt. Because I enjoy supporting my fiance when he needs support and I love being supported when I need support. I need equality because he feels guilty when we go dutch at dinner, or when he’s out of work so I buy our dinner out. I need equality because feminists my entire life have been attacking and belittling me because I want to be a home maker and know that if my fiance and I put in the time and effort now, that can and will be a reality and I’ve been ridiculed for having a fiance who is willing to accept that. I need equality because that same man feels like shit when he loses his job and has a hard time paying his bills and is belittle by society for wanting to stay home and be the home maker for a little while because we have totally different career skills so some seasons it is easier for me to work than him.

    • Jacob Ian Stalk

      No-one needs these -archys. We need men to be men and women to be women…and the fundamental differences that keep us accountable for the destructive behaviours of our sex. Nature has provided the mechanism for balance. We need to stop thinking “equality”, as this is a term so easily misunderstood, and start thinking “equity”. No two people are equal – for a million different reasons – but everyone has equity.

      Men and women have equity in human existence. Now isn’t that nice?

  • Dick Banton

    ‘Strap On Guy’ is clearly a fag.

  • Highwasp

    “Finally, just look at the horrible people in this thread saying horrible things about feminism, about women, about gender roles. That’s why we need feminism – because sexism is sexism and it’s displayed on large right here.” WE NEED FEMINISM TO SILENCE ALL OPPOSITION – FACIST MUCH?

  • Ariel

    They don’t know what they are asking for…They need feminism to be at work 12 hours / day, to keep their children in a daycare all day long, to eat fast-food because they don’t have time to cook, to try to play “men” (when an entire body of research showed that, YES, females are biologically and emotionally different than males). These are the outcomes of feminism so far. On the other direction, apparently the feminism did not do anything. More than ever before females have to look.. not just good, but GREAT (think of the plastic surgery industry), they invest in clothing all they have, they use their appeal not only for their husbands, but for their bosses too..GOOD LUCK with feminism. My grandmother had more dignity, respect and protection in her life than we can’t even dream of…She was born in 1917

  • Henry J. Ulmann

    I’m pining for some feminist action!

  • No one has ever said;

    This is a good forum for dealing with these issues.

  • Hedi

    Remove the words Women and Men in the posts above and put “People”….

    • Mgtow


  • Deedra Ankrom

    I think this is a GREAT idea–just wish I could be there to join in.

    In spite of my absence, I’d just like to say, “I need feminism because ambitious men and women are still labeled go-getters and bitches, respectively.” Also, “I need feminism because gender-based pay inequities are still in existence.”

  • Anonymous

    First world problems.

    • Dii

      But still problems idiot.

  • liane

    Mgtow your ignorance is showing. Believe it or not women like sports too and if someone I was dating had a problem with it then I hope the door hits them on the ass on the way out. You sir out of my entire life story picked one lame thing to retaliate. Which proves to me you don’t have sound reasoning just blind hatred. I hope you meet a wonderful strong woman, have a beautiful daughter, and in turn learn to have an open mind. Oh and chances are your daughter would be molested like I have, like many women have. Then perhaps you’ll find it harder to ignore.

    • Mgtow

      “Believe it or not men like make-up too and if someone I was dating had a problem with it then I hope the door hits them on the ass on the way out.”
      Looks good on paper, doesn’t it, but like all feminists your hypocrisy is showing.

  • liane

    And also you are generalizing women saying we all want to be in beauty contests.. Where on earth did you get that information.

    • Mgtow

      Nope, didn’t. However you’re excused, as feminism and intellectual rigour are mutually exclusive.

  • loane

    And also I don’t need someone to act “manly” whats most attractive to me is having a large heart.

    • Mgtow

      Uh-huh. The river you’re looking for is in Egypt.

  • Mishyana

    I’m trying to decide if Jacob Stalk is a real person or some sort of misguided performance art project. If it weren’t for some of the followup comments, I wouldn’t be able to believe people that seemingly, purposely stupid could actually exist.

  • Suzy Walden

    Because I remember when men pinched me on the butt at work.

  • Highwasp

    Equality? ok – let’s take one example of feminist’s equality:

    My body, My choice. (for women)

    Any of you feminist’s ever argue or lobby for a man’s body, a man’s choice?

    Well, if feminism is for equality then where’s the discussion for equality in regards to a man’s reproductive rights and choices? … Crickets…

    Well, OK then, how about (equality of opportunity). How about you feminists demand a male birth control pill or RISUG procedure so men can have (equal opportunity) to be responsible prior to pregnancy? Any demand for that? I mean, really – Before feminists start asking us taxpayers to further pay for women’s reproductive options how about we get the same birth control options for men so we can all have a choice? I don’t hear one word about equalizing men’s reproductive choices and rights to the level that women currently enjoy…

    Men take note – Granting a woman the legal, social and cultural authority to hold a man responsible for her reproductive choices, while requiring of her no obligation or accountability to the man, greatly elevates the woman’s status over the man while subverting the man’s wants, will and wishes compelling him into a life long ‘commitment’ for her choices – the very definition of slavery.

    Men – If the feminist’s even bother to reply, I predict they’ll shame and blame male sexuality and argue for him to MAN UP and take responsibility: “u play – u pay, don’t have kids if you can’t support them, keep it in your pants, you got her pregnant…” as such they show the depth of their hate, bigotry and supremacist attitudes.

    The only thing feminists can do to promote equality at this point is to apologize, make reparations and change the policies they have implemented over the past 50 years. To be equal the policies which currently provide procreation rights and choices to women need to be extended to men. And we all know that isn’t going to happen – therefore, feminist’s claims for equality are simply a smoke screen hiding their real agenda of female supremacy.

    • KaiRo

      I advocate for the development of male birth control, however I would recommend you do your research on different methods… if you really don’t want to get her knocked up, know when your partner ovulates, clean your body properly and learn to pull out on time (by the way, it has been proven that pulling out DOES work, as precum does NOT have sperm unless you just had sex, haven’t cleaned yourself and haven’t gone pee). My fiance and I have been using that method for two years now.

      I think it is only fair that feminists should advocate for conscription rights… and that if the governments were intelligent they would pass it as a means of population control. You could either start or end a baby boom and in times of war the home front often has to wage a population war.

      I wish more women accepted that it is a mans right to chose to be in a childs life every bit as much as it is theirs but unfortunately not many women admit that. I would not get an abortion for my own personal reasons but I think a woman should have to have a waver signed saying the father agrees to the abortion as well. Same as adoption. If EITHER parent wants to take responsibility for their child, then they should have that right. The current system is very flawed when it comes to parenthood, responsibility and rights.

      I don’t think it is right that when I apply for a job with the same, or less, qualifications than a man an employer would be obligated to employee me over him just because we have different privates.

      • Dii

        If you think a woman should be forced to have a baby because a man wants her to you are a monster. I have had 2 children and believe me it was no picnic – I would never wish childbirth on someone who did not wish to do it.

  • Benjamin Wand

    There are lots of expectations. What again was feminism?

  • Miguel Armstrong

    I need feminism so that Jacob Ian Stalk has zero access to a vagina and never passes on his inferior genes.

  • Highwasp

    ‘feeding the man who has a higher work threshold’ making the feminist’s quest redundant… yeah – the quest to be a man is made redundant by ‘women’ – – cuz they still have a vag between their legs – even if their is a dick between their ears – their is no replacement for authentic disposability = males. TRADITION dictates men die for women – and now he knows this – plus he receives no compensation, social or financial – still wanna feed the man who now realizes his disposability? He might bite the hands that feeds…

  • Amanda A.

    I think WomCam had an excellent idea when they started this campaign. Many people think feminism is only for a small group of hairy, men hating women. But in reality all women, and men, need feminism. I especially loved the photos of the men. A man admitting that he is guilty of sexism and misogyny is not seen enough. And it is even greater to see men saying they need feminism because they understand that the feminist movement did not end with women’s suffrage and Roe v Wade.

    • Jacob Ian Stalk

      The most dangerous feminist is the Plain Jane sycophant, usually a little cute but not pretty, studied but not enough to have the truth at her disposal, who has no idea of the deadly consequences of wielding the toxic mix of feminist ignorance and uncapped solipsism. I liken her to Typhoid Mary, spreading death and disease with every touch, not knowing the misery she leaves in her wake. Her ignorance is eclipsed only by the horror of realising the only identity she has is through her disease. This day of reckoning for the sycophantic feminist always comes, and it is never pretty.

      The smell of the hairy ones is their salvation as it teaches them early on that being universally despised is no picnic..

  • Black Man

    Bitch! Just shut up and get back on your knees where you belong!

  • Highwasp

    “I have had 2 children and believe me it was no picnic – I would never wish childbirth on someone who did not wish to do it.” Women force fatherhood and parenthood on men everyday – Men do not have a CHOICE in the matter. There’s another example of a feminist’s privileged and entitled brain washing. What you find horrendous for someone else do to, you routinely do to others, but because you’re a woman, it’s OK.

    • Dii

      ” Women force fatherhood and parenthood on men every day.”
      Do we force you to you put your penises in our vaginas with no thought for the possible consequences?
      Good god man – what planet do you inhabit?
      Condom. Vasectomy. Abstinence. 3 words you need to learn.
      And maybe also the idea of self responsibility.

      • Stone

        Imagine for a second that the man would decide if an abortion should be made, and not the woman. Would you then say say that women should just use condoms, have their ovaries removed or practice abstinence? I can’t say I know what you would think, but my guess would be that you instead would think that the man shouldn’t have the exclusive right to decide if the woman becomes a mother.

        I know that the situation isn’t that simple since the woman obviously carries the child, but there is clearly a power inequality here that can’t just be handled with “well stop having sex then”.

        • Dii

          SO what do you want to do – MAKE women have your babies? never suggested you stop having sex – just take responsibility for the way you chose to do so.I

  • Highwasp

    “What sort of job do you do that requires you to be stronger than a woman?”

    concrete pumper, iron worker, garbage collector, oil rig worker, roofer, seaman fisher, tree faller… seems like almost all of the dirty, heavy and dangerous jobs have no women present… where’s the women plumbers, sewer cleaners, fuel tank cleaners, pig farmers, asphalt shovelers …? If the job is dirty, smelly, dangerous and requires hours of heavy lifting and hard work then the male class is regulated to it – get over your selfish self. Amerika’s infrastructure would collapse without the male class inventing, re-inventing, maintaining and basically keeping it running.

    • Dii

      “Regulated to it” There are increasing numbers of women in all these jobs and no one forces anyone to take these jobs.

      • EJS

        But that’s not what feminism is about at all. It’s about equality all around. Women and men should be able to go for (or not go for) those jobs without gender being involved in the equation. That is feminism. Ask any feminist, like me, a proud male feminist because I understand what the term means and I know it’s not a threat to me at all. In fact, I know feminism will only help me and all humans on this planet in the future.

  • Jacob Ian Stalk

    I’m all for women doing the hard physical jobs. More women garbage collectors, plumbers, ditch diggers, roadworkers, pit miners, concreters, labourers, bus drivers, longshorepersons, etc. How very odd that we don’t hear feminists demanding gender quotas on these noble vocations.

    Oh, that’s right, feminism is about the best of the world for women when they want it, and the rest for men whether they want it or not. Go equality, yay!

  • Eric Sandin

    I need feminism so that my little boy doesn’t grow up being taught to hate and disrespect women as most little boys are taught. And so my little girl knows that she is equal to all other humans on this planet. Why all the hate in these comments fellas? Why can’t we love and respect each-other?

  • Ian

    I need feminism to stop throwing the “…you’ll never get laid” at every turn.I’m not five years old, counter me with logic not stupid threats.I get laid plenty, even by feminist types, just don’t tell them what my real views are

  • Evie Frishman
  • Mgtow

    So @ Kayleigh(ad infinitum) –
    For everyone’s sake some brevity: you are saying;

    Not all women are like that. (Nawalt)

    Well,well. Never heard that before.
    Allow me to run that through some mathematical analysis.
    You are mistaken.

  • Joe

    Now , now, boys and girls, let’s try to get along. We need each other. We can’t get along without each other. I like feminism. I like strong women. But we boys are mostly nice too. Let’s be kind to each other, and lets have a party while we’re at it. And let’s not have any more of these stupid lists. It’s all pretty obvious. Women have been held back in certain areas. Let’s liberate them in all areas, even if they don’t get drafted.

  • Anonymous

    I would enjoy reading a comment thread ANYWHERE on the internet that didn’t sound like a grade school classroom full of name calling and finger pointing. I wish for a world where we learn how to communicate and really hear each other, male and female, every skin tone, every age group. I am 100% behind the advancement of the human race which includes gender equality… We are all inherently better than how we choose to represent ourselves. We can all do better, the lot of us.

  • Tonia D Troll

    I need feminists because I’m sexually attracted to women who use reusable fanny pads, don’t shave, have crewcuts, wear boiler suits and Doc Martins, don’t wear bras and speak like a man, but ironically they still can’t read a map.

  • David Shield

    As a gay man, i need feminism

  • remarkable

    I need feminism like a fish needs a bicycle.

  • SortedMeAuldMucker

    “Think feminism is finished? Think again.” – Livi Wilkinson
    With all due respect to Ms. Wilkinson, in re her article, I thought about it again and I think feminism is finished.

  • Lindsey

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  • Anonymous

    You have never met my husband have you child?

  • Jerome

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  • Kimberly

    I need feminism because the posts on this page are all the evidence we need to show that patriarchy still rules this planet, and will ruin it for human life if the women aren’t allowed to step in. And it’s so evident and palpable the absolute FEAR these men posting have of women!

    My favorite was the last poster by the man. It takes a truly strong man to be a feminist, even when the current patriarchy gives him certain advantages. Thank you to this man. Brave and courageous.

    For all you feminist-bashers, please be sure to tell your Mom, your sister, and your daughter how you feel about them. Because feminism is the simple notion that women are people.

    • Musculos

      Your post only shows that you need feminism because opinions you disagree with shouldn’t exist and that you are too fragile to live in a society with open debate.

  • Snooze Hamilton

    Good job, people (bows)

    I need Feminism because people still think the idea that women AND men don’t need to be made to fit in neatly labeled, tiny boxes is radical.

  • Ria Swift

    Feminism: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. I always thought I was equal. I think ya’ll got this wrong. Men are the ones who need to know women are equal. We already know it. Men and women need to be liberated. This root word and it’s definition don’t make sense. How can something starting with Fem…..stand for both male and female. We need a new word. How about EQUALITY! Drop the labels, realize we are all equal, and moving on. If you don’t get that, either side, then Feminism isn’t going to change it. It really is the wrong word. It implies women have to do something or be something. We don’t….cause we already are!!!! and so are men. There is no real freedom in labels. This is just one more.

  • Anonymous

    lol basicly he means “I need feminism because I like to have a dick in my butt” LOL….

  • Preston

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    Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very troublesome to inform the
    reality then again I will surely come back again.

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  • http://Feministinsider Rebecca

    So much shite from pseudo-informed intellectuals

    you know what makes me laugh as a former feminist academic – is the fact that I know from the inside that all these women only got into Oxford because they are women.

    How can they be so ignorant?

    When you campaign to take a bullet in the head on the front line, clear shite from sewers, demand more violence so you have an equal share of what men collectively suffer in the world, are equally unemployed and depressed and suicidal, are equally hated and ignored by the rest of society – then you have equality –
    if you dont like this then shut the fuck up

  • http://Www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsIy_3day3k Red Crucible 2 Hack

    Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This kind of
    clever work and coverage! Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve you guys to our blogroll.

  • Guest

    This is really good work that’s been done but I can’t help feeling that theirs a severe lack of feminists from the lgbt community. It’s already difficult for them to have their voices heard even amongst feminists so I’m really disappointed that WomCam sees the world in such a heteronormative fashion. Also, where are the POC’s? There needs to be more of them here too.

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