Sneak Peak At This Year’s Raunchy Cheer Calendar

Exclusive to The Tab, the Nottingham Knights Cheerleaders have released a sneak preview of their 2014 charity calendar...


The calendar will be released in December

The proceeds from the calendar will be donated to Forget-Me-Notts, a charity affiliated to Operation Orphan. Forget-Me-Notts helps organise selection box packs and easter egg packs for children in care, and the Nottingham Knights have recently wrapped and distributed over 1,000 of these.


The cheerleaders will be selling the calendars next to Boots in Portland throughout the first week of December. They will cost £5 each, but for an extra 50p they will enter your name into a raffle where you and up to ten friends can win a night out with them and join one of their socials.

You can win a night out with the Nottingham Knights

You can win a night out with the Nottingham Knights

If you would rather order one alternatively, every individual cheerleader will be selling them. Their Facebook page can be found here and you can find them on twitter @UoNCheerleading.


“Everyone had lots of fun”

Publicity Sec Amy Penn said: “Shooting the calendar was a great day and everyone had lots of fun! The girls could pick whatever month they wanted to be in and everyone was excited to get involved and make a lot of money for a well deserved charity.”


The girls will also be selling Crisis tickets this week, 50p of which will go to charity

  • Hugo ‘Sassy’ Sikuade

    Hmm I don’t know about this years calendar, too much ass not enough sass am i right!! Yeah great the girls look cute but NEWSFLASH 67% of guys on this campus are gay (I have had around 80% of them) and are not interested in these kind of pictures. The Tab should invite sassy for a shoot and we’ll see what Nottingham boys really want 😉

    • Anonymous

      not following you im afraid loyd

  • Alex Pollock

    I will take any heavier cheerleading girls who didn’t make the cut for this photo shoot.

  • Anonymous

    couple tings in the mixer tho

  • Jonathan van der Valk

    Really can’t wait to get my hands on this one, looks even better than last year.

  • neel patel

    WHO is the blonde girl?!?!?!?!?!

    • Anonymous

      Robert, isn’t it wonderful what medical science can do?

  • Germaine Greer

    Shotgun proposing this to be banned first!!!

  • gandalf

    Anyone who bought this to get a date with a cheerleader is a fucking fag. What happened to Chivalry and honour in most men nowadays fucking batty boys need to be put down. Rare you get the Uni student with them and he wont fit in or you wont see him around because he thinks ur faggots. #ALPHA

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