Give up giving up, says Trent

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NTU bans smoking e-cigs on campus.

They don’t contain tobacco, smoke or tar. But NTU has gone and banned them anyway.

Electronic cigarettes don’t contain any of the 4,000 toxins found in real cigarette smoke – and are often used by smokers trying to kick the habit. But Nottingham Trent has banned students from smoking them because they’re:


– Confusing


– Disruptive

In a bid to explain why NTU is so confused, a spokesman explained that they “appear to be real cigarettes from a distance.”

He added, “In recent months the university… has experienced an increase in the use of electronic cigarettes by both staff and students.

“[Their use] is potentially disruptive, causes confusion and can be a distraction.”

Medical experts have deemed the decision rogue, with John Britton from the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies commenting, “It’s medically inconceivable they could be as harmful as the real thing.”

And NTU aren’t the only people to crack down on faux-smoking. The Victoria and Broadmarsh shopping centres and Spoons have banned e-cigarettes too.

Nottingham Uni staff don’t find e-cigarettes too confusing and will continue to allow students to smoke them.

  • Mike

    Boy it sure doesn’t take much to confuse them over at Trent.

  • dan

    Great article – great to see a news source backing up ecigs. I’ve been using them for months now and gave up smoking my accident. I just wanted a healthier alternative, but find I dont even need the nicotine ones. I have a puff on a flavoured nicotine free one after dinner or with a drink and I love it. Just imagine the heath benefits if every smoker swapped to electronic!

    Problem is tobacco firms are loosing customers and the govt don’t like it as they cant tax them. There fore they push a lot of mis information out there.

  • Sean

    Look like cigarette…but not cigarette!? How? Whaaa? No do! Bad juju! No make magic smoke!

  • diddy

    Except it’s quite a bit more than a trend Mike. Electronic cigarettes are saving people’s lives.

  • Joe Sixpack

    I thought universities were supposed to be filled with smart people. What is wrong with Trent?

  • Anonymous

    This ban goes to show you the smoking bans have nothing to do with health concerns or second-hand smoking. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and in this case non-smokers are the 18 wheeler.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure the smoking ban was to do with the potential health concerns of second-hand smoking…

  • nikki

    Why not allow people to use e cigarette devices that do not look like real cigarettes, then you have the benefits but without the confusion or distraction. Problem solved for the hard of thinking at NTU and will stop alienating those smokers who are using this as a method of not smoking. The more e cigarette use is normalized the more smokers will be able to use them and give up their smoking habit, saving potentially thousands of lives every year.

  • Ex QUB – upgraded to camb

    You’re an idiot

  • Alex

    Ah if only you had heard my 1st year nightmare housemate story haha

  • El Barto

    Why do you have two first names? You suc.

  • El Barto


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