EDL and foes set to clash

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This Saturday the EDL will march in Norwich for the first time, but We Are Norwich are planning to counter them.

Two rival political groups will march to Norwich city hall this Saturday.

The English Defence League (EDL), a radical right-wing group, will march from Castle Gardens. Counter demonstrators We Are Norwich will gather in Chapelfield Gardens prior to the march.

The counter demonstration will meet at 11am.

The EDL are protesting against a decision by the city council, banning a Christian preacher from distributing anti-Islamic “hate-motivated” leaflets from a stall on Hay Hill.

A joint statement denouncing the EDL march was issued from the Church leaders of the Church of England, Roman Catholic, Methodist and Baptist churches, Salvation Army, United Reformed Church and the Quakers.

It said: “The intention of the English Defence League to mount a demonstration in Norwich is entirely unwelcome. Norwich has a long history of welcoming strangers, often in considerable numbers.

“The integration of so many different groups into the life of this fine city is what gives Norwich such richness in its life today. This is a cause for celebration, and we must not allow this honourable tradition to be broken.”

We Are Norwich is a group of local political, community and faith groups. Those to have pledged their support include Josh Bowker, the Union’s academic officer.

  • No to EDL

    Just no.

  • Lily Denyer

    dont know why the EDL even bother coming when we clearly outnumber them!

  • carlosthecasual

    Why would we care if we are outnumbered? We go where we want

    • TheHoops

      Carlosthecasual….you soon disappeared when 4000 celtic supporters arrived on the scene didn't you!

      • shane

        Because you are not unwelcome .

  • admiralcheese

    fascist chav scum! Enough said.

  • Yuhaff

    You people make me sick, you are encouraging the Muslim takeover of the sad broken and ethnically polluted U.K. Our forefathers fought and died for this country, and the powers that be have been giving it away ever since, integration,total rubbish,infiltration more like, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • Alberto

    This is BULLSHIT. She asked for me to let her stay!! I lost job for this slut!

    • Not Sorry

      Maybe don’t call her a slut, you misogynist. You may well have lost your job, but it doesn’t give you the right to call her degrading names.

      • lfrench

        What, you actually think that’s him?

      • Mr Judgemental

        If shes not a slut for having sex in a public toilet, then what is she?

        • Paul Simpson

          Someone having sex in a toilet isn’t a slut its someone having sex in a toilet

          • Pottypie

            Its clearly someone she just picked up, or it’d say boyfriend, rather than “guy”

  • tycukc

    i’m not sure the artists impressions is accurate…

  • Donzil

    How do you have sex by sitting on a girls lap what sort of position is that!

    • Rabbi Burns

      You need a fairly big willy for it

    • bobbob

      A kinky position, that’s what.

  • hlou14

    Is that really a photo of B4 bar? Was it redone over the summer? Currently on placement year so haven’t been on campus since the start of June!

    • Paul Simpson

      Nah it isn’t a pic of B4 they are closing it next summer to move buildings :)

    • aramis

      No, its still as dingey as ever… haha.

  • Skepta

    Where’s Skepta?

  • hlou14

    Well clearly someone does or I wouldn’t have asked the question… Was that really necessary?

  • Anon

    Sorry but you are a uneducated, friendless, assuming prick.

  • Anon

    You assume too much, darling.

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