Jesmond students in drug overdose

Group of male students hospitalised after ODing on 2CB

A group of six – including three students – from Jesmond were hospitalised after overdosing on hallucinogenic drug 2CB.

The all-male group, who live on Ripon Gardens, were taken to hospital at 3.30am this morning.

One student remains critically ill after taking the illegal drug, which police think they bought online.

Ripon Gardens this afternoon

Chief Superintendent Gary Calvert, Newcastle Area Command, released a comment on the events:

“We are carrying out extensive enquiries and are working with our partner agencies to find out what has happened and warn others of the dangers.

Emergency services attended to the men here

“Taking any illegal drug is dangerous and potentially life threatening. 2CB is an illegal hallucinogenic drug. If anyone has any of these in their possession we urge them not to take them and hand them in to the police.”

The other five men have escaped with a bad memory of the night, whereas one is unfortunately still in a critical condition.

The psychedelic substance is relatively new to the UK after becoming popular in European countries which means that much is unknown about its effects.

The Tab advises all to steer clear of this, and all class A drugs as it has proven here to be highly dangerous to the user. In fact, don’t use drugs at all.

More to follow.

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  • Anonymous

    Herp Der lets make dergs legul heh heh. Yep, evryone knows alcohol and cigarettes are more dangerous than the vast majority of illegal drugs, and yes, everybody (or at least anybody with the least bit of analytical capacity) knows that the majority of drug should probably be legalised, taxed, and controlled. Clearly this was an isolated incident, and the drug almost certainly wasn’t 2CB, but getting all butthurt about why you shood b able to hav lots of leegul dergs nd its like so stoopid isn’t really constructive. Its lower 6th politics, its not the place to discuss it sensibly, and its disrespectful to the poor blokes who were hospitalised. I think you are getting confused: Nobody cares that you take drugs, everyone knows that everyone takes drugs.

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