Jesmond students in drug overdose

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Group of male students hospitalised after ODing on 2CB

A group of six – including three students – from Jesmond were hospitalised after overdosing on hallucinogenic drug 2CB.

The all-male group, who live on Ripon Gardens, were taken to hospital at 3.30am this morning.

One student remains critically ill after taking the illegal drug, which police think they bought online.

Ripon Gardens this afternoon

Chief Superintendent Gary Calvert, Newcastle Area Command, released a comment on the events:

“We are carrying out extensive enquiries and are working with our partner agencies to find out what has happened and warn others of the dangers.

Emergency services attended to the men here

“Taking any illegal drug is dangerous and potentially life threatening. 2CB is an illegal hallucinogenic drug. If anyone has any of these in their possession we urge them not to take them and hand them in to the police.”

The other five men have escaped with a bad memory of the night, whereas one is unfortunately still in a critical condition.

The psychedelic substance is relatively new to the UK after becoming popular in European countries which means that much is unknown about its effects.

The Tab advises all to steer clear of this, and all class A drugs as it has proven here to be highly dangerous to the user. In fact, don’t use drugs at all.

More to follow.

  • Johnny

    Does ‘The Tab’ also have the audacity to advise us not to drink alcohol? It causes far more medical emergencies than any class A drug. Does ‘The Tab’ have any medical qualifications at all from which to provide any substance to any of its “advice” regarding how we should live our lives?

    • thetab

      When we run a story about students in poor health with one who may die from an illegal hallucinogen, I think it is respectful and appropriate to warn against it.

    • Frank

      More medical emergencies… You should really look at it in terms of percentages…

  • the hory

    I think this is a good piece of front line reporting – and, of course, it is appropriate to post a warning to easily influenced young people not to dabble in class A drugs.

  • Miss Batty

    Johnny's got a stick right up his arse about that one

  • Johnny

    'The Tab' advises us not to use drugs at all. Do you know alcohol is a drug? Do you know how many more people are sent to A&E each night because of it? Do you know how hypocritical you are advising people not to use drugs at the same time as making promotional videos that glamorize alcohol consumption in an attempt to attract a young audience:

    You have no leg to stand on and no integrity as a media source.

    • Demba

      Drugs make you angry

      • georgie

        not me

  • Matt

    Whats this the Tab seems to encourage? When you look at the grand scheme of things alcohol is a lot worse then drugs such as 2cb, to be honest the media is full of absolute BS, I choose to take something such as LSD once in a while and you know what, I work hard, I'm in good health, very happy and I don't harm anyone as with other people I know.

  • the hory

    I think Matt's last sentance should read "unlike other people I know" ? – LSD must also lead to poor grammar innit.

  • Matt

    Not too mention, there had been no deaths previous to these overdoses from 2cb…. so most likely, it wasn't 2cb that they took. It would have been a MUCH more dangerous chemical passed of as 2cb. And guess what, WAY more people die from a really unhealthy diet, Alcohol or Tabacco than from any of the drugs such as MDMA. The conclusion should be rephrased to instead; be careful where you get your drugs from(Make sure the source is clean and of a good quality), if you want to do them, instead of saying don't take drugs at all. This article for example,… all recorded LSD related deaths since 30th November 2012, the site has also put down references to back up their research and all the recorded deaths are no where near as close to alcohol or ciggerettes. Look on the one for MDMA as well, I'm not at all encouraging anyone to take drugs but instead think for themselves by looking to information that is unbiased and make their own minds up.

    • thetab

      The difference is that "ciggerettes" and alcohol are legal and illegal drugs are, well, not.

      • Matt

        So following a certain legislation (that doesn't cause harm or loss to others if not followed) is more important than looking after your health and well being? Choosing which drugs to take based on whether they are illegal or not is not thinking for yourself. You suggesting for people to be robots? To do exactly as they're told in accordance with the government?

        • thetab

          Pretty much yes, following the law is fairly paramount to a functioning society. Go and talk to your local MP about changing the law. If you want to act illegally then that is your choice. You may be thinking for yourself but suggesting that the law is redundant in considering which drug to take is moronic.

      • george

        If drugs like these were legal people would be able to take them in confidence of what they are taking. Unfortunately this isn't the case and because of this people don't know what they are taking and there is the danger. People are still going to do it, hopefully one day the government will stop patronising the population and wrongly telling us what drugs are or are not safe to do, because the fact is they're so biased that they can't even look at the science. And anyone that does bring it up is shunned.

  • Matt

    Because people that choose to think for themselves aren't functional? You saying that some who takes a different drug to alcohol once in a while can't function in society? Most people that would choose to take a different drug, has a job or studies at university or college, has a lot going for them. Sorry but who are you to judge on someone elses way of life and yes a law is redundant if its a ridiculous one, I'm not going to go to a local MP and request permission take a drug. At the end of the day, if your happy, don't harm anyone, in good health, really good at what you do – that is being functional in society.

  • Matt

    Its not even a functional society to be honest and thats not due to people making their own decisions, if you look at how much banks, the policing system, people in power are actually screwing the public over and I'm expected to trust their decisions? they know whats best? Its not that I'm anti-government but because of the corruption that currently exists with what we have,… what about this story of David Nutt being sacked for expressing his opinions due to his research? by the people that make the laws.I've looked at other sources of information that I posted previous, agrees with David Nutt's research.

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  • Anonymous

    Herp Der lets make dergs legul heh heh. Yep, evryone knows alcohol and cigarettes are more dangerous than the vast majority of illegal drugs, and yes, everybody (or at least anybody with the least bit of analytical capacity) knows that the majority of drug should probably be legalised, taxed, and controlled. Clearly this was an isolated incident, and the drug almost certainly wasn’t 2CB, but getting all butthurt about why you shood b able to hav lots of leegul dergs nd its like so stoopid isn’t really constructive. Its lower 6th politics, its not the place to discuss it sensibly, and its disrespectful to the poor blokes who were hospitalised. I think you are getting confused: Nobody cares that you take drugs, everyone knows that everyone takes drugs.

  • Stephen

    So basically. She takes religion (a delusion) very seriously and believes arbitrary moral rules created 2000 years ago before modern medicine come before any financial/social issues visited on the mother?

    She can keep her beliefs to herself in a flat but feels it’s fine to “stop” women with leaflets obviously framed to make them feel guilty about a choice that might be the only logical way forward?

    She also does judge people for sleeping around, her religion calls them sinners and she subscribes to this view.

    “I enjoy boys but don’t sleep with them”… The magnitude of sexual frustration felt by her for sticking her head in the sand in the face of natural reproductive urges is probably off the scale.

    “Morality comes above human feelings”… What about the case of a raped woman that doesn’t want the baby? Oh yeah, that question…

    Maybe if the Catholic church as a whole or the Vatican state set up a funding agency to pay for the lives of all of these “saved” babies then their tune would be different. After all, lets be honest all of these saved lives will eventually be paid for by the taxpayers of the countries they’re “saved” in.

    I have walked past this protest many times as I lived in halls just by it and although they are physically peaceful, a strong argument can be made that they’re not in other ways. For example (having read their leaflets) all their literature says god loves babies etc, and that it’s a sin which obviously IMPLIES CONDEMNATION of the mother saying in a veiled way that what they’re going is wrong.

    It’s time we moved on, it’s the 21st century and we’re still digging things up from thousands of years ago. Things which have no empirical evidence and are completely incompatible with modern life!

  • Tom

    Good. Jews shouldn’t be welcome on campus. Wherever they go, trouble soon follows. It’s no coincidence that they have been kicked out of every piece of land they’ve occupied. Look what they are doing to Palestine right now, and look what they did to Germany ffs.

  • do some fucking research

    wtf is this biased piece of propaganda. maybe you could have mentioned how he has lied throughout and instead of just quoting him you could have got the views of the people who were actually picketing. also, just because a cosmetic seller got acid thrown on her doesnt make anything anti-jewish or anti-israeli?! quote “allegedly”. Ive been punched in the face before doesnt mean people hate me for my beliefs, furthermore, theres no mention of her even being jewish/israeli. So before you start spreading propaganda like this, maybe get BOTH SIDES of the story and maybe report WHY A BOYCOTT WAS HELD IN THE FIRST PLACE?! THIS IS A BULLSHIT ARTICLE perpetuated by fear of being anti-semetic the agendia in fact pushed by this Israeli embassy spokesman to make out as if once again Israel is the victim. FIX UP TAB.

  • Anon

    I feel that this article is demonising students with pro palestinian views as anti-semitic, when in fact they are just opposed to the actions of the Jewish state. This man is an embassy spokesperson so if people feel strongly about this they should be allowed to protest. Pro-Palestinian campaigns are founded on hatred of genocide, not of Jewish people! The biased tone of this article is a PR victory for a genocidal government. Also please note the hypocrisy of this man who argues for his right to freedom of speech: ‘by choosing not to take action against a small number of deliberate disrupters, the university made a choice to bow to intimidation and to prevent the encounter from taking place.’

    Surely by taking action against these protestors the university would have hindered their freedom of speech? A more balanced style of reporting would be welcome TAB.

  • Former Glasgow student

    If the protesters really wanted to make a change why didn’t they just attend the event and take the opportunity to ask the ambassador critical questions at the end of the talk, which I suppose was optional? A little awareness of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should make you understand that aggression or ‘agressive like behaviour’ does not really take you anywhere if you want to solve problems. Dialogue does.

  • Finlay Morrison

    Free speech is a core public value and universities have a responsibility, as an incubator of the nation’s future, to do everything necessary to nurture an environment of unfettered dialogue and civilised debate on their premeses. It’s always the fringe left and Muslim student associations which are the loudest and most intimidating agents of these shout-downs, they only value their own freedom of expression.

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