The way to milk 10,000 hits


Thousands flock to Youtube to watch student pour pints of semi-skimmed on their heads

As The Tab celebrates 100,000 hits, a viral sensation we began to spread has reached 10,000 views in less than 48 hours.

Buying a pint of semi-skimmed at Jesmond Tesco this evening proved difficult

Milking  is now destined to become an internet sensation.

The video has already been picked up by local press and has been repeatedly shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Other universities – including Edinburgh, Nottingham and Cirencester – have already said they will be filming their own versions, with other Tab websites also posting the udderly amazing video

If you have for some reason not found a way to watch this genius yet, here it is:

Remember, you saw it on The Tab first.

  • Simon Pilot

    Negative Cooper.

  • Jeffrey Dunivant

    Relax guys! It's harmless fun and besides, its friggin hilarious!

  • Alan

    Isn't it so aonoying when people readily jump to a stereotypical view that in Newcastle all we do is smoke tabs and drink beer
    How wrong they are
    Brilliant as owt boys

  • Alastair McDonald

    Destroying the economy by spending £10 on milk, damn students

  • Matthew Price

    Why are the older generations so on their economic high horse about this? Its not as if the students broke the milk bank, and deprived families of their milk. And if you so idiotically put something related to starving africans, thats generalisable to all wasted product, not just milk – The students put some money into the economy and paid some tesco employee wages, lets enjoy some mutiplier effect, not gripe about it like ignorant children x

  • Herp Derperson


  • peter

    Why insult AFRICA anytime you make yourself look stupid? Many in the so-called Africa live a better and more comfortable live than you do.

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