Milking: The new craze?

Jesmond is sending this viral

Jesmond students are making a valiant attempt at kickstarting a new viral sensation – “milking”.

The fun starts with buying your milk, the bigger the better, and proceeding to stand or even sit in a formal location followed by emptying the contents on your head from a height. Again, the higher the better.

The craze is very typical of this time of year with assignments looming and third years becoming increasingly immature with the realisation that graduation is on the horizon.

Nonchalant outside the Cherry Tree

900 views in a day is not bad going.

Even if you’re a simple fan of puns there are some good, albeit predictable ones as comments.


  • James

    Jesus f***ing Christ; a middle-class, white, male student craze of sheer senselessness and utter idiocy. Milk should be drunk and seen as a dairy product, not as a public shower for those trying to garner facebook likes and more twitter followers. What is the world coming to?

  • Hugo

    The world is coming to banter James pal

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