Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair comes to Manchester

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The 'UK's best Vintage Fair' hits the Sackville Street building.

On Saturday vintage fashion lovers flocked to UoM’s Sackville Street building for Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair. We went down to see what was on offer.

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair

Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

The UK’s largest vintage fair & winner of ‘Best Vintage Fair in the UK’ held a scaled down version of their famous vintage fair which featured 30 stalls of fashion. There was definitely enough for you to scavenge your winter wardrobe from, without the jumble sale feel!


Lots of bargains!

There was plenty to rummage through, with row upon row of fur coats, Christmas jumpers, and sparkly dresses.



Feeling festive?

Feeling festive?

There was also a great range of accessories, with lots of hats and bags, including this odd find…


Unusual indeed.

For those who had somewhere more exciting to head to after the fair, there was also a Vintage Hair & Beauty salon by ‘Le Keux’. We definitely look forward to the full experience when Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair returns to Whitworth Hall!

  • Amy

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  • Ken

    Why ask a load of freshers who didn’t experience the hell that was ExCel? Olympia was a breeze in comparison.

  • Ben asdfg

    Well I think what we have learned from this is people will complain about exams no matter the setting and we should all just get on with it.

  • Lord of the Potatoes

    What’s the point on comparing the new venue to the old one if the people interviewed never went to the previous one?

  • Augusta

    Who cares if it was stressfull .. it’s an exam! Of course it’s stressful and it always will be wherever KCL pick. It will never be good enough for any student will it.

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