Dawkins outraged by Islamic gender segregation at UCL

UCL blamed for 'sexual apartheid' by Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss

Yesterday evening, an event held at UCL sparked outrage in the atheist world. A debate as part of Hamza Andreas Tzortzis’ ‘Islamic Awareness Tour’, pitted the international public speaker on Islam against Lawrence Krauss, a world famous cosmologist, on the topic “Islam or Atheism: Which Makes More Sense?”. However, Krauss almost walked out after men and women were segregated to abide by Islamic law, and three students threatened with expulsion for sitting in the wrong place.

Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins then took to twitter in a rage over the event, appalled by the university’s endorsement of the segregation, leaving Dawkins particularly angry at UCL’s “cowardly capitulation to Muslims..” A succession of tweets expressed his dismay over this conduct as he blamed both Muslims and the university for enforcing the rule.

On his personal website he went on to describe how three young men moved into the women’s section of the audience before UCL security threatened to eject them. He described the segregation as “sexual apartheid” and called for “heads to roll”.

Being described by others on twitter as ‘modern’ and ‘secular’, UCL’s decision has caused an uproar within Dawkin’s followers, who now blame the university for “religious misogyny”. Many see this as a complete contradiction of UCL’s principles and maintain that the institution should not show preference to the religious ideals of any particular faith.

Mr Krauss posted a link to a video on twitter earlier today which shows him refusing outright to be involved with the event any longer as long as there was forced segregation in the audience. The video can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151324574843231&set=vb.506433230&type=2&theater

Some audience members in attendance expressed their shock on Facebook, with one member posting: “Ucl security helped to enforce the segregation. Shameful!”

Gender equality, a contentious issue for the vast majority of the student body, was sidelined last night and therefore the objectivity of a secular institution has come into question both within UCL and beyond Gower Street. Richard Dawkins has called for an inquiry as to whether UCL authorities were aware of the sexual apartheid, as he lamented the loss of our “enlightened thinking” and liberalism.


  • Arjun

    Did NOT expect this is a modern and developed country like England, and that too in London. this just goes to show that undesirable backward elements are creeping into places which should be miles away from these idiotic bigots. Why don’t they keep their regressive and backward values and ‘ethics’ in the medieval jungle where they belong instead of infiltrating civilized congregations with the same? And what’s more shameful is that the university meekly obliged to such an ignominious arrangement. And why the hue and cry about ‘islamophobia’ ? if the values of this religion and culture are against the modern ones accepted by a healthy society, then why should we NOT oppose them? What gives ‘Islam’ immunity from all criticism, and in this case, valid ones. No one is painting all Muslims with the same brush, but if you shirk away from accepting that this type of thinking is encouraged under its aegis, then there are no holds barred.

  • HayMan

    Segregation? Really? In these modern times? Completely ridiculous. It was not a religious event held in a church. It was a public event at a university.

    I don’t care what your beliefs are, you should be smart enough to see how segregation is completely ignorant and wrong.

  • Adam

    How fitting that the debate was titled “Islam or Atheism: Which Makes More Sense?”
    iERA’s gender segregation rules prove that Islam lost the debate even before it began.

  • Michael

    Ah Religion, the most prominent method of ascribing forced gender roles to control power relations between differing groups of people. Smash patriarchy.

  • Veritas Aquitas

    What all this bruhaha about anyways. Anyone who was at the debate would have noticed that the first 5 seats were mixed, and there was a small group of women who CHOOSE to sit alone in the back. Everyone was fine with it but 3 impetuouse lads who wanted to impose on the rights of those women who wanted to sit alone. what is the UCL going to do next ban themselves for forced segregation of washrooms? I mean how ridiculous is this. This is clearly an attempt to side track the fact the prof. krause was inept in responding to the arguments put forth. He couldn’t even discern between an inductive and a deducive argument. How sad. These militant atheist, prof krause and his like i.e dawkins and harris etc are great scientists but they are intellecually challanged. They don’t even have basic knowledge of philosophy. The debate should be uploaded soon and it will be evident as to how prof. krause was a complete train wreck.

  • Florence M

    Why didn’t UCL make their seating arrangements public before holding this event? That way, those who feel uncomfortable having to sit with someone of the same sex could stay at home.

  • Man defined as woman

    Where’s Beth Sutton when you actually need her?

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