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Buckby ... or is it Busby... takes time from Uni to speak at BNP conference

Second year politics student, Jack Buckby, is floundering in the spotlight again this week as a video emerges of him complaining about his struggle to recruit nationalists from the student body.

Buckby was introduced to the stage by Nick Griffin at an Alliance of European National Movements Conference, explaining his plans for his National Culturists movement.

Buckby spoke about his difficulties recruiting Liverpool Uni students to his society at ‘quite a red university’.

Buckby captivates Griffin

Buckby drews laughs from the crowd of nationalists when he revealed his ‘love culture, hate racism’ campaign.

Griffin related to Buckby, saying that he also had been ‘outed’ as a nationalist by ‘spiteful, horrible people’ in his time at university.

The BNP leader and the second year politics student cannot be as close as they make out, however, after Griffin introduced a certain ‘Mr Busby’ to the stage.

Buckby ignored these early blushes to outline his plans to expand his National Culturists society.

He explained his ambitions to campaign at Freshers fairs and to become a university approved society.

Buckby also hinted that he would be trying to secure university funding for his society… We’d like to see how that goes for him.

Watch it for yourself here:

Keep it coming, Mr Busby.

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  • Bob

    Not that I in anyway agree with or support this ridiculous national culturism movement. Calling a student a cunt in the title of an article is shameful. The tab is supposed to report news, not bully students for their political ideology.

    Also this video and the AENM conference was during summer 2012, so I hardly see how this guy is taking ‘time from Uni to speak at BNP conference’, you might have known that if you’d actually done some research instead of looking at the date of a reposted video on youtube.

    Piss-poor journalism.

  • anonymous

    How dare somebody have a different opinion than is liberal students!!! Off with his head!!!

  • rob

    bob, you’re piss poor journalism. and a bellend.

  • Chris

    Slightly ironic the tab reports homophobic abuse in the most negative way, yet is only too happy to entitle their front page story labelling a fellow student a “cunt”. Classy.

  • Anonymous

    ^ What a bunch of cunts

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  • Jessica Horner

    I am the women’s rep for upsu, there is on the upsu website a blog section with information about what i’ve done this year, I’ve also held events about feminism (including events today for international women’s day), written articles for the knowledge about feminsm and attended NUS events relating to the women’s campaign/lad culture, not to mention I ran in the upsu election, so I’m not too happy about being told I’m non existent. If you let me know the details of anyone to contact at the tab I’m happy to provide details about what I have done in my position.
    As far as advice goes the current welfare rep Charlie is working on a resource hub of websites/phone numbers for organisations relating to issuesnsuch as mental health/ sexual health / personal safety and wellbeing

    • angry female

      you dont do anything though, you dont make any chance, either your role is useless or you are a piss poor candidate

      • angry female


        • Jessica Horner

          What changes would you like? Its very easy to critise people for not making the changes you want but unless you suggest them how can they, or you could try running for a parliament position yourself.
          It is upsu who is responsible for the website – I will pass on the concerns

      • anonymous

        don’t make any chance? you don’t make any sense. she’s there if you look for her and does more than anyone else is bothering to do, if you’re that pissed off why not work with her instead of moaning.

    • Anonymous

      It’s all very well running different events/attending other events yourself but if people are unable to find you easily on the website (which they can’t) you’re clearly doing something wrong. It seems that events such as the International Women’s Day etc are just not advertised enough and therefore only attract a mediocre amount of attention. It’s great that you’re taking the role seriously but if women don’t know how to find you then in my opinion you need to address that.

  • freya

    I do like that sexism is being addressed and made aware, I feel that people too easily disregard any issue involving gender and deem it unimportant but I find it pretty contradictory that a previous post by The Tab was about how to deal with the women you live with.

  • Callum

    Please use up to date evidence for a current issue.

  • jermaine greer

    get your tits out, you slegs

  • General boy opinion

    I’m all in favour of no bras. Girls don’t like them, boys don’t like them = sorted.

  • blue footed boobie

    Con: revealing the precise size and shape of my unique boobies to the general public, which will inevitably include creepy and pervy men. Men whom I do not wish to have intimate knowledge of my breasts.

  • Trevor MacDonald’s Yardgimp

    Apparently the guild are going to ban them as they are actually just a long-term ploy by males to contain the female body as well as the mind

  • HonestMike

    Suggesting that women with C-cup size, or above, boobs should avoid movement (physical activity) is pretty dodgy. Afterall, England (along with Mexico and Straya) is only a rung or two down the ladder from Murrrca, for obesity levels. The last thing our nations need is for our burgeoning lard-arse populations, to become even more lazy and sedentary in their daily lives…!

    • confused lady

      I hate to break it to you but women are far less interested in the contents of a man’ trousers than you seem to think (hope?). I barely even notice that there’s anything in them until I manage to get in there. We don’t spend our lives looking at your crotches and I would honestly neither notice nor care if a man was wearing “push up” pants.

  • HonestMike

    Bras not natural? Well, duh. HOWEVER… not everything ‘natural’ is good for humans, and some things we develop are quite healthy, helpful and constructive.
    A couple of posts (granted, one being tongue-in-cheek) have suggested the bra is part of a greater plan of the male dominant half of western society, to passively enslave woman-kind into some form of garment-based-subjugation.
    1. To what degree might some women grudgingly, unwittingly, or even contentedly comply with this?
    2. Could some women maintain or apply extra pressure for compulsory, full-time bra wearing, onto other women?
    3. What form does the push to comply through social pressure? Fashion? Expression (‘celebration’) of femininity? Overt sexual consequence strategy?
    Then there’s the padded bra…
    3. Is it really just ‘fake advertising’?
    4. How does one’s breasts being “unique” and personal, compare with the huge proportion of women who wear a ‘push-up/padded bra”.
    5. How would a hetero woman who is sexually interested in a man, feel under these circumstance: you finally have your prospective partner alone, as you’re both undressing you notice the bulge in his trousers (that you found attractive and enticing), is mostly padding – and his actual anatomy is far less attractive or enjoyable than it originally appeared.
    6. I know that (on average) women can be a little or a lot different to men (on average), but is there a double standard different rules apply here? Can you sometimes equate ‘push up’ bras, padded to make breasts look nicer? &/or bigger, with ‘push-up’ bulge-boosting undies on blokes?
    NOTE!! These are real questions, not smarty-pants jibes made by a bitter, grumpy fella :-)

  • Annoy

    Just to tell you know, I know people on the set and when filming starts if you’re not a crew/cast memebership you can literally be sent to jail.

  • Qunt

    Breaking news: nobody cares.

  • prince

    i like this, it would be hot to see more girls without bra’s. women are so awesome especially without bra’s!

  • Ched Evans

    I score when I want.

  • Fredstarr

    I have enough trouble ‘relieving’ mysel,f at urinals as it is.

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    This article really highlights just how loathsome and pathetic university femsocs are. Uproar and ‘unsafe feelings’ over ONE student who might have an opposing view to you?

    • Cameron

      Well when that ONE student is someone who has been investigated by the FBI for making bomb threats against women in his hometown, I think it’s right to show some concern.

      • gush

        This one student isn’t being investigated for anything.

  • tkledge

    great read thought this was a really well written article!!!!!

  • Rafel Spilman


    nobody outside of your incestuous bubble takes any of your bollocks politics seriously you goons

  • Mike Larrazzo

    “Mens rights – London Student”
    A ‘forceful’ message, indeed.
    I mean, anyone can see that the dash is code for rape and demands for a sammich.

  • CuriousMan

    One of your comments is something brought up a lot. “I can barely walk through campus without being mentally raped by the male students looking at my body.” I do see where you are coming from, I see people doing that a lot. BUT. Why do some women object to a man appreciating someone who is good looking? Surely you should take it as a compliment that these people find you attractive? AND I also see women ogling over men just as much. Why is it unacceptable for men to say a woman has a nice body but fine for a woman to say a man has a nice body? Plenty of women I know will ogle over a hollister bag because it has a muscly guy on it, but then will object if a man looks twice at a woman who has a nice body… It is a human trait to appreciate those who you are sexually attracted to. Why do we keep suppressing this? Oh and before everyone lays into me for this, I do agree with you on most points, I hate the “Lad” culture and those who brag about one night stands and rate girls on how good looking they are, its disgusting. These are just a few questions that intrigue me.

  • anon

    Epic trolling dude, are you from the Chan???

  • shut up

    Oh boy, I’ll deliberately and consciously go down to your level of stupidity to say: You must have penis issues.

  • TiredWithStupidPeople

    this is literally the most shittiest comment I have ever read. What is WORTH LESS is your mere existence

  • agnus

    You can bet your bottom dollar this was written by flo perry to use in her next article.

  • prince

    dude come on now that not nice maggot dick

  • anon

    being nice to women wont get u no pussy blud treat em mean keep em keen

  • Noxiyu

    I think this article shows exactly why people don’t want to be MRAs. They are “filled with rage” and fail to engage with factual information being presented.
    Like Sophie said, it’s a shame they don’t come to our actual meetings and face the nuances of politics in the open, instead of a cloaked scare campaign that is akin to drawing penises on a teacher’s chair because you don’t want to do the homework.

  • psychosaurus

    For now you might see it as just a little “cloaked scare campaign” but I can assure you that it wont be long before MRAs organize themselves into a fully functional defensive overt groups just to oppose and deconstruct this toxic 3rd wave femi-shit-ism which has been waging war on men in universities and colleges for quiet some time now, and deluded so many minds of insecure mediocre women (like you perhaps) who live in their tumblr bubbles and think they can change the world and bring down *The Patriarchy* by selling cupcakes from their FemSoc stand for a womens shelter fundraiser… 😀

  • gush

    I’d sit and wait a long time if I were you.
    The MRM won’t do anything any time soon.
    All is pretty on paper, even christianity, islam, anything.
    But usually, when people say they wanna save the world what they really wanna do is scam people who want genuine change.

  • gush

    No use being visible if you corrupt yourselves.

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