You leave them alone for one minute

This week Spotify released their list of the most listened to songs outside the top 40 for every major UK city.

From Lincoln loving S Club 7, to Bristol repeatedly streaming The Wurzels, the choices were shocking across the board. But Leicester’s locals took the biscuit as they showed that they can’t be trusted with the playlist with these shocking choices.

3. Take That – Rule The World

Written especially for 2007 box-office bomb Stardust, this track slipped into mediocrity the second they topped recording it. Performed at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, it was described by music critics Digital Spy as: “a big, proper, important-sounding ballad” and the people of Leicester agreed, giving it the coveted bronze medal in this prestigious and well-respected leaderboard.

2. Kasabian – Bumblebee

Arguably the most exciting thing to come out of Leicester before they found King Richard in a carpark, local legends Kasabian have unsurprisingly snatched the second place position in this war of Leicester’s hearts, minds and airwaves. Despite Bumblebee not being Kasabian’s most famous work, it is one of their most recent, featuring on their 2014 album 48:13, which was described by critics as “a record dripping with ego and chauvinism”.

1.McBusted – Air Guitar

Much like Frankenstein’s monster, McBusted are a cobbled together mishmash of the worst parts of early 2000s pop culture. Also like Frankenstein’s monster, the most appropriate place for them is a hole in the ground. But, personal preferences aside, the people of Leicester went nuts for McBusted this week, awarding them the top spot in their non top 40 streaming chart.

There were also some other surprising choices across the country such as Nizlopi – JCB being the favourite song of streamers in Plymouth, while the odd combo of Stone Roses, Oasis and Basshunter topped the charts in Preston.



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