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The people who work hard AND play hard

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Lexit: There will be a referendum on Leicester’s NUS membership

The Lexit petition has acheived the required number of signatures

Here are some pictures of the really cute puppies in the union today

They were there to relieve our exam stress

More people attended the Leicester City celebrations than Glastonbury

Bring your vodka and your charlie, Victoria Park is having a party

An estimated 240,000 people turned out to yesterday’s victory parade

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Gosport is awful, but I’m glad I grew up there

They call it God’s Port – they could not be more wrong

‘Vardy Tower’: Campus buildings to be renamed after Foxes

Alongside victory parade celebrations

LEXIT: A petition has been launched for Leicester to leave the NUS

It’s the Brexit of the student world

DMU student’s attempted murderers sentenced to 12 years

The brutal attack and shooting took place in a case of ‘mistaken identity’

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Carnage ensued as the Leicester Foxes won the league