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The Tab does things differently to boring student media. We want to have a laugh and bring you the stuff you actually like. That’s why we already have over 235,000 readers a month. 

We don’t write long features about national politics or foreign affairs, because student journalists can’t do them justice. Even at national papers, only the most experienced reporters are allowed to write them.

When it comes to film reviews and Premier league reports, you aren’t going to say anything new, but there’s plenty else you can cover.

Tab articles are fun and focused on students. They are short, entertaining, often controversial and focused on the things students care about.

Get a flavour of our best stories here. You can also check out Tab stories in the national press here.

A newspaper for students not a student newspaper

The Tab is run by professionals who understand the reader is king. Good journalism is about producing popular articles which entertain and inform.

This is good news for readers, but it’s also good for writers – national papers and MA courses want to see you reporting on local issues. The thing they hate most in any job application is someone blogging their armchair thoughts on what David Cameron should do next.

Those who are really interested in journalism have to start local and do some actual reporting.

Our three golden rules:

  • Focus on the uni bubble
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Keep stuff short (words, sentences, paragraphs)

Join us

The Tab is always looking to recruit new writers and photographers. No prior experience is required, simply email editor@leedstab.co.uk. One-off contributions are always welcome.