Apparently we don’t trust anyone

People who live in Leeds aren’t friends with their neighbours – and wouldn’t even lend them their vacuum cleaner, a new study has found.

The research suggests that neighbourly attitudes are dying out, especially among young people and (it would seem) people in Leeds.

The survey, carried out by Direct Blinds, found only 5 per cent of 18-24 year-olds spoke to their neighbours “very often”, with only 13 per cent admitting they socialise with them.

Trust no-one

Trust no-one

Whereas 85 per cent of generous Geordies and Glaswegians were likely to lend things to their neighbours, a meagre 26 per cent of Leeds locals said they’d help a neighbour in need.

In fact, 52 per cent of Leeds residents said they don’t speak to their neighbours very often, if at all.

Only 10 per cent said they would class their neighbours as their friends.

Meanwhile, a whopping 11 per cent said they don’t trust their neighbours (although that may just be Hyde Park paranoia talking).

The research also found one in five people would buy an item to impress their neighbour, with one in four of them saying they’d spend £500 on that item.

Nicolas Swift, Joint Managing Director of Direct Blinds, said: “With the older generation more open to a natter over the fence with neighbours, it might be that younger generations are busier chatting to friends on social media.

“For the older people among us it might be that they want their home to appear more inviting, whereas for the youngsters it’s not only about keeping up with the Joneses, it’s about getting ahead of them.”

So next time those guys on Brudenell get their barbecue out, they’re probably just trying to fuck with you.