Leeds has been named one of the UK’s ‘kindest’ cities

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice smile from a stranger?

Meet the candidates running to be LUU Union Affairs Officer

They want to make the union great again

Meet the candidates running for Education in the LUU exec elections

Voting closes tomorrow at 4pm

Leeds rapper shoots music video in uni halls

Featuring rowdy students exiting lifts, narrow corridors, and lots of fist-pumping in kitchens

My bisexuality isn’t a ‘phase’, and it shouldn’t be your fetish either

It’s LGBTQ+ History Month – let’s remember the B

Leeds’ Clubbers of the week

If you’re not on the list, you might as well not bother going out

Meet the candidates running to be LUU Activities Officer

Hear them out

Oxley residence is closing down

It’s that one that’s miles away

Stage catches fire during a Jack Whitehall gig in Leeds

The next episode in the “celebs do weird shit in Leeds” series

I asked guys on Tinder out for Valentine’s Day and this is how they reacted

Get some ket in?

Single people need to stop being so god damn bitter about Valentine’s Day

I’m sick of apologising for being happy

All the reasons Valentine’s Day is better when you’re single

Single and ready to cry alone in my room

Meet the candidates running to be LUU Equality and Diversity Officer

They’re equally diverse

Leeds Uni students complete pole-dancing marathon

They performed for twenty-four hours

Step aside Melz, the new LUU king of grime is here

“Feedback everywhere, feedback in the club, banners in the union, banners in LUBS”

Violence at Mission nightclub results in police arrests

It happened in the early hours of Saturday morning