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Union holds Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil

271 trans people have been murdered in the past year

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Loaded at Tiger Tiger wants you to ‘dress less to impress’

The club night has been blasted for its raunchy advertising

Making sustainable living commonplace

Helping refugees and the homeless: The nation’s top social entrepreneurs

‘I think it’s important to realise how lucky we are to even be at uni’

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What it’s like to date an identical twin

It’s like having two girlfriends

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The Terrace smoking area is the best night out in Leeds

Don’t bother getting a Fruity ticket

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Leeds Uni contributes £3.5 million to the UK economy every single day

So that’s where our tuition fees are going

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The Michael Sadler sculpture was designed by a known paedophile

Eric Gill also practised incest and had sex with his dog

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Leeds Beckett celebrating International Men’s Day

The aim is to raise awareness of men’s mental health

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Walking out of a lecture because of a video? Stop being entitled brats

From one Politics student to some others

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Politics students staged a mass walkout after their lecturer put on a video

Apparently they didn’t pay £9k for YouTube

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What does the wavy statue on campus represent?

‘It’s an homage to the art of crispy bacon’

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LSTV release weird John Lewis advert parody

It’s set in the Eddy B

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Leeds’ fittest freshers: The girls

Let’s hear it for the ladies

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Clubbers of the week

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

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Is the friendzone real?

‘I have friendzoned many a woman in my time’

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Leeds holds vigil for victims of the Paris attacks

A candlelit meeting took place outside the Town Hall