Leeds named the UK’s best city for culture

It’s not really surprising tbh

According to The Times, Leeds is the UK’s best ‘cultural’ place to live.

Leeds topped the list of twenty other UK hotspots renowned for their galleries, theatres, the arts, and museums in their newspaper’s Best Places to Live survey.

Opera North, the Northern Ballet, the West Yorkshire Playhouse, the Henry Moore Institute, and the Yorkshire Sculptural Park were noted as the cultural highlights that Leeds has to offer. It boasted that Leeds is even the birthplace of Alan Bennett and Barbara Hepworth.

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

There’s no question that a large┬ástudent population┬ácontributes to Leeds’s vibrant cultural scene, particularly in terms offering so much in the way of music and art.

It even advised house-hunters to consider Chapel Allerton in North East Leeds, which  has its own art festival.


University of Leeds