Beckett grad in critical condition in desperate need of blood donor

Lucy Hill is in intensive care in Thailand following a road accident

A Leeds Beckett grad is in desperate need of a blood donation following an accident while travelling.

Lucy Hill was hit by a car while riding a moped in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

She is now in a critical condition and is in need of a blood transplant – however the hospital has run out of A- blood.

Her friend and travelling companion Lauren Hall has posted an impassioned plea on Facebook for people with the A- blood type in Thailand to give blood.


Lauren, left, and Lucy, right

Law student Lauren said: “We desperately need blood type A Negative in Chiang Mai.

“Less than 0.3 per cent of Thai people have a negative blood type, never mind the A group too.

“Lucy is in a critical condition in intensive care and there is no blood left that can be given to her.”

Even in the UK, the A- blood group is the third rarest among donors. O- blood can also be given to every blood group, but there is none available for Lucy.

Lauren has stressed the need for donors: “It is imperative we get expats or backpackers.”

She was also keen to emphasise that Lucy was not acting irresponsibly when the accident happened:  “She was not in the wrong. The accident was not her fault and she wore a helmet.”

Lauren is asking for anyone in Chiang Mai or planning to travel there to donate blood.

She has given instructions to anyone who wants to help: “Go to Maharaja Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital to donate to Lucy Hill. It opens 8:30 am and I will be there.”

The two friends have known each other since they were eleven. They planned to travel to Australia before Lauren returns to uni and Lucy’s work visa ends.

A fundraiser has also been started to raise money for Lucy’s medical expenses.

UPDATE: After an overwhelming response in which people queued outside the hospital for two hours before it opened this morning, Lucy has now received a transfusion.

Her father said the response was “humbling”, and that it is now “a waiting game”.

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