The Snowriders bring us an election like no other…

The year may be coming to an end but along with the exams, essays and dissertations it’s also a time of society elections and end of year blow outs.

Trust the Leeds Snowriders to throw down the gauntlet with an AGM like no other.

Here are the candidates and just how far some of them went to get their positions.


El- Presidente


The uncontested Alex Lay stepped forward to fill the shoes of Tom Eldred.

Dressed as ‘Fried-Chicken-Isha’ he proved himself to be a strong independent black woman who don’t need no man.

He showed his love by tenderly throwing fried chicken to the adoring crowd.





Competition was tight in the fight for secretary with each challenged to wear the most inappropriate outfit possible.

In order to demonstrate his dedication to the cause, Arthur Thomas even promised to mark his body. All in the name of Leeds SnowRiders….

Arthur Thomas

He didn’t win.


Instead it was Andy Ness, dressed as Captain Inappropriate himself that won Secretary.


He celebrated his victory in A&E after breaking his foot hours later.


Media, Merch and Communication 

The theme for the tech savvy was the all-knowing Professor Xavier.Professor-Charles-Xavier-professor-charles-francis-xavier-28939827-360-315

As before, the competition was not confined to the speeches.

James Shale decided to rally the masses with tantalising promises of baldness and vaseline.

With 167 likes achieved, James fulfilled his promise.


Shale the shaved

However this managed to just fall short of winning him a place, as it was Henry Hayhurst France and his fetching bald cap that bagged the position.



Social Sec

In competition for Social Sec Sam Judd and Emily Harding did themselves proud  dressed as HellBoy.


Mermaid and Hellboy – casual.

It was Sam won the title of Social Sec after featuring an impressive round of chubby bunnies in his speech.

For those of you who don’t know what this is, viral cinammon challenge queen Gloza is here to show you:

Although Emily just missed out, her human piñata election vid deserves serious recognition:



The many vying for treasurer dressed to impress as etherial mermaids, rocking out in tight green leggings with beautiful starfish noses.


Sam Lax in an ensemble that would make Ariel blush.



However congratulations go to Ollie Clark for securing the place.



 Holiday Organiser

The Holiday Organisers were commanded to dress as Captain Crunch.

Despite no one really knowing the American cereal brand the outfits were more than impressive.


Some Captains even brought their box with them:


Will Utley sporting a magnificent hat


Fantastic sideburns

But it was Will Utley who won the place, taking his cereal box off just long enough for his gold hotpants to be ripped from his body.


That winning feeling – pre wedgie


Race Captain

Race Captain was taken by the speedy Chris Debonnaire



Freestyle Captain

Despite her costume as the invisible woman Sophie Offord proved herself to be anything but, as she was named Freestyle Captain and the only girl in next year’s group.



The Committee!


Good Luck Snowriders…

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  • Filomena Francisco

    Blackface isn’t cool guys.

    • Tom

      I wouldn’t say this is any worse than ‘White Chicks’- it’s good to be aware but this can’t be seen as anything but jokes.

    • bodie miller

      but its snowriders!! they drink alcohol and have sex!! they do what they want #unayy

  • Squiggly Green Line

    Very sad to hear this, although the Tab should really start spellchecking/grammar checking more thoroughly before publishing!

  • Tom

    Two more druggies off the streets #victory #DarwinAward #rejoice

  • Oliver Stoneman

    If i had friends i would make a group chat

  • Paulius

    Well it’s a perfectly valid point- when you buy crap from strangers in the street, you’re endangering your own life. That’s common sense.