The Tab gives you a sneaky peek at what went down at the uni event of the year: the Leeds RAG Fashion Show

It was the event we had all been waiting for and last night when the annual Leeds RAG Fashion Show hit the Refectory it was with it’s most spectacular show yet.

Fantastic clothes -and some fantastic bodies- paraded down our very own catwalk to raise some serious dollar for RAG’s chosen charities: Candle Lighters and Wateraid. Expectations were running high and they certainly did not disappoint.

Always quick off the gun, The Tab gives you a peek at what went on so even if you didn’t get a ticket, you can at least pretend you did.

In keeping with the 7 deadly sins, the show kicked off with LSFS’s motif of Man’s Fall

Would you Adam and Eve it?

Front row fashionistas

Here come the brides

Clothing was kindly donated by sponsor Harvey Nicholas for the show

Something for the boys


And something for the girls

Audience ensembles

The decked out VIP lounge

Appetite whet yet? Because there’s more where this came from, including some guest appearances from several of our BNOC nomination allumni!

Keep with The Tab as we bring you the full run down of the event: with more on the fashion, more on the models and – of course – many, many more photos!

So well done RAG and stay tuned!

Photos: Rafi Spanks

  • HypebeastBrah

    I don’t need to masturbate cos your articles make me cum erry time

  • DB

    This article is a load of rubbish. The writer doesn’t seem to know what feminism actually is.

    “He says: “Hi, what’s your name?” So I scream at him “I’m a woman who has my own body and own choices. You don’t own me.” – What a RIDICULOUS and down right ignorant way to perceive feminists.

    Writer, please do some research. Read some feminist books. You’re contributing to this uneducated backlash to feminism that paints all feminists as radical.

    I’m a feminist. I let my boyfriend carry in the heavier bags after a trip to the supermarket as he is physically stronger. We split the bills depending on who is earning the larger income. We take it in turns to pay for dinner. I buy him gifts as much as he buys me gifts – fair is fair. If you want to receive more than you get, that’s not defying feminism, that’s YOUR life choice.

    • db

      more than you give*

    • JayT

      your personal life does not justify the attitude of all feminists worldwide

  • JFC

    Ahaha who on earth wrote this shit??!

  • lamf

    LOL : Most of the men I know are too smart and evolved to be the man of YOUR dreams. (perhaps you are the man of your dreams).

  • Is trent a university?

    I don’t think you’ve quite got it.

  • Skin Cuntry Deep Living

    allow cis white hetero able bodied males…

  • Your average joe

    Lol.. No man will be interested in you if you expect everything from him.
    We should pay every bill?? Fuck that.

  • Being honest

    Hello Feminists,

    I understand your cause and I appreciate you want to be seen the same as men within society.

    But by pursuing this you will have to give up all the privileges you currently have for being female. These changes will happen slowly over time but the wheels are already in motion.
    Things you will give up; having doors opened for you, seats pulled out for you, men helping you carry heavy bags, having the divorce courts heavily in your favour, having child custody courts heavily in your favour, having dinners and drinks bought for you, people having extra sympathy for you in difficult times, your right to not get drafted in to the army if needs me, the extra support female drug addicts and homeless get, the social stigma that a guy can never physically assault a girl, your right to be evacuated out of disaster situations ahead of men.

    These are all I can think of for now. I hope you get what you want tbh, then you will very soon realise being a man is not what it’s cracked up to be.

    • Feminist man

      I think you misunderstand.
      Feminism won’t push women down where they already have privilege. It will pull men up to that level.
      It’s about equality for both genders.

      • Naive

        Feminism will only drive the gap between inequality

        • Feminist man

          What ever will the men do when women are treated as human?! The female overlords will rule down upon us!

    • Open your eyes

      Wow, those are the only things I have to give up for equality? Count me in!!

      This seems to be a thing that so many people fail to understand: these little “perks” of being a women are nothing compared to the structural inequality women face. Mate, if you can give me a life where I have the same opportunities as a man, then I will buy you ALL the drinks, hold open ALL the doors and give you ALL the sympathy during your difficult times.

      • Being Honest

        But what is this structural inequality you speak of? I am a little bit confused as to what you mean. Last time I checked there are no laws holding women back in any field/industry whatsoever.

        Is it not more logical to believe the discrepancies we see between the genders are more down to lifestyle choices rather than invisible sexism?

    • Amelia

      Sex equality stands for equal rights regardless of sex, maybe instead of assuming that women must give up the ‘privileges’ you mentioned above, we should concentrate on equality. So maybe next time you see a woman with heavy bags, you could still help her out. LIKEWISE if a woman sees a man struggling with heavy bags, she could hold open all of the doors for him. At this level, we are talking about politeness.

  • Ollie

    This is really bad. You made no points! No wonder you’re at the university you’re at

    • AMT

      Not relevant really and quite a low blow. Discuss the ideas portrayed in the article, not get all snobby about Universities.

  • Amelia

    Please stop this woman writing for you, for the good of both men and women everywhere. To the writer, maybe you should spend more time educating yourself properly about sex and gender equality before you publish such ridiculously, wrongly-informed articles on the internet.

    • Thomas

      Wrongly informed? feminism isn’t one thing, feminism has many strands. It does actually agree with many feminist strands…

  • EALT


  • Anon

    I think you have failed in grasping the concept of feminism. Feminism is the idea of equality between genders, the idea that women can walk the streets without fear of being raped, express themselves sexually without fear of being called a slag, not get constantly groped or petted while socialising, not have their genitals mutilated because some high and mighty male thinks its appropriate, have equal education and job opportunities as men etc etc etc.

    What you are talking about is date culture, I am a man and I do open doors for women and offer my seat if need be, i also offer to pay for meals. Because i am simply being polite and doing it out of my own free will, and i don’t feel like its an obligation.

    I don’t need to talk dirty to girls, or grope them to get with them (unless ofcourse they want me to).

    I don’t at all feel threatened or emasculated by the concept of feminism, at the end of the day if i have a daughter i would want her to have the exact same opportunities (if not better) that i had growing up as a male.

    I do agree with parts of this article however, men are constantly bombarded by images of unrealistically good looking women and yet there is very little resources that provide advice as to how men should behave around women. Most men literary have no clue as to what they should do or how they should approach someone they are attracted to.

  • liv

    yay congrats on missing the entire point of feminism

  • Al

    agreed! Love this. I do totally understand the meaning of ‘feminism’ – but at the moment we see a lot of so-called feminists becoming man-haters. This is not what feminism is! I think I believe in traditional values more than I believe in feminist ways, but that doesn’t mean I am not female. Equality can be achieved in some respects, but not all. Some men are better at things than women, physically, biologically etc. Just as women are better than men at certain things.

  • Paul Simpson

    The current union is rubbish as is the building so anything is an improvement

  • Logic

    What does that have to do with theft?

  • Name

    Someone has been smoking too much canabis

  • anon

    I think the article is somewhat agreeing with you… So labeling it as an ‘incoherent mess’ could mean you haven’t read it properly?