Savile abused 17 at Leeds Uni-linked hospitals

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Paedo DJ ran riot at hospital staffed by Leeds medics

Jimmy Savile struck 17 times at hospitals used by Leeds Uni, it has emerged.

The report says Savile ‘groomed the nation’

Leeds General Infirmary, where the paedo star had his own office, was the site of 16 sexual assaults over 30 years.

The hospital is affiliated to Leeds Uni and is the place where medicine students receive their training.

A joint report from the police and NSPCC reveals Savile attacked 34 people – mostly children – in Leeds alone.

The report, which says Savile “groomed the nation”, tells how Savile exploited his celeb status to run riot at the hospital.

Read it in full here.

A map of Savile’s sex crimes

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