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Trending hashtag sums up all of the quirks that make Leeds what it is.

In the build up to the Leeds vs Chelsea football match, Twitter went fully northern with #ifyouknowLeeds becoming a worldwide top trend. We picked out the best of the bunch.

They ranged from general ‘banter’:

To observations:

Seasoned clubber knowledge:

Important house hunting tips:

 And life advice:

Did we miss any? Leave them in the comments below (we love your comments)

  • Fuck You

    Does anyone read this shit?

  • Daniel

    I was enjoying this up until she got bored and decided to only write half an article.

  • cp
  • lesley

    She’s “going sober”….. but she’s drinking Red Thunder…. eh??

  • ,

    I didn’t know you could get English Embassy’s.

  • Jes.

    Wonder how he managed to pay for a taxi in “kunas” in Slovenia when their currency is Euros…

    • Iain

      Croatian currency is kuna, think he is comparing it to that as he was originally on holiday in Croatia

  • Kate

    Mate, Slovenia is in the EU…. You don’t need a passport to travel in a coach!

    • Iain

      I don’t know why but I had to show a passport when on a train going through Slovenia! Scary police with guns there

  • Charlie

    Freedom of speech = the freedom to offend. Simple.

  • Econominx

    Jamie Senior:
    Made famous for his role in Bath Tab’s story of the year: Bridge bouncer caught by police without license. Jamie’s “Because he’s a massive knob” comment, not only accurately purveyed any Bridge victim’s view on the matter, but escalated his already notable campus influence to unassailable levels.

    As comfortable on a calculator as he is on a water bed, Jamie’s all-round good guy nature, accompanied with beautiful eyes, more than makes up for his unfortunate diminutive stature.

    A hit with ladies young and old; Jamie’s innocent facade masks a world of snakey attributes which have spread his name widely across the female population of bath – they may not know his true name, but the notch on their bed posts serves as a constant reminder of his true nature.

  • Benni369

    Emily Robinson
    Frequently referred to as Bath’s biggest gremlin, good old Robbo never fails to show her face whether it be on the infamous quarry bench or having private photoshoots in Klass. With a boyfriend in Young Kato and charisma and charm by the bucketload, Ms. Robinson attends mathematics lectures dutifully whilst still having time to hit her favourite night in town, the magical Po Na Na. Big thumbs up for this galdem

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