A degree in ‘Success Studies’?


Meet Shed Simove, the man lobbying David Cameron to introduce a degree in Success Studies

Shed Simove, who once changed his name to ‘God’, is campaigning for an entirely new type of degree. Forget the professions, forget engineering, Shed wants you to focus on success. 
He recently lobbied David Cameron to get university lecturers teaching the art of realising our dreams.
He also sent Sam Cam a copy of his latest banned novel 50 Shades of Grey – which contains totally blank, grey pages that get gradually darker as the book goes on. 
“Universities have it all wrong!” he says. “Unis are meant to be a place to prepare people for later life and instead they carry on the format from schools which is to make someone choose a specific subject that they’re unlikely to directly use to earn money afterwards.
“Instead, we should be teaching our brightest minds the important skills in life – how to focus on what you love so you can make it your income”.
Shed, a serial creative entrepreneur certainly does what he loves. He has sold over one million novelty products. Some of our favourites are his paper ‘ipad’ and arrow headphones. Shed has kindly bundled these into a Tab Christmas hamper for one lucky reader to take home. All you have to do is share this article as your Facebook status.
“Making something of your life and enjoying it are two sides of the same coin. “It’s really about daring to dream, setting goals and taking action to achieve those goals. 
“Thats why I firmly believe my latest book, Success Or Your Money Back should be a compulsory part of the national curriculum and that’s why I wrote to the Prime Minister to ask him to make it so.”
Shed’s is no stranger to writing best sellers. One of his books ‘What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex’ made publishing history as the first entirely blank book (200 pages) to make the Amazon best sellers list. 
To win the Christmas hamper share this article as your status.
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