Champagne Douchebags Forced to Apologise

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St. Andrews jokers sorry for stereotype stunt.

Last week a group of ‘lads’ from St. Andrews took “the-pouring-stuff-over-your-head-and-filming-it-to-the-amusement-of-other-students” craze one step too far.

After Milking in Newcastle and Porting in Durham, first year students from the same university as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took to showering in Champagne in an attempt to one-up the other universities.

Yet due to the offense caused by dousing themselves in Moet & Chandon, they were forced to take it down within hours of it being posted on YouTube and the following day they sent a sincere apology to SU President Freddie Fforde.

The makers of the video claimed the stunt was intended “as a harmless joke and an attempt to join in on the latest craze that began with milking in Newcastle and porting in Durham, as well as being ironic towards ourselves.”

They went on to say they were “shocked, saddened and deeply regretful” of the hateful reaction the video received.

YouTube users were not impressed

In a statement to the student paperthe University said the video lacked “respect for the great many students, staff and townspeople in St Andrews who have for a long time been committed to tackling out of date stereotypes”.

Recently students and residents of St. Andrews have raised money for bursaries and scholarships in a bid to tackle the posh toff stereotype and make the Uni seem more accessible.

St. Andrews is due to celebrate six centuries of tradition, having raised £33.9 million since August 2008. That’s 1,059,706 bottles of Moet, enough for each student to pour 116 bottles over their heads… Get buying Middleton.

Check out the Champagning video here…

Check out the original craze Milking…

And Durham’s Porting response here…

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