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Hundreds of Leeds students have joined a casual sex site

More than 800 Leeds students have signed up for a casual sex website where members arrange one-off romps.

Shag at Uni advertises itself as a “space for students to get laid any night of the week and not have any of the strings attached with dating.”

Casual..the site promises no strings attached sex

The adult portal’s owner Tom Thurlow told The Tab there were 854 Leeds University students registered, with almost half of them female.

He said: “The typical user is a student who is very horny and wants to increase the amount of sex they are already getting.

“Some are people who are not having as much sex, and are quite shy for example. Everyone is looking for a shag so it’s a win-win.”

Membership, which is £5 for men and free for women, buys users the chance to message each other and make casual arrangements.

The bulk of members are students who have not posted profile photos, although there is a sprinkling of suspiciously old and nude profiles, suggesting Shag at Uni has a richer demographic than expected.

Thurlow, who set it up when visitors to sister site Date at Uni  were banned for being explicit,  insisted most profiles on the site were real students.

Shag at Uni spawned from the less casual Date at Uni

He said: “You get sceptics who ask if you have made robot accounts and fake women but that doesn’t happen – it’s against the law. Everyone on the site is a real person.

“I hope people will recognize this is about real people – I’m 22 and I am the person running it.”

  • Tom

    Why has it taken straight people so long to figure out you can use the net for hooking up?

  • Kerem45

    Hayatı dolu yasamamis

  • taimoor

    This is a total scam. I paid the 19.99 subscriptions but I always get an auto reply back to any messages. It looks like both sender and receiver would have to be a full member before they can receive or send messages. Total scam. This means if 90% of the member aren't paying, the paid members can't do much.

  • Andy

    I'm a Paid member trying to cancel the membership and it has been impossible so far! 10 mins on average to their "Hotline" and 10x calls later and I'm still a full paying member for a website that is full of auto-replies and fake messages from fake users probably setup by the provider. 50% of the messages from actual members are automated by the website and the member has no knowledge of the messages. Total scammmmmmm! Avoid, and shame on you Tab for reporting this scam……

  • Jack

    I can second the above comment. It seemed really enticing at first when you read profiles, however, I received nothing but automated replies. I'm skeptical about who is real and who isn't. I'm not a bad looking guy and I received 1 reply in about 50, then when I tried to send one back it said her profile no longer existed. Coincidence or something a bit fishy? I'll let you decide.

    Another thing is there stupid premium rate number in order to cancel your subscription, which they misleading say is free to call on their website. The fact that they are treating cancellations as a revenue source rings alarm bells. Also the people on the phone are probably the same that British Gas employs to rob old grannies.

    No doubt that I expect complaints to grow about this website in due course, and hopefully the truth will out.

  • David

    Similar experience here. I’m an Oxford student and had read articles a few months back in a number of papers that spoke of over 700 females from Oxford University basically coming out of their shell every night, via “Shag at Uni”, to arrange casual sex hook-ups. However I wasn’t surprised upon registering as a member just over a week ago to find that while there were a few hundred women in the Oxfordshire constituency, the number of university age females in Oxford itself was only two or three dozen.
    And I’d hazard out of these at least about half weren’t Oxford Uni students at all, while of those registered females who actually were Oxford students (either Oxford Uni itself or Oxford Brookes), most of them had simply joined to have a nosey and see what all the fuss was about, indeed most hadn’t been active on it on quite some time, and probably weren’t full members (meaning they can’t even read any messages you sent them, never mind send any back). I reckon it’s a fair estimation that the number of female Oxford students who do use the site for regular sex I could count with the fingers of one of my hands.

    This didn’t put me of too much though because, as I said, it didn’t come as any surprise. But I got lots of messages and winks from females supposedly from the Oxfordshire constituency and London which were clearly not from real people, robots or whatever, I dunno. And a lot of the profiles I believe were fake as well, like others here I also reckon set up by the provider.
    I also had the same experience when trying to cancel the subscription – about 7 or 8 premium rate long calls spanning roughly 45 minutes with no response before finally getting through, upon which the woman on the other end accused me of lying and said I couldn’t have rang that many times as they were sitting there the whole time and no phones were ringing.

    So yeah, basically total scam. I don’t think most young women find the idea of using a site like that to meet up for casual sex at all appealing, with the reality being the vast majority preferring sex to be within a relationship.
    The nearest thing you’re gonna get on that site to a “shag at uni” is being offered the privilege by some clinically obese, sofa-bound creature in her forties of watching her perform some bizarre solo sex act on herself via webcam. I noticed many of the genuine women – the very small number of those that it seemed there actually were – described themselves on their profiles as being very overweight, and many of them had like really close-up pictures of their genitalia for their profile pictures. Very seedy and strange indeed, and a complete waste of time and money. Do yourself a favour and avoid it.

  • David

    “I’m a Paid member trying to cancel the membership and it has been impossible so far! 10 mins on average to their “Hotline” and 10x calls later and I’m still a full paying member for a website that is full of auto-replies and fake messages from fake users probably setup by the provider.”

    Yes, despite being angrily accused of lying when they finally decided to answer the phone and allow me to cancel my subscription – insisting, as I mentioned in the above post that they’d been sitting there the whole time I was ringing and there were definitely no attempted calls – my mobile phone unbilled usage clearly shows an amount of £11.28 taken over a period of 42 minutes and 7 calls by this sinister organisation.

  • Singlewarehouse

    That’s quite funny – but there are better sites for it – try – it’s local – so you won’t get all the other nutters.

  • ads

    Because most men aren’t angry females trying to force their own failures onto other people rather than accepting they’re simply not good enough.

    LADs and feminists are just as bad as eachother.

  • cantab thug

    being a feminist wont get u no pussy blud

    dun knoe

  • .

    If you want to know most people’s issue with feminism, look no further than your own article:

    “Apparently snapping girls eating apples is a form of entertainment.”

    I believe you’ve taken it from the famous facebook page which involves taking pictures of people eating food on trains. Yet you decided to deliberately mislead the reader into thinking it’s some sexist thing, and only done towards 1 sex. Large portions of feminists go around looking for reasons to make themselves the victims in any situation, like that example above.

  • John

    Love the fact you criticise the Lad bible having a “best girls of instagram” section. When the LASS bible has “Wet wednesdays” “Topless Thursdays” ect. This is sexual equality in action. It shows Women and men are free to celebrate and appreciate each others appearances. There are far better examples of sexism than page 3 lad mags ect. Also the connection between “Lad culture” and sexism/sexual assault is pretty tenuous. Insecurities and frustration caused by lack of sex and lack of success with women causes these problems and nothing else.

  • Anon

    My only issue with ‘feminism’ is just the way that the word is banded about. Plenty of women seem to deem every issue as a cause for feminism, when really that shouldn’t be the case. Feminism should be fighting for the equality between both men and women, not to be used as a tool in every issue one has in her life

  • Aamir

    I actually think this is a well written and balanced piece, and I’m a guy!

    • k

      the jury’s still out on whether you’re also an idiot, though

  • Onlooker

    It has escalated beyond a definition now to a series of stereotypes determined by individual prejudice and experience. in all honesty I don’t like to identify myself as a feminist because of supposed ridicule from ‘extreme feminists’ and the assumption that my views are a soft core version of feminism. This does not stop me however. Keep it to yourself and voice your opinion to those who ask to hear. Do not ram it down their thraots. Individuals must of been on the ladmag website to be offended in the first place, for example.

  • Anon

    Dreadful article. Biased, misleading and bitter.

  • tom

    Cleo Pollard and her argument taking an absolute battering in this comment section.

  • buskaka

    Feminism these days is just hypocrisy. Most so called (female) “feminists” are annoying anyway and too deeply opinionated. Men are women are equal but different. We can never be the same, stop this rubbish. Honestly it’s playing the victim that makes you the victim and ultimately holds you back.
    Get your heads our your backsides, shut up, and get on with it.

  • Cleo Pollard

    It’s a features article, not an essay, and it’s reflective of what those questioned said not my own argument / “point i’m trying to make”. but kindly write a better alternative if you really think it’s so bad…

  • Generall Lee

    Can feminism though be defined as the promotion of “gender equality” in the sense that it can solve men’s problems? Feminists have long held that men cannot and should not preach solutions to women’s issues of inequality as they are intrinsically male and cannot see the world through a women’s eyes, and thus it would be misogynistic for them to claim that they can find solutions to women’s problems.

    Likewise, it is just as offensive for (female) feminists to be promoting their ideas of “healthy masculinity” for men, when they aren’t men and thus cannot understand the injustices that men face. Many of these feminist solutions for men’s issues come from the militant feminist/socialist framework that frankly just emasculate and demonize men.

    If men wanted gender equality, logically they are surely better off not associating with groups that have historically had militant elements and influences that distrust them and view them as oppressors.

  • Anonymous Libertarian

    If he/she is being defensive, perhaps it’s because your article made them feel the need to be defensive. Being told you’re defensive when you feel you’re being attacked for something and other ad hominem argument tactics like “You’re just a grouch”, “You must be overtired” like a parent would to a petulant child is incredibly patronizing. This, and shaming tactics like painting WWEOT and anyone who uses it as a “beacon of misogyny” along with other rough generalizations, when you’re writing about men who generalize all feminists as zealot, female supremacists undermines the very foundation of your article.

    Now I’ll answer your article and tell you that the reason feminism gets such a bum deal amongst men is because even from the outset, the term is gynocentric. When talking about principles of equality, any terms that have linguistic elements suggesting bias is something people should rightfully be cautious of.

    In your article and the above comment, you’re claiming to represent an idea to make everything equal between the sexes, between people of different races and religion (as we all should), so why call yourself a feminist? There’s already a term for this ideology and it’s called egalitarianism. To say you’re one thing while claiming the ideas of something else is something that should be regarded with distrust. Now if you feel women should be superior to men, go ahead and say that and I’ll respect your opinion of it but there is no room for dishonesty or misrepresentation in philosophical discussions.

    Now,in my humble opinion the fairest form of egalitarianism would be total freedom of opportunity based on a principle of meritocracy. Allow peoplefrom any gender, class, racial background to achieve whatever position they like and be treated like any other candidate in that position, so long as they are skilled for the job. Your 50%/50% movement is a direct infringement of this idea of equality, because you’re effectively tryingto force people into parliamentary positions based on quotas when there may be others better suited for the job.

  • Sam Hurrell

    There are definitely issues with the word feminism, personally I’m wary of calling myself a “male feminist”. It all stems from the problem that many of us have, and that’s having the view that things are black and white, that you can somehow only support women’s rights or men’s rights, never acknowledging that the vast majority of life, and people are in that wonderful murky grey area inbetween.

  • ..

    Broad strokes here…

    Do you know what the purpose of affirmative action is?

    If not It’s the idea that in order to achieve egalitarianism, governments must actively promote the opportunities of defined minority groups within a society (females in this case) to give them equal access to that of the privileged population (males).

    Feminism here tends implies that AA is required to remedy this disparity between the sexes.

    Whereas Egalitarianism tends to give no preferential. It’s also a broader term and there’s less activity or unity under that banner.

    The counter argument for AA is it that it may encourage unequal treatment of members of the majority groups (males) resulting from preferential policies intended to remedy earlier discrimination against minorities. Sometimes referred to as reverse discrimination.

    Counter argument for reverse discrimination is that you cannot discrimination against those in privilege.

    If you’re interested poke around google and find out why different people have a problem using the term Egalitarianism or don’t.

  • Anonymous Libertarian

    I’m not so sure all of them have missed the mark. There might be a few sore ladpack types, but I have some things that you brought up that I’d like to talk about.

    You say there’s a “power imbalance” for women when men feel they can make unwanted comments on women’s appearances in the street but if anything, I’d argue that even this idea is skewed and unfavorable towards men in the principle of equality. If a girl walks out to town one day and someone says that she looks sexy in her jeans, she can say something about it and there’s an already existing, rapidly growing lobby of people who will join her in being outraged at this objectification, but if I were to walk down the street and a girl (or anyone) was to say to me “Those jeans are sexy on you. I bet your cock is massive” and I was to complain about it, hardly anyone would take me seriously.

    Also given that virtually all sports leagues are split down the gender lines, it’s a bit of a stretch to say that lad culture impacts feminism in sporting societies. You saying that would be like me saying that feminism inflicts on my rights because I can’t join the Women’s UoL football team. If you were to suggest that “straight lad” culture might impact you if you’re a gay student trying to join a sports team or if you’re outside the racial majority of the team then that would carry more weight but you’re heading down some awful generalization lines there.

    I don’t know what your story is with sporting societies or how they treated you (I’m assuming you have some experience of poor relations with them) but with all due respect, is it possible that your inability to relate to these “lads” combined with an inability to accept responsibility for your inability to effectively interact with them leads you to tarring them all with the same brush? And if not, and these guys truly are awful, why would you want to bond with them in the first place even for the sake of playing a sport you love? Surely you could do that without becoming best friends with them.

    As far as people feeling emasculated by feminism, I think that’s another cop-out brush off when it’s more likely that the loudest, most militant voices carry the furthest and the message that militant feminists speak is one that is not of equality but of supremacy which we have every right to fight back at.

  • MedicAl

    There are many forms of sexism, from everyday sexism in the UK to the violent stoning of women in the Middle East. As feminism simply means that you believe women and men should be equal, it applies to the full range of experiences. Although this article in particular may be poorly written, or focus on what you deem the less important aspects of the movement, there is no doubt that sexism is alive and well in the UK today. By branding feminists girls ‘who were probably bullied or at least not very popular with that boys at school’, you’re implying that’s all girls are good for – being appreciated sexually by men. Do you believe that women should be equal to men? That they should be paid the same for the same amount of work? That they should be free from abuse both at home and abroad, including being sexually objectified daily? Congratulations, you’re a feminist. Your comment reminds me of my brothers reaction to being told about rape ‘women should just enjoy it because they’re having sex aren’t they?’. My brother is ten.

  • ?

    By stating that “be equal, it applies to the” it is obvious that you are a beeswax nazi, have a very keen sense of smell, particularly straight and long pubic hair, and an ingrowing toenail on your left knee. Your comment reminds me of the time I was climbing down a water fountain with mash potato and a samurai toothpick started stopping at the end. The old man turned away in a moment with great butter flower coconut squash squirting up his nostrils, while the hand in the brick was so completely blue that it was golden; that was when i took it and stuck it in his arsene wenger, which eventually came back out of his river side. The river side was also ten.

  • Voice of Reason

    You have singularly failed to grasp the point of his comment.

    He was not complaining that feminism ‘revolves around women’.

    He was complaining that the author’s beliefs are better described as egalitarianism, not feminism.

    Based on the author’s apparent sentiments regarding equality, this seems to be a perfectly acceptable complaint to make.

  • McEnroe

    The link has not been widely explored and there is no strong evidence linking the two.

    ‘That which has been asserted without evidence…’

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