Sicko pervs target Edge changing rooms


Police have arrested one man who was allegedly caught leering over Edge changing room cubicles with a camera phone earlier this week.

According to an Edge member of staff, the perv is said to have locked himself in a cubicle, absolutely naked, as pool lifeguards and University security staff worked out how to get him out.

The member of staff, who chose not to be named, said: “it was absolutely bizarre – he actually tried climbing over the back of the cubicle to make an escape”.

The culprit is then said to have made his way out of the cubicle ‘after a short struggle’ and taken away by security staff.

According to the source, it’s the second time voyeurism has been reported this week alone.

A spokesman for the University of Leeds said:

“We can confirm that two incidents of alleged voyeurism took place in The Edge this week. Staff quickly dealt with both situations and, as a result, one arrest was made. Police are still seeking a man in connection with the first incident.”

Earlier this year another peeping tom was busted at the gym as he tried to spy on the Chinese Olympic swimming team during their summer preparations at the Edge.

25-year old Declan Crosbie pleaded guilty in August to peering over cubicles in the changing rooms.

Crosbie then attempted to hide in a cubicle and went staff came to find him tried to pretend he was a woman.

Crosbie, who had previous convictions for perving, received a three-year community order and was ordered to take part in a sex offenders treatment programme.

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