Student Tories want to build a 250ft iron statue of Thatcher on campus

Conservative Society's petition has been approved by Kent Union

A petition calling for the construction of a 250 foot (76.2 metre) iron statue of Margaret Thatcher has been approved by Kent Union to go through to the next stage of student consultation.

The petition states that: “The signatories call for the construction of a 250 foot (76.2 metre) Iron statue of the Iron Lady – Margaret Thatcher, that would then be placed on Campus.

“The statue would be built in the Graeco-Roman style and its design inspired by the Colossus of Rhodes (one of the original seven wonders of the world).

“The statue would be placed on a 50 foot (15-metre) high white marble pedestal in the square across from the Universities nightclub, The Venue.”

This is the second time in the last three years that Kent students have been asked to vote on a motion calling for such a statue.

A 2013 attempt to green light the building of a slightly smaller 200ft bronze statue was narrowly averted by Kent Union and was described as “a complete waste of time” by a Union official present at the meeting.

Emilio Kyprianou, Chairman of Kent University Conservative Association (KUCA) and the man behind the new incarnation of the petition told The Tab: “This was started as an attempt to highlight problems with the current petition system. Having said that, we are going to run with it, this could be a real positive for Kent.”

The last time this matter was debated in the Union, the specifications called for the statue to be made of highly polished bronze in order to reflect the sun across the English channel to impede the vision of French sailors attempting to cross.

Kyprianou’s vision favours constructing the statue from iron rather than bronze, although a provision is included for a 30 foot tall bronze handbag to provide the dazzling reflective effect.

The new petition also calls for the statue to be constructed in a larger 46:1 scale, adding an additional 50ft of height to the iron colossus.

A 50ft marble pedestal would bring the total height of the iron colossus to 300ft.

If the statue is built, it will be almost twice the height of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour and almost 1/3rd the height of The Shard. The statue would also weigh hundred of tons and cost millions of pounds to create and install.

The petition can be found here on the Kent Union website.

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