I wouldn’t recommend it

I followed celeb makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury’s tips to get the pout everyone’s lusting after. 

You can clearly see I have small lips

BEFORE: you can see I have small lips

I started the Fullips plump, a tool I bought online which claims makes your lips look bigger in just four minutes. It comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. I got the small one. Following the instructions, I placed it on top of my lips and sucked in, making sure my lips were wet first. It actually worked, but made me look like a fish.

I know I know...

I know I know

After  1 minute

After one minute

After two minutes

After two minutes

After 4 minutes

After four minutes


According to celeb makeup artist Charlotte Tillbury, lip liner is key for puffy pouts: “Without it they simply won’t look as beautiful. You can even out any quirks, amplify the lips and make them look bigger.” I applied the pencil outside the corners my lips to make them look even bigger. I then used the pencil to fill in the entire surface of my lips, which apparently makes the lipstick last longer.

Apply lip pencil

So attractive

While matte lip-stick is one of Kylie’s faves, Charlotte advises to steer clear of it if you’re looking for fuller lips. The rich pigments make lips “literally feel like sandpaper” leaving them flat and dull rather than plump and juicy. Instead, I slathered on layer after layer of the glossiest lipstick I could find. Charlotte says glossy formulas “give thin lips the illusion of being fuller and wider.”

Charlotte warns to make sure the lipstick matches the liner: “It’s a secret weapon. You should never look at anyone and be able to tell they’re wearing lip liner. That would be a disaster.” To finish it off, Charlotte recommends applying a light-reflecting concealer to the corners of your lips to make them stand out even more.

These lips though

These lips though

After following the steps, I definitely saw a huge transformation in my lips. Yes, they had doubled in size but the process wasn’t easy and the result didn’t look natural. It looks great after heavily filtering pictures, but in broad daylight I wasn’t so sure. Maybe I’d try this out again for a night out in a very dark club, where no one can see that my lips look like I’ve had an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

before after lips

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