Imperial in a flap over Tom’s cheeky campaign game

Tom Wheeler kicks off his campaign for Union Presidency with Flappy Tom, a fun game to demostrate how everything's a little easier with Tom around.

Presidential candidate Tom Wheeler has become a viral sensation on campus after launching his own version of the game Flappy Bird.

Released at midnight on Monday as a downloadable app, Flappy Tom recreates the addictive gameplay of the original, with players navigating Tom’s disembodied, sunglasses-wearing head between rows of green pipes. 

The game’s background has also been updated to show the Albert Hall and the Queen’s Tower flying a banner reading “Vote Tom”.

The game has proven to be as addictive as its predecessor, with the option to post high scores to Facebook and Twitter boosting the game’s popularity no end. It’s tweaked to be a little easier than the original and boasts “Isn’t everything easier with Tom around?”


Flappy Tom shamelessly borrows from the wildly popular Flappy Bird with some noticeable Imperial College additions

On its first day of release, the game had gone viral across Imperial by lunchtime. Tom reports that “12 hours after it went live I was sat in the “Your Candidates: Announced” meeting, and saw somebody playing Flappy Tom 2 or 3 rows in front of me.”

“It’s great that student voters can have a laugh and a bit of fun, and I would love to hear how well people do. Make sure you share your scores on Twitter!”

Click the image to try the game for yourself

Click the image to try the game for yourself

Tech savvy members of the campaign team modified an open source clone of the original game with alternative graphics and tweaked game physics.

Flappy Tom is just one small part of the campaign this 3rd Year Physics student has begun in order to convince the student body that he is the best candidate. With eye-catching posters all over campus and an impressive manifesto, Tom presents a very strong case for being our next Union President.

Play the game yourself on Tom’s campaign website.


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