Yes James Bromley, yes it does

Exactly the one thing we did not want to happen

Well it would appear that the ICBS-UG mailing list wasn’t dead after all. For those of you keeping score at home, it would appear the number of emails now sent has reached a whopping 3,563,332.

At 15:39, everybody on the franken-list ICBS-UG received:

Followed rapidly by:

ICTs absolutely hilarious twitter feed were back on the case straight away again, but this time they were serious…

but their banter quickly returned:

As this was the second day of the storm, it was mostly full of people just trying to get in The Tab, and no one was being serious, this one was uncharacteristically funny:

Also this sounds pretty fun:

Where is this place and how do I get there?

Facebook was once again awash of people complaining about not being able to use their phones and emails: so just in case you weren’t aware, for posterity:

Go to Outlook => click rules – manage rules and alerts => new rule => Apply Rule on messages I receive => sent to specific people or public group => edit rule description ICBS-UG Business Imperial => then either mark as read and forward to a new folder or just delete it straight off.




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