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You’ll never make the most of being at the glorious Hullywood if you don’t get involved with a sports team, and what better one to join than Rugby Union?

You’ll immediately make 40 of the closest friends you can make at uni, and you’ll never be short of someone to have a pint or 10 with. They’ve just been promoted in the BUCS League and they also won the Northern Rugby Union Conference Cup this year. Seriously, if you’re not in the club, what are you doing?


Stealing a line out


Soon after arriving, you’ll realise Wednesdays are pretty much completely reserved for playing sports during the day, and socials at night. You’ll soon clock on that if you’re not part of a club or society, you’ll be pre-drinking with the small numbers left, so you might as well join in.

The controversial social ban earlier this year hit sports teams hard, with many left looking for a new place to circle. But this only spurred Rugby Union on to find an upgrade for their socials. The YPI sports ground on Chanterlands Avenue was chosen to facilitate the infamous rugby socials, allowing for a more free-flowing, enjoyable lash. Since the move, HURFC haven’t looked back.


As long as I got my suit and tie

If you’re worried about spending copious amounts of money on fancy dress costumes you’ll probably wear once and never see again, then don’t be. The club always wear shirts and ties to socials, so save your money for what is definitely the most important thing as a fresher… the booze and the good times. Everyone loves to dress up in randy costumes now and then though, so you’ll still get the chance during the joint socials with other AU teams, such as Netball League.

Tour, Tour, Tour

After joining an AU team, you’ll venture on the best sports trip of your life so far: tour. Yep, it happens. That week abroad where everyone forgets who they are to be drunk 24/7 and do literally whatever they want. Saloufest is undeniably the loosest week in anyone’s university career, an experience never to forget which most of us hardly remember.

Beach Rugby 7's on Tour

Beach Rugby 7’s on tour

With HURFC on tour, you’ll play a few games of Rugby 7’s on the beach, but Saloufest is definitely more of a lad’s holiday, just a casual “team bonding” experience in the sun with 30 to 40 quality guys in sunny Spain. What more could you want?

Teams and fixtures

Along with the other AU teams, Rugby Union’s first and second teams play in the BUCS League every week against other universities such as Sheffield, Newcastle and many more, so you’ll get the chance to beat the unis you may or may not have been turned away from.

HURFC 1st Team after winning the Cup

First team after winning the cup

They also have a third team for people who fancy giving rugby union a go for the first time, or who played years ago and want to pick it up again. You’ll be playing matches on Saturdays, and if you’re really keen and fancy playing in matches twice a week, you can. Of course, there is also chance of promotion through the teams as your skills improve. All the teams train together as a unit, so if you’re worried about being less included in the third team, then you’ll be glad to know everyone socials and trains together as one club.

Rugby 7’s

As part of Hull’s Rugby Union, one is never bored. When the BUCS League season finishes, the club begin playing sevens and enters various tournaments to compete in. Slightly more lighthearted than normal sevens, for freshers it is a chance to show off their pace as the young guns.

Sevens Stash

Sevens stash

Additionally, new stash is ordered every year for sevens rugby, so you’ll be playing in shiny new kit, another great reason to participate. Look good, feel good, play good.

Cross codes

This is the annual event which showcases the fierce rivalry and talent of both the university’s Rugby Union and League teams, where they compete against each other for the most important prize of all… bragging rights for the year. HURL played well to win the heated cross codes this year, so HURFC will be looking to hopefully regain the cup next year.



Other amazing events

As well as the socials throughout the year, Rugby Union incorporate other events into their schedule. Man Auction is an annual event raising money for Help the Heroes, and keeping the ladies happy by getting the shrigs out. Think Magic Mike, but less professional and talented. It’s for a great cause, so get your kit off and have an unforgettable time.

Man Auction


Old Boys Weekend is another massive annual event for teh club. The alumni return for one more weekend as they go through the struggle of letting go – no doubt something all of us will experience when we graduate. It’s a nostalgic couple of nights where you catch up with past team mates who have gone onto bigger and better things. This is also reassuring for freshers, meeting people who have gone on to succeed after graduating from the same university, who were once part of the same great club.

Varsity is another amazing annual event. All the AU teams in Hull forget their rivalry with each other to compete, and we always win. Sorry Lincoln. HURFC recorded a huge 84-5 victory against the Lincoln Rugby Union team this year, and are hoping to achieve a similar feat again next Varsity. Not forgetting the lash at Lincoln afterwards, which wraps up a decent day out nicely.

Celebrating the win against Lincoln Uni

Celebrating the win against Lincoln Uni

Being a part of HURFC, there is never a dull moment. You will be part of a tight knit unit which trains, plays and gets mortal together, so don’t worry if you are in a student house instead of in halls, or don’t get along with your housemates. As with most AU teams, being apart of the club definitely makes your university experience more memorable and enjoyable, so why not join and decide for yourself?

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