And to think we only used to have two

The legendary Union have bagged Russell Kane for this year’s freshers –– completing one of the best line-ups yet.

For the first time ever, Hull University are extending the freshers’ fun to three weeks, replacing Freshers’ Fortnight.

There’ll be all sorts going on, including a Mean Girls movie night and a Back 2 Skool disco.


New pals

Icebreaker on October 1st will even have “fire breathing grannies, nine foot tall icebreaker robots and Umpa Lumpas giving out sweets”.

With early bird tickets sold out and standard tickets at £8, it cannot be missed.

Second year Chemistry student, Alex, told The Tab: “Russell Kane is hilarious. I’ve already seen him live at Hull Truck Theatre last year and I’m keen to see him again.”


F*ck Me It’s Freshers is also set to be mental, with foam cannons exploding all over unknowing freshers.

Or go on a wild, adrenaline fuelled rampage at Hull’s BIG Fun, where you can release your inner child in the ball pools, rope swings, crawl tubes, a slither chicane, air cannons and trampolines.

Hangover? Covered. The uni have sorted that with Curry House Nights and Chip Shop Nights.


The Union have even introduced cards which grant you instant access to all events or events of your choice, so no more fumbling in your pockets for beer soaked tickets.

Gone has the era of an awkward night, remembering the faces of the five people you just met.

This year, your freshers’ will be remembered for all the right reasons.

First year Bio Med student, Sanskriti, said: “There’s plenty of quirky things going on so it looks like the perfect icebreaker, as there’s nothing worse than awkward silences.”