Exeter Undergraduate Crowned UK’s Horniest Student

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Elina Desaine, a third year IT Business Management student, has been named the UK's horniest student.

Having entered into Shag at Uni‘s nationwide competition, Elina Desaine, a third year IT Business Management student, has been crowned the UK’s horniest student.

Beating off hundreds of applicants to win the title, Desaine, 20, has won £500 cash, a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, a crate of alcohol and a year’s supply of condoms.


Elina posing for http://blog.shagatuni.com.

According to Shag at Uni, Desaine was “ecstatic” upon hearing the news she had won, describing it as “her proudest achievement to date.”

“I entered the competition after my friend saw it advertised by Shag at Uni online,” she said. “He told me that I was perfect for it as I have a huge reputation on campus for letting my hair down and having fun. Everyone should act like me!”


Elina’s list: ‘Marine Guy,’ ‘3rd year’ and ‘Penny C guy,’ to name a few.

Quoted from Shag at Uni’s Facebook page, here is her winning entry for the competition:

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 16.32.19

Tom Thurlow, Shag at Uni creator, commented, “As soon as I saw Elina’s entry I knew we had a particularly wild girl on our hands. I love the fact she uses her position in the computer science club to have sex in the computer room.


The advertisement for the UK’s Horniest Student competition.

“She even told me how the computer science club is perfect because it’s full of guys! After meeting with Elina personally I am 100% confident I have found the horniest student in the country.”

Whilst at University of Exeter, Elina claims to have slept with sixteen different men – the older the better.


What Elina won by being named the UK’s Horniest Student.

“At Exeter we have this thing called ‘sharking,’ she says, “where older students prey on first year students and coax them into bed. I was sharked on three times in my first year and loved it!

“Older guys are much more experienced in the bedroom and definitely have more confidence. However, now that I’m a third year I’m definitely trying my hand at sharking and it’s a lot of fun!”

Has that hat been used in the bedroom, Elina?

Has that hat been used in the bedroom, Elina?

Desaine, who refers to herself as ‘Slutvian,’ moved to the UK from Latvia aged six. She has also nicknamed her university ‘Sexeter’.

To ensure she can have sex whenever she wants whilst at Exeter, Desaine told Shag at Uni that she currently has five or six sexual partners.


Elina bears and shares all for http://blog.shagatuni.com.

Quoted in the Mail Online, a University of Exeter spokesperson said: “We certainly don’t condone this sort of behaviour but our main concern at this time is for the student and the impact this may have on her over the long term.”


  • Robin Thicke

    I know she wants it

  • Perry Jolley

    Surely Jaz Sansoye is the real winner of this competition? Last I heard that cheeky diva was on shag no.79

    • Jaz Sansoye

      Cheers. I’m on 96 now.

  • T.I

    I’ll give her something big enough to tear her ass in two

  • Jokes

    Amusing, she can make up some bullshit about shagging people and win a shit load of stuff. Wish I’d seen this earlier.

  • G Money

    Aye ya fookin dutty skite, a’h wunnut touch ya with ma bandersnatch. silly bint.

    • Gremlin

      Good G-money.

  • Jesus

    Her parents must be oh so proud

  • Purves Grandmartin.

    “Whilst at University of Exeter, Elina claims to have slept with sixteen different men”

    “I should be the UK’s horniest student because I have sex with at least 2 / 3 different people a week”

    Eh? So she must be a thrid year student who’s only been in Exeter for 8 weeks?

    • rosie

      she sleeps with 2/3 men a week not different men she has a sex list so she sleeps with those 16 men as part of her 2/3 men a week

      • Adam

        Read her quote. It clearly says ‘2/3 DIFFERENT people a week’.

        • Anonymous

          Well it can hardly be 2/3 of the same person.

  • Tom Searle

    Really Callum?

    • Breakey

      Get a grip you silly vole…

  • You sure?

    Definitely not Callum (short)? Love from Paris 😉

  • Bill

    Some of your comments are outragous your all so self rightouss…. this persons gonna read all these comments show some basic human level of compassion……….. Also you really should taken this article down could have extremely negative effects on persons life, seeing as she still goes to the uni

  • Scott

    What a shame. There goes all her job prospects.

    • Paddy

      I can think of one job for her. Involves a lot of street corners though

  • http://www.mileyc.com Miley Cyrus

    I would come in you like a wrecking ball.

  • The Thistle 10

    chopped it

  • Surf’s up

    I wouldn’t

  • ¬_¬

    how are computer scientists at exeter meant to get a job now… nice.

  • Anonymous

    But she’s so fugly…

  • The Real UK’s Horniest Student

    So did the competition atttempt to actually verify anything she said in her submission…?
    Would be interested to know if even a single part of what she said was legit.

    “I most definitely bone at least 15 different girls a week.”
    “Congratulations! Here’s a ton of free stuff!”

  • WhoCallsTheirKidXander

    One girl SSB

  • Anon

    16 guys since uni? Sophie Heilbron does 35 a year.

  • Haydz

    This woman was my mentor for 2 weeks at a Challenge Place and i had no clue about this LOOOL This blew my mind!

  • http://DulwichCollege.com Edward Alleyn

    What is this filth!

  • Geoffrey sprinkleton

    Let’s just conclude 2 things… She’s average at best and probably contains more diseases than an Ethiopian river.

  • dfdf

    Maybe it has something to do with the refurb only having just been finished?

  • duh

    Maybe it’s because the refurbs are ongoing and NSS scores are the results of three (or more) years of being here you retards.

  • Hmm

    “She even told me how the computer science club is perfect because it’s full of guys! After meeting with Elina personally I am 100% confident I have found the horniest student in the country.”

    Basically you banged her

  • Andy McZomb

    What a monumental ballbag.

  • Disgruntled jogger

    I nearly killed a small child when I ran through it the other day.. fucking stupid idea

  • White rich male

    “or one day all the colour and variety will be sucked out of university life” – paha really poor choice of words when defending white rich males

    • Ruckington of Rucksley

      I think that’s more a reflection of the University’s demographic rather than the sport. Other uni teams have got players from a mix of socio-economic backgrounds #words

  • Snuggle-bears.

    “Nobody in this picture is evil”? Thats true. James Stephenson loves a cuddle-puddle.

  • exeterstudentseverywhare

    you might not be rapists but youre still shit at rugby

  • United States of Abeerica

    Moral of the story: Rugby players like pints.

  • Oliver Beerhoff

    Bob 1:5

  • Russ

    the last two paragraphs couldn’t be more true. good article

  • Kimbo Slice

    Sorry but a few men losing out on playing rugby for a season shouldn’t be the focus when a girl will have to live with the fact she was raped for the rest of her life.

    Poor little misunderstood white, rich boys. If they were playing football there would be no sympathy for them. They get away with their behaviour because they are wealthy.

    • Equality FTW

      What a stupid and racist comment. How is it acceptable to call a group of people rich white boys? Why even mention their skin colour? If it was a black dominated sport would you say little black boys? No. Then imagine if someone called them poor as well, it would be a scandal. Racism has to be equal, white people aren’t somehow immune to being victims of racism.

      • Lorna

        She wasn’t calling them white to insult white people, it was to point out that they are privileged and hardly in need of their rights protecting.

        • gotanytabsm8?

          why is it ok to offend ‘white rich kids’? if someone makes a joke stereotyping anyone else its suddenly a huge deal. but making broad generalizations of rape about rugby lads is ok. yeah i think their banters shite and a little homoerotic its. Its just the self important (but completely useless) student politicians looking looking for easy votes from the hippys.

        • EqualityFTW

          Why even mention their skin colour? There are lots of black people and people with other ethnic backgrounds that play rugby. Also, who says they’re privileged simply because they are white and play rugby? Such a stereotype and generalisation, it’s no worse than for example saying women belong in the kitchen etc.

    • RON

      But they didn’t rape anyone??

      • kelly barnett

        No but if they have a very rapey culture, that’s a problem! Some of them are rapists.

        • dfdf

          Source the incidence is any higher than average?

          • kelly barnett

            The point is that, whether the percentage of these males who have raped a person before is 1% or 10%, the rape culture is a problem. Groups of guys shouting “date rape” and thinking it’s hilarious is not so funny when you and a fair few of your friends have had something done to them they didn’t consent to by a guy who just seemed like a ‘normal’ lad. Some of these ‘normal’ rugby lads are rapists walking around, whilst all of their mates treat rape like some kind of high form of banter.

            • dfdf

              Yes but can you prove that rugby players are responsible for that? Because you didn’t give any source to prove the “Lad” abstraction has contributed to the issue.

              • kelly barnett

                Contributed to what issue? Responsible for what? I’m saying that shouting “gang rape” is a problem in and of itself. That kind of culture is a problem, regardless of anything else.

                • dfdf

                  Because you’re asserting that the “lad” has caused the problem in and of itself.

                  • kelly barnett

                    No I’m not!

        • jonjo shelvey

          how on earth does having a repey culture mean some are rapists

        • Tim

          Which of them are rapists?

          You’re coming very close to libel.

          • kelly barnett

            It stands to reason that a small proportion of every group of men have raped someone before.

    • Meninist UK

      Why punish people for doing nothing wrong? One girl was raped and one boy should be punished. This is classic radical feminism in action and illustrates perfectly how they preach “equality” but fight for total “femininity”

    • Tim

      No-one was raped you utter cretin. If you want people to take you seriously you’re going to have to start by dealing in facts.

      Absolutely ridiculous, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • True

    Good article

  • john rugger

    let the boys play

  • John Gould

    What is the point of this article? Rugby teams at uni (on the whole, apologies to the decent lot to whom this does not apply) do not aim to be misogynistic but they simply do not care if they are. It is the lack of any moral compass that people find so abhorrent about many sports teams. Having spent my first year of Bristol Uni in a rugby team I can say that sexism really is just beneath the surface of almost all conversations and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the same for other universities. A better article would have focussed on the real problems within sport culture at uni of which there are a few big ones; binge drinking and sexism to name a few. This article serves little to no purpose, other than to defend some over-priveleged individuals.

    • dfdf

      “What is the point of this article”

      I dunno, but I’d guess refuting the rest of your comment.

  • Bull Shit

    This is bollocks – acting like a cunt on a night out is tacit approval, if not explicit support, of the kind of culture where women are subject to degrading abuse. How about for once, a sports team at uni thought about how other people might feel around them while they’re being idiots…

    • John

      Takes away from the fun

    • confused

      So you’re suggesting that if I were to smash some plates on a night out then I am an advocate for rape?

  • dumbarticle

    they’re loud, obnoxious grown men who act like children. what’s not to dislike?

  • markflynn000

    This article doesn’t even touch upon the amount of violence and flat out bullying I have seen from male sports teams in general, not exclusive to rugby but still super relevant. When someone has no problem with me when he is in my company, but is completely aggressive when in a group of ‘lad’ friends, that is a problem of the culture. They DO deserve a pretty stern level of criticism because this stuff happens way too frequently.

  • Douglas

    Its sad that this article even needed to be written.

  • :)

    Rugby lads are vulgar and unfunny, but so am I and I don’t have to worry about it because Table Tennis is mostly played by Chinese students and not (mostly) white men. Says something about the unions concerns.

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