Why ‘Blurred Lines’ Should Be Banned

Jaz Sansoye argues why the Students' Guild should ban 'Blurred Lines'

Thus far, only a handful of universities (Edinburgh, Leeds, Derby, Kingston and West Scotland) have banned ‘Blurred Lines’ from being played at their union pubs and clubs, and I believe Exeter should be the next university to sign up to its expulsion.

Reiterated by the line “the way you grab me, (you) must wanna get nasty,” the song’s degrading lyrics suggest women readily give consent to men for sex (wishful thinking, perhaps), whilst also assuming that doing so will somehow help to “liberate” them.

Who else wears sunglasses in bed? Just saying.

Apart from Robin #Thicke, who else wears sunglasses when in bed?

It’s bad enough that, when clubbing, women have to deal with unwanted groping and sexual remarks – not to mention the prospect of a pissed partygoer taking Thicke’s lyrics to heart.

In the Lemmy, then, do we really want to listen to a song that condones and arguably encourages such a disrespectful attitude towards women?

Later in the song, surrounded by topless women in the explicit version of the music video, T.I. raps what is perhaps the most graphic line: “I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two.”

Is Robin trying to suggest he has a feet fetish?

Is Robin trying to suggest to us that he has some sort of a feet fetish?

Now, please forgive me if you think I’m wrong for saying so, but I can’t imagine how having your ass ripped into two separate parts is a particularly pleasant feeling.

Although laddish behaviour is a huge part of student culture, Thicke, together with his publicists, has taken it a step too far in their judgment of what sort of sex-related lyrics are socially acceptable nowadays.

If his sexist lyrics are passed off as banter, it just shows that sexual violence – and the objectification of women – is becoming something increasingly commonplace in the mainstream media.

Even with ice-cream, he just looks a bit creepy.

Even with ice-cream in hand, he just looks a bit creepy, doesn’t he?

For me, the most shocking thing is that the Lemmy plays the song with the accompanying explicit version of the video in which the women are all topless.

As a female, it can be quite uncomfortable to see this in a club full of testosterone-fuelled men, and I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling such unease.

In all fairness, since Edinburgh Universtiy’s Stduents’ Guild banned ‘Blurred Lines’ earlier this month, the Students’ Guild has realised how much of a pertinent issue the song is for university students.

Stay sitting down, Ms. Pretty Model, T.I. is about...

Stay sitting down, Ms. Pretty-Looking Blonde Model, T.I. is about.

Chris Rootkin, Welfare Sabb, says: “the song is clearly distressing for a number students, and the Guild will always take every student’s requests and opinions very seriously.”

Personally, I’m all for a good tune and, without such explicit and demeaning lyrics, ‘Blurred Lines’ would be an incredible song.

I know “fuck me” rhymes with “hug me,” Robin, but sometimes we just want a cuddle without a poke from your penis.

  • Fudge McPatterson

    I tripped over my own shoelaces yesterday! Shoelaces should be banned!!! I can’t believe the University just sits by allowing people to tie their own.. It’s a disgrace!

  • Everyone

    You are a walking contradiction, Jaz

  • Common Sense

    Articles like this really let the Tab down.

    Do the same as The Guild did last year with The Sun, put it to student vote. I am sure there are enough people with sense to vote against it.

    If we ban this song, what’s next? Banning every song that could possibly offend a person? How is 50 cent’s Candy Shop any better than Blurred Lines? The only reason why this being bought to light is because Jaz wants to hop on a band wagon.

  • Anonymous

    The song shouldn’t be banned because of the lyrics, it should be banned because it’s a shit song. End of.

  • Christina

    if this is your opinion why are so often sharing about your love for sex, s&m and one night stands.

    • Chuck

      Liking sex has no correlation to someone’s opinion on a song which has almost nothing to do with respectful, consensual sex and everything to do with promoting rape culture and ‘blurring the lines’ of consent for women who are deemed to be asking for it just by being female. The similarity to the lyrics and the words of rapists has been clearly pointed out across the net and the video is clearly misogynistic. You seem to miss the point. Things like this promote a culture that oppresses women. If you really don’t care about that then take a long hard look.

    • Lucy P

      Yep because girls who like s&m and sex on their own terms obviously have nothing else to them but a love for sex in all it’s forms. If you’ve ever listened to jaz talking about her adventures as you claim to have, you might have noticed it’s consensual. Well done for believing the myth that sexually adventurous females are just there for the taking.

  • Anonymous

    Why does the Tab publish these shit?

  • JazzyKinks

    Jaz you clearly loved your arse getting torn in two when you were having anal last night. Noone wants to know

    P.S your boobs are saggy

  • Anonymous

    Stoopid feminists

  • Lucy

    The comments on this depress me. Slagging off a female writer who happens to like sex for also being feminist? Insulting her physical appearance to try and devalue her argument? How original. Well done Exeter, can’t wait to graduate and leave you behind.

    As it happens I agree with everything said here. Oh and I enjoy sex. And anal. And fuck, I’m a feminist, how can I deal with all this internal conflict?

    Wake up arseholes.

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