Hockey fresher loses fives, finds himself in Edinburgh


Freshman brings new meaning to the idea of hockey club training.

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This is the moment a hockey club fresher realised he was going on a 16-hour round trip to Edinburgh.

Ben Sully, right, at the moment of defeat

Fifth team goalkeeper Ben Sully was the unlucky loser at EUMHC‘s annual Edinburgh Fives social on Wednesday night.

Forty freshmen started the mass game of Fives, which sees the loser catch a train from Exeter to Edinburgh and back again in just one day.

Sully, a main site fresher, faced second teamer Tom Abell in the final. When the intrepid keeper held out five fingers as Abell guessed “five”, he was off to Scotland.

Sully being sent on his merry way

The freshman departed Exeter St David’s on the 08.23 on Thursday morning. He arrived in the Scottish capital at 16.05.

He spent most of his journey north gazing out the window.

Sully in a surprisingly empty carriage

However, in a heartwarming twist, Sully was greeted at Edinburgh station by Edinburgh Uni hockey players. The club heard of the Exeter fresher’s journey on Twitter and were on the platform to present him with a bottle of wine, chocolates and a bunch of flowers.

It was Christmas come early for the Exeter freshman

Edinburgh picked up a re-tweet from Team GB hockey player Dan Fox as news of the fresher’s journey spread across social networks. The Edinburgh club is already planning a return fixture in February.

Touched by their generosity, Sully exchanged club ties with the Edinburgh players before climbing aboard the 16.52 back to Exeter. He arrived at St David’s at 00.55 this morning.

The tie exchange

Return tickets to Edinburgh cost around £170. Don’t worry though, the fresher wasn’t left out of pocket and he was awarded a new club tie on his return to Exeter.

Home safe and sound

Exeter hockey club captain Andrew Miller said: “Edinburgh Fives is an annual game and it’s great that this year our Edinburgh hockey partners decided to get involved. Exeter hockey club look forward to welcoming one of them to us in February.”

The Tab salutes fresher Ben Sully and Edinburgh’s hockey players. This truly is the spirit of Christmas.

  • Micheal Houston

    In our day and age when we must conserve energy to protect the planet, i think its highly irresponsible making people travel the length and breadth of the country for a game over fives.

    • Cdog

      Yeah, because the only reason that train was running was because he lost a game of fives, are you dumb?

      • Tom McAlpine

        Cdog is clearly a bit of a half brainer

      • Tom McAlpine

        Cdog? Are you a half brainer?

    • yolo

      shutup you goon

    • km89

      Nonsense. A full train of passengers is a more efficient use of energy than one that is not full.

  • Vile Cretin

    Houston, we have a problem.

  • Ben.

    Houston I think it's irresponsible for you to be wasting valuable electricity powering your laptop just to moan about a game of fives.

  • JessieS

    This is truly awesome and I am so proud to be a hockey player!!!

  • henry

    houston you clearly had a troubled childhood, you must have lost many a game of fives..

  • Gweilo

    fun sponge

  • Simon Binks

    That's fantastic

  • Unay

    Fives to leave the lights on in your uni house over the xmas holidays?

  • Badger

    Celebration after winning so should have been a rematch between the 2 of them

  • Eton Fives

    Edinburgh Fives looks shit, there isn't even a buttress

    • That exact comment

      was posted on the Cambridge Tab an hour before this one. Awkward.

  • Edmund Magnus

    I agree with Houston that this is an inexplicable waste of everyones time. Unfortunately michael the minds of these idiots where blinded by average banter and the environment was forgotten

  • Edmund Magnus

    Completely agree with michael this is a prime example of students neglecting the greater good in the name of average banter

  • Ben Walker

    I am from Edinburgh Uni Hockey team lol Had the most banterous time with old sully in the station. Showed him him what we are about. Isn't just fascinating how why can have cross country scandalous banter due to the extravagent technology we are subjected too in this day and age?

  • Luke Mitchenson

    Ben Walker – You're a retard learn to spell. Anyone who plays Hockey is a massive gimp

  • Jack Wrigley

    Houston you really are a class a cunt

  • MrP

    Houston, the train was going anyway, not really him or the club harming the environment is it?

  • Greg Peters

    Houston, the train was going to Edinburgh anyway!

    No more CO2 was released as a result of him boarding it.

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