The very worst things you can do that are guaranteed to annoy your Edinburgh flatmates

It’s Week Four, the honeymoon period is over

I went to all six Wetherspoon’s in central Edinburgh to decide which one is best

How many glasses do I want for my pitcher? Just a straw, thanks

New pop-up horror bar set up at abandoned Edinburgh medical facility

Happy Halloween

Only having four contact hours of uni a week doesn’t mean my degree is easy

I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy and stop shitting on other peoples’ degrees

There is now a word for your ex who isn’t really your ex: The flex

You’ve probably got loads of them, I know I have

Police appealing for witnesses after spate of indecent incidents in New Town

Three incidents took place on Friday morning

After the treatment of Esme Allman, Edinburgh Uni need to protect people of colour

We need this now more than ever

The best places to go in Edinburgh to get your daily dog fix

There’s a reason they’re called man’s best friend

How to survive Edinburgh’s freshers flu

You’re welcome

Clubbers of the Week

Week three fuck that degree

I had a breakdown two weeks into uni, and here’s why that’s okay

Why does nobody ever talk about this?

Homophobic slurs hurled at Edi student by pupils from top local Catholic school

The American Masters student says he has been left ‘heartbroken’ by the incident.

Edinburgh’s chihuahua cafe are looking for employees

You’d literally get paid to cuddle puppies

Cirque du Soul: Ticket-holders refused entry as police shut down ‘out of control’ queue

Nice work Cirque

Manhunt after 23-year-old woman indecently assaulted near Edinburgh Uni

The attack occurred on Rankeillor Street on the early hours of Sunday morning

If you can’t pass this Edinburgh Uni test, then how are you here?

Get to Napier

We took personality tests at the Scientology place on South Bridge and all they wanted was our money

They tried to make me think I was abused by my uncle

‘We were sitting in a car with French people who were watching porn’ and other crazy stories from last year’s Edi Race2Paris

Hitchhiking to Paris with £0 in your pocket always comes with its own adventures

This is Edinburgh’s best building and you’ve probably never heard of it

Lucky you if you’ve got your tutorials there