Patrick Kilduff wins EUSA Presidential election

Happy St Patrick’s day

Filming for the new Avengers movie starts in Old Town next week

Local residents have been warned that there might be “small explosions”

What it’s like being on the receiving end of an online backlash as a student

When you silence a group of people, you end up with a limited range of stories and topics explored

Why you should care about Edinburgh’s new mental health strategy

Edinburgh has just released its new strategy to ‘boost mental health’ at the university.

‘Sell New College to fund free VKs for all’ – the election promise of a EUSA Presidential candidate

He’s serious about winning

We spoke to the two main people running for EUSA President

Voting closes tomorrow

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It’s going to be huge

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Wave goodbye to that diet: There’s a Five Guys opening off Princes Street

Will it be open past 2 tho

Singles of the Week

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