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Struggling away in the library? Twiddling your thumbs because you're finished? Afraid of the future and all it holds? The Tab, yet again, are here to help.

With our degree calculator, you can enter all of your marks from each year so far and then work out what you need in your remaining assignments to get that coveted 2.1. (Because firsts are for nerds.) It looks a bit village, but it works.

Note: This calculator was designed for English unis. You can still use it – put your final two years in the boxes for second and third years.

how to use calc

Some useful breakdowns

10% of a 15 credit module – 1.5 credits.
15% – 2.25 credits.
20% – 3 credits.
25% – 3.75 credits.
30% – 4.5 credits.
35% – 5.25 credits.
40% – 6 credits.
45% – 6.75 credits.
50% – 7.5 credits.
60% – 9 credits.
70% – 10.5 credits.
80% – 12 credits.
90% – 13.5 credits.

To work out the equivalent percentage for a 30 credit module…double the number of credits for the 15 credit module (who said GCSE Maths wouldn’t come in handy?)

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  • Concerned.

    Just FYI, copying content from other Tabs doesn’t really work when Edinburgh students do four year degrees.

    • The Tab

      Oops – good point. You can still use the calculator though.


  • Nice try

    Bit of fun, but it’s much quicker just to copy and paste your transcript into Excel and do the sums yourself – I am sure even students of the Arts are capable of this. BAZINGA! (coming from an MEng student which in Edinburgh btw is 5 years, and there aren’t enough rows for our 3rd year which comprised 12 x 10 credit courses)

  • Anonymous

    what an amazingly boring comment

  • Bibi

    This isn’t as irrelevant as ‘some organisation in Germany’; this is a living reality for the descendents of 6,000,000 people who were marched to their deaths under that symbol. The fact you can’t understand why that’s hurtful for so many people says more about you than it does them.

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