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Things hot up at Var-city

Things hot up at Var-city

  • Tom

    You heard it right here. Muslim women beat up white women for wearing bikinis and somehow it’s all the fault of white males.

  • Well okay then.

    The fault here lies solely in the hands of radical Islam and its cheerleaders.

    I’d normally scoff at the idea of internalised misogyny but there’s no doubt that these women are suffering from exactly that.

    I won’t comment on the rest of the article as all you’ve done is repeat what you said in your last article.

    All in all a pretty pointless article. Radical Muslim women attack women in bikini shock horror. Stop the press. I don’t really see how this is worth writing about.

    The best thing about this article is your bikini pic because you are really fit.

    Dump your boyfriend who writes REALLY boring articles for Vice and be my gf plz?

    • Matt Watkins

      Police have confirmed that this incident was in no way religiously motivated so this statement is in fact false

      • Well okay then.


        “Offended by her lack of clothes”.

        Name one other group of people in France who might be offended by such a thing. Just one.

        Your denial is comical.

        • Well okay then.

          Although to be fair to you if the police say it wasn’t religiously motivated then fair doos.

          Where did you get this information?

          If it wasn’t religiously motivated then I highly doubt the reasoning behind the attack was them being “offended by her lack of clothes” as we are lead to believe by this article.

          The whole incident sounds like nothing more than a cat fight now.

    • Well okay then.

      Just to confirm, I REALLY do think you are better than him and his blue tick. The stuff he writes about is crap.

      And I REALLY like capitalising the word REALLY.

  • Innocent white man

    Jesus christ, this author has some serious internalized issues with men. On a story of a group of women attacking another woman, how did she manage to spin this into an anti male tirade?

    Feminists will always find a way to blame men for anything and everything. This is why people are using any chance they can to run modern day feminism into the ground. It is a toxic misandric movement which breeds an ‘us vs them’ mentality.

    • Dissagree

      “Feminists will always find a way to blame men for anything and everything. ” I disagree with that one, people who blame men for anything are misandrists, they may try and call themselves feminists, but there just crackers, and they’re wrecking the whole original movtive and reason behind true feminism.

  • Proof Read much?

    There’s a fantastic mistake in this blog!
    The Question…
    ‘1) Am I telling a woman what to do?’

    Her remark…
    ‘Answer no to any of these, and that means keep quiet.’

    This means that if your not telling a woman what to do, then stay quiet!

  • Funtimes

    This is the same woman who wrote an article about being offended by shirtless men. Interesting.

  • InDisbelief

    This author needs to learn the difference between equality and human-biology. Contradicts herself at every level! One minute men shouldn’t take their tops off but women can lie in a bikini which is akin to underwear? I personally have no problem with either, however she seems to not realise that breasts, widened hips and developed thighs are sexual characteristics which develop at puberty to attract men. Notice as toddlers, boys and girls can run around in “topless” as they have a chest which is not a sexual characteristic or typically arousing (unless you are a paedophile which is a seperate issue) Men are NOT animals, a few may be “mentally unwell” sexual abusers or silly LADS but there are female abusers and LADETTES too. I think it is our duty as both men and women to respect each other’s biological differences and understand them, be modest and appropriate! Protect yourself from the small number of men AND women who are sexually deviant- regardless of gender and sex some peoples motive is to cause harm. These people are criminals not just men or women in general. Obviously beating someone up is wrong, regardless of the cause,but this is clearly a sensationalised click-bait title and “articl” with the sole purpose of the author to be rude to commenters and men with an opinion. Being beaten up because you are in a bikini is NOT the norm and is an anomalous case which really doesn’t warrant this sensationalised “article” of ill-informed, faux-feminist drivel. And yes I would consider myself a feminist, in terms of equality. Same as how whites and blacks should have the same employment/education opportunities etc so should men and women. Eg: the real issues. Not “I want to wear next to nothing and parade around disrespecting and downgrading men because I am a feminist”. How this offensive hogwash got past the Editors and to publication is beyond me- but then again this is the Tab!

    • Ellie Louise Gibbs

      Um, breasts/hips/thighs aren’t for men. We aren’t a KFC order.

      Widened hips are for childbirth. You know, the whole ‘oh, you have childbirthing hips!’ comments some women get? Originates from that.

      Breasts to feed the baby. That is what breasts are for. That is their use. Breasts produce milk. They’re not to lure in men, media has simply sexualised them.

      What even are ‘developed thighs’? But, let me tell you: women are supposed to hold more body fat than men. This a scientific fact. It’s for childbirth, again. These things exist whether the woman chooses to have a child or not, the same way a period does.

      • Stranaugh

        They’re symbols of fitness and fertility…which attract men since women look y’know, fertile.

  • Stranaugh

    Fuck off back to tumblr

  • Dostoyevsky

    Author is a talentless, hypocritical, bigoted moron. Having a lot of ignorant non-sequitur drivel to get off your large chest is not the same as being a credible writer. See what happens if you keep trying to use your body to get yourself a platform after you hit 25.

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