Students kicked out of Pembroke Halloween formal for dressing as David Cameron and a pig

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Not only did they dress the part, they actually started to re-enact it

Two students in Pembroke were thrown out of the college’s much-vaunted Halloween formal for dressing up as David Cameron and a pig respectively.

The students, both second-years, struck horror in the hearts of catering staff as they proceeded to re-enact Dave’s now-infamous alleged interaction with a dead pig’s head.

The dynamic duo

The dynamic duo

The students enacted an oral sex act between Dave and the pig’s head to the dismay of college catering staff. They were then asked to leave. They say the Butler politely but firmly asked them to leave with the question “do you think it’s time for you to go?”

The college’s catering supervisor told The Tab afterwards that the pig’s head stunt was “not appropriate behaviour” for Pembroke’s esteemed formal hall and so the butler “asked them to leave.”

The student dressed as Dave told The Tab he “was rather shocked to have been asked to leave.”

He said: “I mean, there would have been no problem if we were in Oxford.”

Bringing that dead pig to life

College weren’t best pleased

Explaining his costume, he said: “We noticed how shy ‘call-me-Dave’ became once his little secret came out, so we wanted to let him know that he doesn’t have to be ashamed. We all have our kinks and fantasies.

“It’s a shame that college didn’t appreciate our cutting satire. Perhaps we hit the patriarchy a bit too close to home.”

Clearly enjoying himself

Dave clearly enjoying himself

Staff were prepared for things to get out of hand after last year’s Halloween formal at Pembroke saw someone dressed as Professor Quirrell from Harry Potter burst into hall shouting “Troll in the dungeon.”

It is believed a similar incident had happened previously at Trinity.  The dean began chasing the wannabe Quirrell because he thought it was a fire.

Up until this year, when Trinity got a new dean, Halloween formal was banned at the college.

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