#WheresWilly? Here he is!

Our very own Prince Farming has arrived. ALEX DAVIS reports.

Prince William was pictured arriving at St John’s this morning on the first day of his ten week agricultural management course.

Wearing a navy blue suit, The Duke was greeted by vice chancellor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, master of St John’s Prof Christopher Dobson and Polly Courtice, director of the Programme for Sustainability Leadership.


Just your average conversation between two guys

He took a tour of St John’s College, before meeting with four professors from the land economy, geography and plant sciences departments.


I hope that man doesn’t stab Willy in the foot

Sharing a standard-class carriage with the Duke, fellow passenger Max Hardy commented: “It was certainly a surprise, but he was just like any other passenger.

“It was all very-low key, to be honest. He just seemed to be getting on with his day.”


We’ll let the navy blue slip just this once

As expected, a sizeable crowd gathered to see the prince stroll through the college’s historic quad.

Christine Chen, 21, a tourist from Hong Kong, said: “In Hong Kong we all watched his wedding – hopefully I will be able to see him myself so I can tell everyone back home.”


The Prince viewed a plaque commemorating the Queen’s visit in 2011

The course, which will end in March, has been designed to help him manage the Duchy of Cornwall estate upon inheritance.

Despite some serious but unjustified threats from The Express, The Tab is intending to continue with #WheresWilly this term. We must stress that we are not encouraging any harassment of Wills and, to soothe The Express’ worries, we will not be offering any Tab t-shirts as prizes.

Please send any snaps or information to editor@cambridgetab.co.uk, or alternatively tweet us @tabcambridge.

  • Greg Hill

    Unconfirmed sightings of Willy signing up to my gym at the Homerton Porters’ Lodge.

    Please be patient whilst we arrange an induction.

    • The gun shed

      John’s already have a gym

      • The Gun Cabin

        Get it right

        • Pretty sure it’s

          gun dungeon.

          • Jimmy

            Actually it used to be the gun dungeon- refurbishment of Cripps has changed things. Gutted

  • One…

    Would rather be at John’s.

  • Trinity

    awww John’s got its first royal, how sweet

    • King’s

      Awww, look… The upstarts are bickering again!

      • Fitz

        Fuck you guys, we have Vince Cable

        • Homerton


  • Which Blue?!

    Which University is this paper for?!
    It’s a COURT.
    We’d rather you were at Oxford than St. John’s with that lack of knowledge.

  • Watchin Way too much Star Wars this Xmas

    All I could see in those pics were Sith Lords escorting the Prince as their new apprentice into their evil abode.

    • If you’d really watched Star Wars

      you’d know that ‘there are only two sith lords at any one time, no more, no less, one apprentice, one master’.
      Reference: Star Wars Episode 1- The Phantom Menace.

      • Watchin

        Which is probably one of them has his green light saber with him.

      • If you really watched star wars

        You’d know that it was only started after the New Sith Wars, and wasn’t always enforced absolutely. For millenia there were multiple Sith Lords at any one time, it was only Darth Bane that instituted the Rule of Two

        • Virgin Police

          You’re nicked.

        • Darth Bane

          It doesn’t matter how many there are. What matters is their plan.

  • Anyone know

    where his shoes are from?

    • gok

      They look like they are from bally

      • knowledgeable shoes guy

        They’re John Lobb

  • Prince William

    I’d rather be at Trinity

  • Tom

    He picked the right college!

  • Everyone

    I’d still rather be at Oxford…

  • Slay

    Just waiting for Kate to visit….

  • McLovin

    I get more gash than Hazza

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