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The Team for Lent Term 2014

Editors in Chief: Will Heilpern & Mollie Wintle (

Deputy Editor: Ben Dalton (deputyeditor@)

News: Francesca Ebel & Claudia Leong (news@) Alex Davis (deputy)

Features: Beth Swords (features@) Patrick Brooks & Isobel Gooder (deputies)

Lifestyle: Lauren Chaplin

Debate: Josh Simons & Tim Squirrell (debate@) Charlotte Ivers (deputy)

Culture: Chloe Coleman and Leyla Lesniarek-Hamid (culture@)

Theatre: Lara Ferris & Will Kennaway (theatre@)

Film: Leaf Arbuthnot

Music: Jonny Watkins & OJ Watson (music@)

Fashion: Sophia Flohr & Mariella Salazar (fashion@)

Sport: Tom Bennett & Henry Pritch (sport@)

Interviews: Anna Wilmot (interviews@)

TabTV: Mark Danciger (tabtv@)

Heard something newsworthy?

Tab TV: Meaning of Life, Week 1: American Politics

This week FINN MCREDMOND asks Sunday Life goers about American politics


VOTE NOW: You can’t sit with us – Couples’ Edition

As we near Valentine’s Day, we present you with our best dressed couples

, Cambridge Deputy Editor

Overly affectionate Facebook couples need to stop

If you think this could apply to you, it almost certainly does

What’s the worst lie you told your parents?

‘I was a real sack of shit as a teenager’

, Chief Reporter

I love living in the ‘uncool’ part of Hackney

It’s cheap and occasionally cheerful

, Assistant Editor

London’s nightlife is nothing on a night in a country pub

Take me back to the Black Horse

, Contributing Editor

Getting wasted with Kanye West fans in Notting Hill

To celebrate the release of The Life of Pablo

Liverpool Smithdown house parties are hell on earth

Do you even know the weirdos you’re letting in your house?