Drinking Soc Invades Law Exam

Above the law? A Criminal Law exam on Saturday featured a question about a fictional drinking society's initiation ceremony.

A Criminal Law exam sat this morning featured a question about a fictional drinking society. 

We’ve all had bizarre questions in our time, but perhaps there has never been one so close to home – until now.

The question, which was revealed on former Tab News Editor Sebastian Salek’s blog earlier this afternoon, alluded to the possible criminal activity of a made-up drinking society called ‘The Vizards’.

Note: fictional reenactment

Note: fictional reenactment – the reality was a lot worse

The three-part question began with a short introduction: “Sandra is President of The Vizards, a College drinking society.

“She is organising the initiation of new members. After a great deal of alcohol has been drunk, the members of the society form a circle around Billy, Gilbert and Richard who are to be initiated.”

It went on to describe the initiations of the Vizards, including blindfold blowjobs, bottles up bumholes and death by pubic hair waxing. All in a day’s work.

You can see the full question below:

Photo credit: Sebastian Salek

Photo credit: Sebastian Salek

Reaction from the student body has varied from incredulity to mild amusement.

Salek, a third year lawyer at Clare, told The Tab: “it was surprising to see the university directly reference drinking societies and particularly initiations, which they generally tend to turn a blind eye to.”

Other students felt that the question demonstrated that the university is keeping up with the times.

One fresher from Trinity commented, “drinking socs are, after all, a big part of life at Cambridge.”

Around 200 students are said to have sat the examination, most of whom were freshers.

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