Jello, Goodbye

Wyverns cave to pressure from online petition and CANCEL the Jelly Wrestling tournament at this year's Wyverns Garden Party.

The Jelly Wrestling tournament at this year’s Wyverns Garden Party has officially been cancelled, The Tab understands.

The tournament is the pinnacle of Suicide Sunday’s most popular Garden Party, which sees female students in bikinis wrestle in a paddling pool full of jelly for a cash prize.


Jel no more: crowds watch as two girls battle it out in 2009

The news comes shortly after an online petition against the event, proposed by Magdalene student Nina de Paula Hanika, reached 1000 signatures.

In the petition, the Magdalene student argues that the competition “cements and prolongs the idea that women are lesser, that they are only good for their bodies, and that in order to contribute socially they must be sexualised objects.”

The petition adds that the tradition is “sexist, misogynistic and completely inappropriate as entertainment for 2013.”

The news broke via Hanika’s Facebook page, whilst the CUSU Women’s Campaign celebrated with the following status:


The Wyverns president, speaking The Tab this morning, released this statement:

“The Wyverns regret to announce that this year they will be unable to hold the annual Jelly Wrestling tournament at WGP13.

“Having never received formal complaints in the past, we were reluctant to take immediate action on the recent petition. However, the anti-jelly vitriol with which the campaign was conducted forced us to take the threats that we received seriously.

“We are keen to maintain our reputation as the biggest, loosest, naughtiest, silliest party that Cambridge has to offer. See you all on Suicide Sunday!”

  • Ben Kuntish



    • Anonymous


      • Ben Kuntish

        How about NO.

    • Imad Ick

      Fuck off back to your Union Society. You’re not welcome here.

    • …or sign a counter petition
    • Joe Robertson

      Anyone that has been to Wyverns knows that it’s shit anyway. The wrestling is the least of their problems. Poor alcohol, awful entertainment and over-excited annoying fresher company. For a less tragic Suicide Sunday experience, go with the Squires.

      • Someone’s getting desperate…

        for guests!

      • That is

        a nice website.



      Wyverns: over-priced, shit booze (watered down and of no class), full of annoying freshers that think they’re the shit (nobody actually gives a shit about the jelly wrestling, sorry).

      Idlers: bit boring and attempting to be ‘civilised’. Nice gardens though. Decent if you just want to chill, bad if you want to get hammered.

      Crescents: Alright, but quite early on in the day. Food usually good. Watching initiations also funny (but involves naked men getting humiliated – it’s fine though because they aren’t women.).

      Squires: Difficult to get a ticket to, but probably the best food and drink. Good balance of civilised/debauchery. Quite a lot of wanky ‘I think I’m the shit types’.

      Murray Edwards: Ideal if you can’t get hold of a drinking soc party ticket and quite fun, although not the true Suicide Sunday experience.

      Downing Tribal: Shit

      College garden parties: tragic and shit.

      Anything else I’ve forgotten is probably also shit.

      My best garden party experience: hosting your own mini one with loads of your FRIENDS on any of the many fields in Cambridge (that way you can choose your booze, food and company.)

      • Confused Cantab


      • Tom Chase

        I probably won’t go to any as I’d prefer to spend my time playing sports

    • Ready for jelly
  • Intrigue


    Come now Cobby, spill the beans

    • Feminists

      as always having no moral boundaries.

      • confused

        …as always?!

  • Well that’s


  • Wyverns

    You are weak ‘men’
    Your garden party isn’t worth it anymore.
    Count me out.

  • Lads

    Mate that’s fucking shit chat.

  • I need feminism because…


  • Stick with tradition!!!!!


    • wooo tradition

      yeah tradition! fox hunting capital punishment slavery yeah tradition!

      • Not a dipshit social progressive

        Fox hunting and capital punishment are both fine, you twat.


    For caving into peer pressure and alienating those that love shit like this.

  • Boyard

    The Wyverns? Don’t make me laugh.

    • DAMN

      talk about nostalgia!

  • Competitive Feminist

    Quite frankly I’m gutted. I’ve been in training for this since Freshers. This was going to be my year!

  • Anonymous

    why do feminists always feel the need to fuck up peoples fun?!

  • Annoyed woman

    Well done Nina, there were women who had the RIGHT to make the individual decision and take part in this post exam fun yet you made the decision for us. What is next? A petition to ban women from sunbathing in public places since it might entertain some men around? Please let women have their freedom of decision by not taking part in any more public action. You obviously have issues.

    • An Ex Schoolmate

      Her issue is that she looks like Jenna Haze

      • 20 minute break

        See you in a bit

    • Feminista

      Seriously, what an idiotic thing to say. There is no natural, inherent or god-given right to jelly wrestle. Yes, you have the right to do what you like with your body, and you can choose do degrade and objectify it if you really want, but it doesn’t mean that decision has to be legitimised or given a forum. If you really want to jelly-wrestle, just go to the wyverns with a couple of sachets of raspberry jelly and go nuts, here’s a link:

      • But

        The feminist agenda is that it’s a woman’s CHOICE what she does with her body- who are you to say it’s degrading?!

      • YouAreOneSmartFeminist

        Yes you are actually right! If the Wyverns can’t organise it there is still nothing stopping a group of girls organizing the same event in their GP. Lets show these men that they can’t stop us from doing what we want!!!

        • Feminista

          Glad to be of service, if you people don’t lube up an act like animals then who am i going to scow at? I’ve been practising my judgmental scowl all year, I’m looking forward to it!

  • So we had the vote against

    Now wheres the vote for? I think the loud minority won this one….

  • Lads

    Wyverns? More like Shy-Worms.

  • Anonymous

    These feminists are a sad bunch of people. Ruin everyone else’s fun just so you can get a bit of attention. Get a life!

  • There

    goes my attendance

  • Bulldog

    Pretty much sums up the Wyverns…a pathetic excuse for a drinking society

  • confused

    Why not have men’s jello wrestling too? I don’t like being kept from a sport because of my gender.

    • Englishman


  • The smugness

    is going to be unbearable.

  • Anonymous

    In all seriousness this is a complete joke. Why dont these feminists spend their time trying to do something about important issues in the world rather than worrying about whether some (willing) girls have a bit of fun jelly wrestling for a few minutes. Don’t you realise that by doing petty things like this, you are turning the average person against you and your agenda?

    • I think

      that Nina does all sorts of feminist campaigning – and this clearly isn’t just about the individual (willing) girls ‘having a bit of fun’ – as she said in the petition, it’s about the sexist and misogynist culture that it represents.

      • The suffragettes would have got fully involved

        Please please please explain to me how women making a choice to jelly-wrestle (which you and Nina may indeed regard as foolish or offensive, but so the fuck what) represents a sexist and misogynist culture??

        Surely their freedom to choose takes precedence over your frankly ludicrous sensitivity.

        • Sure –

          it;s not about the women making a choice to jelly wrestle, it’s about the men running it as entertainment for them to watch. It’s objectifying and it’s degrading. This has nothing to do with my sensitivities – on a level playing field I’d quite like to watch women wrestle in jelly too – but that’s not what we have whilst women are the ones systematically objectified and degraded under patriarchy.

        • Gent

          It’s not the women making the choice to wrestle that is misogynistic. What’s misogynistic is the presence of jelly-wrestling in the first place. Why do guys find jelly-wrestling fun? Because some of us get some kind of sexual gratification for seeing women behave in a degrading way.

          So, ladies: good for you if you want to ‘make the choice’ to strip down and roll around with another woman in a paddling pool filled with jelly for an audience of drunken, leering men. But if you have any self-respect, wake the fuck up and think about why it is you actually want to do that.

      • GoddamnitSometimesIWishWeWereAllNeuter

        Are you saying that if these were men wrestling, you would protest as well? Because men are objectified as much as women are in our society. Look at Hollywood, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren. I guarantee you will find as many shirtless men as women. There is no misogynist culture here. There is just the ridiculous misandry that seems to characterize everything the feminist movement spews nowadays. I used to consider myself a feminist. I stopped when you stopped fighting for equality and started fighting for bullshit and the removal of basic freedoms.

        • i didnt realise

          jelly wrestling was a ‘basic freedom’?

        • No

          that’s really, really stupid.

        • I reckon

          you’d find a lot more shirtless men than women…

    • so true

      finally someone says this!!!! there are so many important issues in the world that need urgent feminist attention and this just isn’t one of them.

  • Feminist

    I would like to start a petition to bring back the jello-wrestling. Us women have been denied opportunities and told we can’t do things for too long now

  • Someone

    make a petition in favour of the jelly wrestling and it will win hands down! Seriously, Im too lazy but if someone can be bothered then please do it

    • Someone has

      it’s not winning

  • Baldrick’s Cunning Plan

    Great tactics by Wyverns, ‘cancel’ the event to stop the moaning then FUCKING DO IT ANYWAY!

  • Wyverns

    Now offering feminist egging #puttheminthestocks

  • Carmen Gheddit

    How dare you tell me what I can and can’t do with my body, CUSU Women’s campaign ? I have the right to wrestle in jelly if I want just as I have the right to wear a low cut top because I enjoy it. Is this sex slavery ? No. Am I a prostitute forced to wrestle because I’m controlled by a pimp ? No. Will you force me to wear a burqa because men in my supervisions are clearly only valuing me because of my looks ? For all your wannabe non-conformist hipster feminist crap, you sure know how to take a girl’s rights away.

    • Sofonda Cox

      Furthermore, Nina has effectively ‘slut-shamed’ any woman who chooses to partake in any future jelly wrestling competition in Cambridge. Having her make a song and dance about how degrading it is for women to do something they consent to is socially restricting any woman who chooses to do so. Let’s focus on legitimate consent rather than what the neo-feminist patriarchy permits us to do. Way to go, sister.

    • Sarah Bellum

      No one is saying you shouldn’t jelly wrestle at all. I’m sure a lot of the people that were against this particular example of jelly-wrestling would hold a very different view if a group of girls organised a similar event. Sex inequality in our society means that it does matter than it is men who are the ones organising it and getting off on it while women are the ones participating in it and being degraded by it.

  • Aran Rezaei

    This is bullshit. If they jello wrestle willingly then what’s the problem? We have to maintain Cambridge traditions. By presidential decree the Crescent boys will not be attending the Wyverns garden party. We’ll be heading straight to the nearest strip club in the early afternoon, someone’s got to keep Cambridge principles alive. Absolute bullshit, genuinely unbelievable

    • Ciara Wheeler

      Well said Aran, bravo!

    • Tamsyn Elizabeth

      I second this #justlovecrescents #equiltyforwomen

    • Traditions

      “We have to maintain Cambridge traditions” – by that logic, there wouldn’t be any women here to jelly wrestle in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      Cambridge traditions used to be that women couldn’t study here.
      Get back to your conservative campaigning.

  • A Sensitive Scholar

    Okay, well done Wyverns. Enjoy your empty garden full of shit booze and cold pizza. Maybe a couple of feminists can keep you company and read Simone de Beauvoir to you until you fall asleep in the mid-afternoon sun like the pack of hardcore pussies that you are.

  • Karma

    Nina you are in for an absolute treat this may week.

  • Hugo Cobb

    Sounds like Hugo knob.

  • Bring back jelly wrestling!
    • 100 signatures

      is too few!

      • m80

        Early days. The main problem is that the the loud minority actually care enough to post the petition on facebook and tumblr feminist hugboxes while most normal reasonable people either will be somewhat in favour of letting people do what they want as long as no one gets hurt, but cba to sign a petition, or they will care about giving people choice and treating them as though they have agency but still not be mental enough to go posting it on MRA websites or whatever the opposite of this stuff is meant to be

        • nice bit of counter-factual explanation, which allows you to maintain the myth that your view is part of an obviously reasonable majority, despite evidence to the contrary

          • Fuck off

            ‘despite evidence to the contrary’

            What evidence is that?

  • Counter petition
  • A genuine question

    Something I’ve never understood about feminism: it sometimes seems that the feminist movement fail to give women any agency. When I asked someone about why girls might want to take part in jelly wrestling she told me it was because she had been institutionalised by a male dominated society. Perhaps, but doesn’t this imply that she somehow isn’t capable of making her own decisions? Isn’t that a bit offensive and a tad elitist? I’m not trying to score a point, genuinely interested in how this paradox is explained.

    • I need feminism because…

      I can label people like you who pick (valid) holes in our arguments as “misogynists” and tell you to “check your privilege” and get away with it

    • I think

      that’s a really interesting question and one that deserves a better answer than I can give – but I’m pretty sure that when feminists say that, it does kind of imply that she isn’t capable of making her own decisions BUT the fault lies not with her but with patriarchal society shaping the way that women think about themselves, and other women, and what their roles in society should be. False consciousness, you know?

  • A hollow ‘victory’

    This is a disgrace, this petition has succeeded only in creating an environment where the Wyverns have had to withdraw jelly wrestling purely as a point of safety for both the event and their reputations – rumours abound over threats from the petition makers to send the names of participants and Wyverns to the tabloid press – And we all know how the tabloid love to remove context and critical argument to sensationalise and shame. The supposed ‘feminists’ will now revel in this hollow victory like it had anything to do with reasoned argument or debate. Any real feminist would be irritated by the means with which this campaign has ‘succeeded’ as it has had nothing to do with changing anyone’s real opinion, if anything it is more likely to galvanise support in the other direction.

    Personally I could care less about the jelly wrestling, my anger is a matter of principle over the conduct of the individuals involved in its opposition. CUSU is supposed to be represented by those who created the petition and should investigate their conduct, or else just hang its head in shame.

    • ThisMaySoundBoringBut

      CUSU is here to represent the students of this university. Serious blackmailing from these feminists and threats that would seriously impact on futures of the people involved in allowing the jelly wrestling competition are a serious matter. Looking forward to see how CUSU deals with this and if the individuals involved in the blackmailing will be punished.

      • On the other hand..

        if being involved in organising jelly wrestling is potentially career damaging, doesn’t that say something fairly important about it?

        • no. demonstrably worthless point

          having pictures of yourself naked floating around is also potentially career damaging.
          Having a picture of you vomiting during caesarian sunday could be career damaging. Being known to have a fetish for shoes or animal costumes could damage one’s career. All kinds of ultimately trivial and irrelevant things can be used to smear someone’s reputation and remove their credibility or make them less marketable, all of which have career implications.

          Something being career-damaging is neither necessary nor sufficient for something being morally wrong.

        • I guess, it is more that…

          the way it would have been said, would have been particularly biased towards the feminist view point. And who knows what rubbish Nina could have come up with having never been herself!

      • Keep dreaming

        Did CUSU investigate the women’s campaign when they led a protest that resulted in an attack on the private propery of the Union Society and assaults on police officers? Did CUSU investigate the harrassment of university members that went on at this protest as they attempted to enter the building? Did CUSU investigate the slanderous nature of that protest – calling a man who was innocent under the law a rapist on the basis of no conclusive evidence? Will CUSU ever look into this scummy as fuck organisation and tame it, given that everybody in CUSU is a like scumbag who doesn’t care about the views of the student population and are instead intent on controlling everybody and imposing their will on us?

      • Lord Cucan

        CUSU delenda est.

    • *couldn’t

      care less

  • Bravo Nina…

    You have well and truly shot yourself in the foot – next time you actually consider tackling serious issues – rape, sexual harassment, pay inequality – everyone is going to remember this and take no notice. Seriously damaging.

    • Ollie

      If “everyone” is willing to ignore a serious discussion on rape culture or the glass ceiling because of what its instigator said on a tangentially related matter, that says more about “everyone” than it does about Nina.

  • girls can choose

    but I’ve never seen girls wrestle in jelly behind closed doors, ie. not for mens entertainment

    • Not a retard

      Of course they do. How else do imagine they prepare for Wyverns’ if not private sparring in jelly?

    • It wouldn’t

      be behind closed doors if you were watching

    • well duh

      it’s behind closed doors

      • girls can choose

        hilarious. I’m a girl, I don’t know where I stand on the issue, but the girls that say they like doing it don’t do never do it when men aren’t watching, I just wonder who they’re doing it for is all.
        I just think it’s a bit sad that guys like to see it really, grown adults

    • That’s such an irritating point

      1) So now are you going to ban anything done by either gender to amuse/impress the other? Am I banned from wearing nice clothes?
      2) Have you heard of fun?

      • girls can choose

        fairly sure you wear nice clothes in front of people of the same gender as you. I personally like wearing nice clothes because I like to like what I see in the mirror.

      • wasn’t really

        the point at all

  • I am man, hear me roar

    What sort of a drinking society gives in to someone who’ll probably spend their later years surrounded by cats?

  • Looks like Nina’s tactics…

    could be quite damaging to her future. Needs to learn how to legally petition…

  • Martin Sedlak

    If chicks can’t do it, how about Czechs?

    • Bostonian

      We can’t trust you lot at sporting events.

  • For those

    accusing everyone of blackmail, is there any evidence? Not saying there isn’t (I might have missed it) but the wyverns statement isn’t really enough for some of the criticism and vitriol here

    • Yes,

      there is.

      • and???

      • Care

        to share?

        • sharing

          is caring

  • Just wondering

    what is the point of Jelly wrestling? (other than as entertainment for the heterosexual male gaze)

    • um

      The list of things you could replace ‘Jelly’ with in this pretty much endless.

    • Just wondering

      If all people who support jelly wrestling can do is give the question a thumbs down, then maybe we can all agree that this competition is inherently objectifying to the women competing (that isn’t to say that women shouldn’t be objectified if they so choose to portray themselves in that way, but maybe it’s something to think about)

      • fuck


        • so


          i am blown away by your argument

          • I actually like my freedoms thank you

            What is the point of nice clothes? They’re utterly useless except for catching the eye of the opposite gender. Sex is in every aspect of male and female lives. Sometimes it just takes a more prominent position. Get over it.

    • TBH

      it does sound fun.

  • 19th Century Chauvinist

    And a jelly good job too. Everybody knows that a lady does not understand what is appropriate to do with her body and what is not! Bravo Nina, a woman who knows the place of her ilk!

  • Own goal?

    Feminism has done an awful lot of good for our society and yet people are still unwilling to label themselves as feminists. This has a lot to do with the combatant and exclusive nature they are stereotyped as having. Now, stopping 3 jelly wrestling matches held once a year in a field in Cambridge changes nothing in the grand scheme of things. The feminists have scored a relatively easy victory by blowing this out of proportion and while it’s clear many people agree with them it is apparent many others do not. They should have perhaps pushed for a discussion over the jelly wrestling situation, maybe a vote could have been held online amongst Cambridge students. Dialogue and negotiation would have done a lot more for their cause and could have been a good opportunity to engage with the drinking societies they have so much against. It certainly wouldn’t have been that sensationalist, nor would it have gained so much attention but it may have been a sensible way of approaching the issue. Instead they have frustrated many people, isolated others and only strengthened the argument that they are petty and attention seeking. This is dangerous when you consider sexism and oppression of women are rife around the globe. We need feminism to tackle real issues and to mobilise us and organise us to ensure we can make a difference to the lives of women around the world. To allow feminism to become the exclusive mantra of a few noisy extremists is to weaken its appeal and its ability to help the oppressed- the women who can’t attend school, who are forced to have abortions 8 months in etc. You may have saved people a few blushes this summer, but in tackling petty issues in the name of feminism you risk losing the support of the majority who fundamentally agree with your views yet cannot associate themselves with your methods.

  • it’s health and safety

    gone mad stu

    • budding young mathmo

      i get this!!

  • Or

    the Wyverns could have done the decent thing and opened it up to hot men in speedos…

    • Equality in objectification

      not a bad idea…

  • Anonymous

    “Many people want to go to this particular garden party because it is famed for being one of the best. Using this as entertainment means every guest, male or female, is forced into condoning this in order to attend, and many guests (understandably) feel uncomfortable having to passively support this behaviour simply in order to attend the party of their choice.” (Nina, Online Petition). From this very confused line of reasoning, by going to the party, regardless of whether there jelly wrestling or not, you are supporting the Wyverns. I hope you feel uncomfortable for passively supporting a drinking society that would condone this type of behavior. Here’s an idea for you, if you dont like it, DONT FUCKING GO TO THE PARTY!

    • Language


    • Lord Cucan

      But then they’d feel LEFT OUT! It’s almost as if you’re suggesting they shouldn’t be allowed to do exactly what they want and have every single one of their views accepted in all circumstances!


    Of course I can kill the baby that is alive and viable inside my womb it’s my body and I can do what I want with it! What’s that, would I like to wrestle in jelly? I have no fucking right to do that you dirty misogynist prick, get out of here!

  • I vote

    I vote for a men’s wrestling competition!

  • do it as much as you like

    just not at a fucking garden party

  • Will Pithers

    I am a woman

  • the garden party…

    is where they do it as much as they like. Its up to people if they come.

  • Happy Grad
  • Emmeline Pankhurst
    • I’m from the internet

      If you want to get that many signatures you’re probably going to need to do what the other side did and start posting the petition all over the place to get hundreds of non-cambridge students to sign.

      They went for feminist blog readership. I’m not sure what kind of zealous force could be mustered up in the name of liberty, agency and personal choice.

      • Faustus
        • Man

          It isn’t a men’s rights issue, it’s about a woman being able to choose what she does with her body without being called a mindless slut. What happened to the ideal of the slut walks?

      • LAD Bible

        Did somebody call?

  • Feminist

    Feminisms’s greatest achievement!
    Roll on gender equality.


      Roll on, rinse off

  • Tiff Gullan

    Chads Garden Party 2013 – That’s were the jelly will be

  • Tiff Gullan


  • realequality

    The REAL problem with the Wyverns jelly tournament was the absence of a rowers-in-speedos equivalent. THAT’S sexism.

  • Sexual Perverts Society

    Damn, foiled again. Looks like we are going to have to close down.

    • Oh hey!


  • Annie Woodcock

    I wanted to play :(

  • Jim, Owner of Jim’s Jelly

    Thank god for you feminists! How long have I dreamed of the day where I would be able to look my children and grandchildren in the eye when telling them I sell jelly for a living.

    How a good a day it is when jelly makes the headlines for the right reasons!

    You all remember the Great Jelly Orgy of 1763, but how many of you still sing Lionel Richie’s peace anthem of the 80s – ‘Jello? Is it me you’re looking for?’ A piece that we would all agree turned the tide of the Cold War. How dare you decry jelly wrestling when the inaugural jelly wrestle between Hitler, Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Mussolini and of course Emperor Hirohito that played such a pivotal role in the peace process at the end of WW2? Who of you can even claim to recall Emperor Hirohito’s nuggety style or Hitler’s sticky, sticky facial hair (an embarassment that later caused him to take his own life) as Chuchill sat in the corner smoking a cigar and pouring jelly down his throat???

    Yes! I remember when a man was a man! And A JELLY WRESTLE WAS A JELLY WRESTLE!

    With the over-sexualisation of jelly in this society, I feel that this is not just a victory for women but a victory for jelly.

    Best wishes and my gratitude to you all,
    James O’Jelly

    Jim’s Jelly,
    1 Jelly for me please Crescent
    JJ1 JJJ

  • Dumbo

    Dear Feminists,

    I am usually one of your supporters. Being a male, I suppose I fail to see or apprehend some feminist ideas, and issues women face, and hence don’t understand some feminist positions. This is one of those times. I honestly can’t see how two women wrestling in jelly is somehow linked to the wider discrimination women face at the workplace and in society in general.


    • Lord Cucan

      Sounds like someone hasn’t checked their privilege. It’s pretty simple – if you want to support feminism, you need to agree with every silly idea the CUSU Wombyn’s Campaign dreams up; otherwise you’re just a misogynist.

  • Cambridge Lady

    This ban is a manifestation of a warped understanding of gender responsibility for sexism. I’m slightly incredulous that anyone could think that the way to empower the female sex is to force them to modify their behaviour in response to misogynistic reactions to women’s free and deliberate behaviour . If men (or anyone) are going to reason from ‘she’s jelly wrestling’ to ‘her only value is in her body’, surely that’s a major fallacy in their reasoning, the fault for which lies entirely with them. Why should women by deprived of a legitimate choice on how to conduct themselves because of the possible response of sexist morons? Surely that just elevates the right to be a sexist above a woman’s right to present herself how she wants to in public. The only reason jelly wrestling is deemed by some to be quite so acutely demeaning is because of men’s reactions and responses to it (above). But it seems to me to be pretty contrary to the whole cause of feminism to let men define the legitimate sphere of female activity. The way forward isn’t for one individual impose her subjective opinion of what is or isn’t OK for autonomous, consenting individuals to do. It’s to ridicule, and subsequently ignore, the people who reason from ‘one time this girl jelly wrestled’ to ‘all women are sex objects’.

    For the record, I regard myself as a feminist. I just don’t like being told what to do.

    • Response

      I think that your argument is more valid when applied to the feminist issue of rape culture/how women dress – replace ‘jelly wrestling’ with ‘wearing revealing clothing’ in your comment.
      This situation is clearly different. An obvious point is that the women jelly wrestle in bikinis, and therefore the emphasis is very much (almost entirely) on her body. Additionally, how ‘free’ is a woman’s behaviour in an artificial situation created by men for predominantly men to observe?

      As you point out, it is against ‘the whole cause of feminism to let men define the legitimate sphere of female activity’. However, in this case, men (The Wyverns) are directly defining the sphere of female activity, as they have created the event for the women to participate in.

      As you suggest, ‘the way forward’ is to condemn sexist responses, yet the event is inherently sexist in its current form, and so surely the way forward is to change or end the event itself?

      • WTF

        How the fuck is providing an extra option for women to do something ‘defining their legitimate sphere of activity’? And what exactly is an ‘artificial’ situation, and why does it make a woman any less free to choose whether to participate in it?

        • Cambridge Lady

          I’d like you to explain the relevance and content of your comment that this is an ‘artificial’ situation. If you mean, it’s a choice created by people with motives rather than occurring naturally.. then pretty much all of our choices are ‘artificial’, and none of us, on your understanding, are free to consent to anything. Whilst this may be a valid argument on some metaphysical level, it’s inconsistent to use it to vitiate consent in some situations but not others. Would you care to list some situations where choice exists that you don’t define as artificial?

          I’d also be interested to know what you think the relevant distinction is between jelly wrestling and, as you put it, ‘wearing revealing clothes’, without resorting to either subjective views about what is demeaning behaviour for women, or the fact that some people will fallaciously reason from its occurrence to ‘the value of women is in their bodies alone’. In the former case, it runs counter to basic notions of liberty that your subjective moral opinion on a legal activity should be allowed to restrict my freedom of choice. In the latter case, whatever behaviour you insert instead of jelly wrestling, or revealing clothing, it is simply a retrograde step for women to respond to the existence of sexism by constraining their behaviour to pander to these ignorant opinions. If men didn’t get enjoyment out of watching jelly wrestling, no one would perceive it to be quite so acutely demeaning. To let the fact that some might (and actually in the circumstances, I think even many men would agree it’s hardly the most attractive spectacle) mean that I, as a woman, am constrained from taking part is to take men’s preferences into account when determining what it is alright for women to do.

          It’s logically equivalent to taking into account men’s preferences that women should not behave in certain ways into account when deciding what women are free to do, and I think pretty much everyone would agree that’s irrelevant and illegitimate. (See: voting, education and work etc for most of human history).

          To tell women what they can or cannot do (legally), primarily in virtue of being a woman, is to subordinate women.

          • Cambridge Lady

            Oh, and it begs the question to say that the event itself is sexist: please explain?

  • Where is

    Tiff Gu-Lan?

    • Dr Rutter

      please tell me I am rutting

  • Jelly Babies from Bassett’s

    Thanks Nina. Now unemployment isn’t just for those reading philosophy.

  • A girl

    And once again – some pathetic girls (with many not from Cambridge) ruin it for the rest of us … get of your fricking high hourse Nina


    petition to bring back jelly wrestling next year??

    • jboth


  • Uninformed Nina

    who does this nina-nobody think she is? I and many other girls have no problem with the jelly wrestling, she has removed our option of having fun, in what is genuinely quite innocent event. Nobody was forced into it, everyone involved is willing and having fun. She wouldn’t know as she is apparently a fresher who has never been to the Wyvern Garden party, she needs to learn the meaning of fun and get a grip of herself.

    • ‘quite innocent’

      you have seen the jelly wrestling, right?

  • Voice of Reason

    From what I’ve read on here the men commenting against the decision are pittclub-shit-for-brain-spunk-stains who are peeved that they won’t get their annual store for the wank banks without sexually objectified women rolling around in jelly for their pleasure on suicide sunday.

    The male and female ‘feminists’ that are concerned about this ‘own goal’ seem to misunderstand that a woman who is liberated and happy with her body can strip down to her birthday suit and dance the macarana in market square for all feminism cares but the problem is that an organised event, an annual institution even, is a different story.

    Yes, the very few women who get involved have a choice to do so but ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE find the very concept of the event demeaning and offensive and that is why it’s a good decision.

    Sorry if we’ve ruined your fun but I’m sure you can get your suicide sunday sex kicks elsewhere.

    Oh and you can suck my inflated feminist clit if you have something to say about it.

    • Anonymous

      To be honest I’m quite glad its cancelled too. They normally have a couple of very average looking girls competing so unless they had some actual fitties lined up this year, I’m glad to see the back of it.

    • you aren’t employing reason

      You’re drawing a completely arbitrary distinction that has no baring on the situation when you note that it’s an organised event. So what? Do women no longer have agency because of it? How is it a different story? Explain logically why a woman can decide of her own free will to walk naked in market square but cannot decide of her own free will, or rather is morally wrong to decide of her own free will, to attend a party and decide at that party to participate in jelly wrestling?

      Secondly you point to the one thousand signatures (who knows how many are repeats given that all you need is to provide a name and email address) as though this is representative of majority opinion, but what about the multiple thousands of people who willingly go to Wyverns year on year and actively watch the jelly wrestling event? The people who are actually paying for it, have actually been, and are actually Cambridge students?

      This is caving to the opinion of the minority, most of whom have never been, aren’t going to be paying customers, aren’t even in a position to be paying customers in many cases since many of the signatories are neither Cambridge students nor alumni but rather roped-in feminist blog readers, but more than that, what this really is is caving in to the threats that those people have made against the event organisers. Blackmail , essentially. That is neither reasonable nor just.

      • VOR

        The distinction is pretty clear, so I didn’t think I needed to explain it.
        Just to spell it out for you, a woman who decides to run scantily clad through market square (or several girls), though she is publically exposing her lady bits, is different from an organised annual event because …
        an event held by a society at a popular event is representing the desires of the people who attend. And many people who attend or would like to have voiced an opinion against it.

        Yes, in both instances a woman decides to act of her own volition. Feminists don’t have a problem with the women’s decision to participate but rather with the public event itself, designed for the pleasure of male onlookers.

        It’s a bit of fun, you cry! If you love it so much, create a jelly-wrestling society! Gather a gaggle of people who enjoy it and do not represent the will of the university at large.

        Now, your over-blown conspiracy theories aren’t that reasonable either. You have no way of knowing that those who signed the petition have never been to wyverns. I know lots of people that go, don’t watch the jelly wrestling but feel uncomfortable about the demeaning activity happening further across the field.

        You might think that the signatories are in the minority because most of the people that you speak to disagree. Most of the people that I speak to agree with it. We obviously speak from different perspectives. But try as you might, you can’t argue with the numbers. And the oh-so-oppressed ‘majority’ that you assert has not yet spoken.

        As far as I’m concerned, the real issue is that putting a stop to ‘a bit of fun’ is a good thing when weighed against the fact that hundreds of people find it genuinely offensive.

        And this blackmail thing is bullshit. If you’re not happy to have your name in a national newspaper over something that you’ve organised and it’s likely to ruin your career then maybe you shouldn’t be organising it.

        • Its not that…

          they mind having there name in the newspaper about it. Its that they mind having there name in the newspaper when it is written unfairly by a biased feminist who has no first hand experience, and has written many false things in the petition and her other statements

    • That couldn’t be more true

      Because anyone who’s not a militant feminist is a “Pitt Club shit for brains”.

    • Concerned

      We have said something about it, and if it’s inflated maybe seeing someone about it instead would be the best option for yourself and those expressing any view to the contrary.

    • Anon

      *insert random misfounded abuse here to make my argument scarier*

      2500 people came to wyverns last year. Doesn’t that slightly skew things?

  • Nina de stroppy teenager..

    Maybe someone should ask what the hell she did to get the wyverns to give in… seeing as they’re stubborn enough to carry on regardless of 1000 signatories any other day of the week…

    • I heard she…

      blackmailed the organisers with putting their and the participants names in national newspapers. The worst bit is the way in which it could have been written, biased to the feminist viewpoint, which could make it sound very unfairly sexist and prejudice. This in turn could be potentially career damaging to these normal cambridge students with high career aspirations.

      • Boo Hoo

        The word blackmail implies that a person has leverage over another person for doing something wrong and is willing to expose them publically. If the organisers aren’t willing to have their names associated with the event than it’s clearly not entirely sound to be holding it. The event is distasteful, quite obviously sexist and offensive to many people and were it to be spotlighted by national newspapers (whether particularly feminist, or not) would be frowned upon.

        It’s very sad that it might damage their potential careers but, if it can have such detrimental reprecussions, it can’t seriously be taken as something worth holding on to.

        • Cambridge Lady

          Why is the event sexist?

          • Lord Cucan

            Because the CUSU Wombyn’s Campaign doesn’t like it. That’s the dictionary definition of sexist, right?

        • Disagree

          There are clearly people out there who judge others for holding this event – Nina is an obvious example. The Wyverns may not want their individual names associated with the event in a national newspaper because, regardless of whether they themselves agree with the jelly wrestling, future employers could be feminists, conservatives or perhaps just a bit oversensitive and judge them – and thus the Wyverns could lose out.

          The same can be said for the girls competing. These girls chose to jelly wrestle in front of a small crowd of people who were banned from taking pictures and videos. Of course, there is always the danger of something slipping through the net, but the security at Wvyerns is very good and I know some of the girls wouldn’t have taken part in the past had they not been so confident in it. There is also a danger that, now these girls have been seen to be ok with wrestling each other in bikinis, they could receive unwanted attention should their names be in the public domain.

          mer, plus there is always the possibility for the girls to be given unwanted attention

          • and…

            the article would obviously be written from her, may i say very flawed, feminist viewpoint.

        • daily mail

          do you really think the newspapers would only link the names to the wyverns garden party? no. they would be linked to every Cambridge drinking society story that has ever been published, regardless of whether it was actually the wyverns (let alone the current students).

      • bye bye nina

        If she blackmailed them – then surely she can just be reported to the police for that (1) or she could just get chucked out of the uni (2) — we really don’t have time for people like her ..

        BYE BYE NINA – if this is the way you play .. everyone has dirt which linked to cambridge the daily mail will love ..
        think your freshers
        your blackmailing skills
        the fact if you are this against boys having fun – you obviously have had a lot of fun with them in the past

        • This comment is


  • WTF

    Forgive my crude language. Who the fuck do these people think they are talking for the whole female population.

  • Chris RowLADs

    So you can suck my dick, if you don’t like my shit.
    Cos I was high when I wrote this; so suck my dick.


  • Ilva Jacuzzi

    Uhhhh in Albania, if someone wanted to jelly wrestle my dad will have them put in a ditch, not just any ditch but an Albanian ditch

  • Chris Monk

    Well all I can say is that as long as there is a fine selection of cheeses and biscuits the day will be absolutely spiffing.

    • The actual Chris Monk

      You forgot the port! You are certainly not fit to be a low level go-fer for CUCA!

      On a (slightly) serious note – How is it feminist to restrict women’s choices?

      • Lord Cucan

        I heard the CUCA Garden Party will have jelly wrestling…

        • Problem…

          CUCA doesn’t have enough women for this. It will have to be male white-tie jelly wrestling!

          • Lord Cucan

            Probably true.

  • Masculinist

    This event is incredibly sexist. To men. WHY ARE MEN NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PART IN THIS EVENT?!

    • I think

      this is actually the main problem. What made it sexist in the first place was that it’s only the women who strip off for some jelly action…

      I personally disagree with jelly wrestling in it’s current format, but I’d be totally up for it if equally naked men could get involved.

  • Herb Dean

    Okay lads (and ladies) I want a nice and clean Jelly wrestle. Touch hands and lets go

  • Emile Heskey

    I’m willing to sub in

  • Feel sickened

    So many really offensive sexist remarks on here which sum up why this petition went out in the first place. The attitude of some Cambridge ‘lads’ to us ladies is frankly just moronic. I don’t necessarily agree that the wrestling should have been banned but it should be open to guys to do as well so it isn’t all about nearly naked girls rolling around in jelly and giving you all hard-ons.

    • This is

      a genuinely reasonable comment. You’re not even in favour of banning it, and yet people are still down voting it because you’re pointing out that there’s a hell of a lot of sexism. Just shows that some people can’t handle the truth.

      • Truth

        Truth is pretty difficult to prove. Maybe this is being downvoted because the majority of readers don’t think there is much sexism in Cambridge. They believe that to be the truth. Remember, what you believe to be true might not be.

        • Harriet Harperson

          Everything I believe to be true is true! Even those things I don’t believe to be true are still true if I want them to be, like rape having a conviction rate of only six per cent! I run you now men, you belong to me!

    • the thing is

      a garden party is not a public institution.
      They’re under no onus to treat men and women exactly the same way. I don’t speak for Wyverns but I imagine one of the good reasons why man-on-man fights are not done is because of the much greater risk of men seriously hurting each other as greased up wrestling contests between two drunk ameteurs with superior levels of testosterone to women devolved into genuine fights, illegal holds, etc. It would be a much more tricky contest to hold safely.

      And the other thing is that anyone is of course free to hold their own garden party with male jelly wrestling.

  • Yawn

    Perhaps all the ladies who feel like their liberties have been restricted could organise their own alternative jelly-wrestling event? Or just get their friends together and do it in the bath tub?

    No? Well maybe no one trod on your liberties then.

  • Pol 6 Studeny

    This thread has served wonderfully as a revision stimulus for positive vs negative concepts of liberty.

    For the record, Issiah Berlin is outraged that the event has been banned, as it impinges on the liberty of those who would take part and those who would watch. Preventing people from doing things makes them less free.

    Taylor and T.H. Green on the other hand would point out that the girls involved are not truly free and would be made freer to pursue their true wants by being prevented from something which acts against their interests. Those positive liberty guys are hilarious!


  • Feminist

    I honestly feel this petition is more offensive to women than the actual jelly wrestling. It intrinsically suggests that the women involved are not capable of making their own decisions regarding their body, so much so that a ban must be enforced to prevent them making this decision. It also implies that if a woman is to behave in such a way, she is degrading, virtually prostituting, herself. Fine, whilst some women would feel degraded getting involved with jelly wrestling, others might find it liberating: good for them that they have the body confidence to get involved. It is not fair to speak for these women and accuse them of somehow ‘passively condoning’ misogyny.

    The real issue here is that men weren’t involved. I find this approach to feminism utterly illogical, and a complete contradiction of the ‘my body, my choice’ campaign.

  • Fun?

    Let’s face it, women wearing almost no clothes and writhing around in jelly in front of men is sexualised. Why can’t it just be a FUN thing? If people of ANY GENDER were allowed to wrestle and could just wear normal clothes it would be really fun rather than a bit pervy .

    • YES

      We have a solution

  • Personal Experience

    I never thought the jelly wrestling in itself was sexist (although did think the boys should do it as well), until last year when I saw various groups of boys targeting very drunk girls (some of whom I know had said before the event that they didn’t want to do it) and trying to coerce them to “get naked and wrestle”. I’m not sure how the girls actually sign up for it and I’d never want to speak on their behalf to say that they personally weren’t willing, but this did make me really uncomfortable – even the potential that someone could be pressurised into it is clearly problematic. 

    During the wrestling, the people watching were making comments like “what a fucking whore”, “I hope they kill each other”, “she’s such a whale” – I know people will argue that by entering into this the girls are inviting people to comment on their bodies, but for me the issue wasn’t so much that the girls’ bodies were being sexualised or objectified, but that somehow their decision to enter the competition legitimised what appeared to be a pretty strong hatred of them. There didn’t seem to be a consensus of “they look like they’re having fun, this is quite entertaining” – instead it was like a forum for misogyny and a general anger towards the “sluts” who has chosen to do it. Its all very well claiming you’re protecting the girls’ freedom to choose to enter, but the guys watching certainly didn’t seem to have any respect whatsoever for those girls who had done so.

    • Exactly the point

      Everyone else here seems to miss.

      • Anon

        Take a look at the recent couter-petition. Endorsements from 3 past competitors to bring it back.

  • nina

    can absolutely do one

  • Yes sexism is a huge problem

    1) Men are twice as likely to be murdered than women.
    2) Men receive prison sentences, on average, 60% longer than women for the same crimes.
    3) Boys perform, on average, 10% worse than girls at GCSE.
    4) Men are more than 3 times as likely to die by suicide than women.
    5) Male cancers receive less than half the research funding of female cancers, per case diagnosed.
    6) 1 in 6 men will be victims of domestic violence in their lifetime, yet most are afraid to speak out because of the social stigma.

    Yes, women get a rough time in society, but so do men. We are now equal in our inequality, and it’s high time feminism ditched the bias and became a movement for true gender equality without disenfranchising 50% of the population.

    • A feminist

      To me, feminism is about gender equality. Like the domestic violence example, it’s awful that there’s such a social stigma against men beaten by their wives, but partly that’s because of the idea that masculinity=strength=the best way to be, while femininity=weak=mostly pretty bad and extra humiliating for men. Gender oppression is all connected, and that’s why I believe in feminism.

      All this fuss over jelly wrestling is like trying to treat a symptom rather than a cause. And it’s a shame that it’s been so damaging to the idea that feminism to me and many others is about gender equality, and that shouldn’t be such a radical notion.

      • Yes sexism is a huge problem

        I agree entirely! But then can we please stop calling it “feminism”, and change our “Women’s Officers” to “Gender officers”? These words have (very sadly) been hijacked and abused to the point where all they represent to most men is legitimised misandry.

        • A feminist

          I guess it seems silly to dwell on the name of a movement for gender equality as a reason not to get involved and to paint individuals as “misandrists” because they choose the name “feminist” for their personal understanding of campaigning for gender equality. This isn’t to say that there aren’t some who act as misandrists and call it feminism, but I’ve always felt misandry and feminism were fundamentally incompatible.

          But basically, I agree with you, it just seems a silly and trivial change to be forced into making, but I suppose if we set up a gender equality campaign that would give men a voice too, alongside a women’s campaign focussing on a more pastoral, welfare-oriented approach, it could potentially be beneficial to everyone.

          That way instead of lots of people on the internet writing angry and unpleasant comments about something as trivial as jelly wrestling, there could be a space for people to actually discuss the issues represented by jelly wrestling and try to do create some sort of common ground and understanding.

          (Obviously this idea is flawed since it’s a quickly whipped up proposition in the tab comments section of all places, but basically I think feminism/gender equality/whatever you want to call it is important and it would be great for there to be a space to discuss these issues where no one felt intimidated by radical viewpoints, from either side.)

    • OMG

      thats really serious, we should start a petition to ban cancer!


      • Nice try…

        but I don’t think cancer responds to threats and intimidation.

    • james booth

      r u serious?

  • I refer Nina to…

    …the first photo in this rather wide-reaching, and recent, Cambridge campaign:

  • Reading tab comments

    is bad for my blood pressure

    • A Sensitive Scholar

      Please keep reading and eventually die from your own pathetic inability to handle points of view other than your own.

  • To be honest…

    why would anybody take this person seriously… Trés weird!

    • Ironic

      that she seems to objectify a man. Oh, but thats alright, cos Ninas the only person who can decide what anyone can do!

    • Oh wow

      I always assumed that that was a satirical performance poking fun at arty feminists.

    • Anonymous

      maybe this is all one big troll on her part?

  • Nina

    will get absolutely none for the next two years, congrats on throwing your social life down the drain in your first year

    • Um

      I seriously doubt she’s going to care that the kind of guy who gets that bent out of shape about the absence of jelly wrestling won’t like her….

  • Lord Stinkington-Smythe

    Why is it that only women label this as degrading and humiliating – they are the ones who have created the stigma about their own sexuality, and are the most judgemental about it. Most men couldn’t care less and view it as fun. Maybe if women spend less time stabbing themselves in the back, men might take them a little more seriously.

  • Nina

    just needs to get laid…in jelly

  • Anonymous

    Feminism, it was my privilege:

  • Anonymous
  • Chillax!

    Hey I just met you,
    and this is crazy…
    …so here’s your work,
    and revise [instead] maybe?!

    Seriously people! As important as this issue is, is there really any need to get so wound up and offensive over something that could have been dealt with in a much calmer way from the very beginning.

  • Tweeter

    #blackmail #underminingfeminism #moronicgirlfailstounderstandthatblackmailwilldefinitelycomebacktohaunther. that is all.

  • Boris Johnson

    Great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies!

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